2, pci, nvmes and also sata ssds, which is really really cool. Usually, we only have en vme or sat ssds in this particular case. We have both on this enclosure. Now lets just recap before we talk about this one right over here, which is really cool. I just did the unboxing, my portuguese channel but ill show you a few images right over there once we open the package. Well, have the enclosure, usb type c to usb type c, cable, a quick user guide, which i believe that you wont need, and that is about it if im not mistaken. Yet that is about it, and we also have a speaker right over here, which says something really cool, which is spread. The love online. Your review help buyers like youd, make the right choice, which is true. We all need reviews from each other. So if you get one dont forget to review, because its really cool to share our opinion and experience now before we talk about this in the past, we have seen this one right over here, which is really really cool and its really well built. Actually, i havent seen any product from samurai that its not well built and look at this just awesome also and if you want to find a little bit more just check the channel search for sabrins and you will have a lot of details about it. But really well built and really well designed. We saw this one last year and its great now in terms of price.

This is uh somewhere on the 50 euros range, which is totally worth it its a bargain for what you get. So if you dont like this dark color, you have this color right over here, which is just awesome. Now, a few days ago, we took a look at this one. This is a different piece. This is the dual enclosure for pci nvme, with active cooling and cloning function, which is also awesome, and i still got it here on my desk. So this one right over here, just in case, you are looking for something even cooler and in a few days ill share with you, the latest thunderbolt 3, which is also really cool. Now this one right over here. One thing that you might expect is the build quality is still great, but the price really really low, so ill leave a link down below so that you guys can check it out. But we are talking about a solution of 10 gigabit speed at the price of 30 euros, more or less of the equivalent on us dollars or any other currency that you work with now uh. If i show you right over here on this camera seven, this is aluminium, brushed, aluminium, really nice, so the build quality is not gone, the price is, but the build quality is still right over. Here then, has this nice button on this side, and let me focus right over there. If i press it, it will open the enclosure and bam it has this thing right over here, which will just keep it all together its not two pieces that will come aside apart its just two pieces, but will stay right over here like a window or a Door so really really cool and this brushed aluminium here will act as a dissipator heat dissipator for the nvme.

As you can see, it has a pad right over here which we can take the sticker and then just uh leave it aside on the uh nvme and the aluminium enclosure will dissipate the heat much faster, which is really really cool and then to put in the Sst and to secure it even better, it has this rubber thingy right over here that we can put it and bam, and that is it so really really cool. And in a few seconds i will show you at this test speed but uh. What you can expect is 10 gigabit, which is equal to 1000 megabytes per second, more or less now. Uh. One interesting thing is that i have two sebrings right over here, so this is the seventh q and uh. If i put it, this is a nvme obviously, and it just works great. I can just the plastic or the rubber uh thing to secure and there we go, it is secured in place. Just works really nice very easy. No tools required ready to bam, really great speeds on a really cheap enclosure, great quality, and that is it so i love the system, really love the system. So i just need now to press right over here and there we go. So we have two nvmes by the way this is the fastest ssd or nvme on the planet right now, 7 000 megabytes per second on reads and writes, and if you havent checked the review ill leave a link somewhere right over here, where you can check it Out i did the speed test on windows as well, so youll have all sorts of tests on crystal disk and so on so forth, but it will work the same way.

It is an nvme. Now i was looking for a sat ssd and the only one that i found was this one right over here and i took this out of a machine thats. I dont remember, as you can see, i can put it here and it will work so great now. This ssd, in particular, has one disadvantage which is to put the rubber is not as easy, because a normal ssd as a bigger opening like this, and this one is really close. So youll have a bit of difficulty to to to put it, but i saw no issues at all in doing like this and then just close it up and it will secure it so no issues whatsoever. Now what we are going to do is a speed test because thats just fun so lets put the sabrin q right over here and uh. We can just put rubber and there we go secured closed and then just usb type c to usb type c. On my mac pro, it has a blue light, thats im, not sure if you can see it on that angle – probably not maybe yes, maybe yeah yeah. We can see it from this angle right over here. A blue led light right over here, which is indicating activity and lets look at the screen and select target drive, and in this particular case, ive got the rocket queue right over here. Lets open it up and speed test start.

So here we are 900 and something megabytes per second on reads and, oh sorry, on right and 780, why we were on 900 as well. Just a few minutes ago, um on the previous test and ill show you on screen. I was getting one well 900 megabytes per second on reads and alright, which is the maximum that we will get on any device with 10 gigabits, so 794 lets lets, swap the okay lets, stop this test and lets swap the ssd, but it shouldnt, because it was Actually, giving a little bit better results than the rocket four plus, which is a faster ssd, did i mention that its the fastest on the planet? I think so uh. It is really really fast. We are talking about 7000 megabytes per second on reads and on rights, which is just something crazy complete. I had to start my macbook pro because i was getting a error right over here, but we are back. Everything opened up, im recording so lets. Select the target drive at this moment and i want to rock it for plus open it up and speak this there. We go 900 megabytes per second on right and 900 and something megabytes per second on reads, which is the speeds that we will get on any drive now. The limit of this nvme is, as i said, thousand megabytes per second on reads and on right, but with the enclosure of 10 gigabits we will only get 1000 megabytes now lets stop, and just out of curiosity lets remove this one and lets put lets put back.

The sabrins rocket q lets close it up. Lets do something right over here: disk utility im not really sure if this will help anything but lets try it out because its weird a few moments ago, as i showed on screen already, i got the maximum rocket q and at this moment im not getting lets Put mac os extended and the rays okay and there we go almost done and done. Okay lets close this up, select, target, drive and yes open it up and lets see so: 890 megabytes, 900, more or less and 900. Here we are so not really sure what happened and right now we are 926, which is just awesome and 901 right, not really sure what happened something on the file system. I dont know, but it worked just awesome and we got the maximum speed, which is what we were expecting guys. Basically, this is it so in terms of the enclosure itself, its really cool in terms of build quality, great at a really affordable price, with a really nice system right over here, and that is it. Hopefully the video was helpful in some way and if it was dont forget a very appreciated thumbs up right over there.