Thats shown itself with the galaxy s8 ultra, and this problem is being brought to us by these guys youtubers that already got their devices and are now complaining about the size. The biggest complaint were getting here is that this tablet is way too big and that the 12.4 inches was more than adequate, but thats like saying that six inches is way too big and four inches is more than adequate. My point here that im trying to draw is that these people, these reviewers, that we see online havent, actually paid for their product. They got a review unit and samsung wants them to talk about this tablet. People like us, you know people like you and me who are actually going to pay our own money for these tablets. We know what the size of the tablet is. You know we look at the product descriptions before we put down a thousand dollars, and so we understand that its 14.6 inches and thats my expectation going into it. I want this to be one of the biggest tablets i ever buy so on every product, page youre, going to get this 14.6 inches the main thing so for us before we actually ended up buying this tablet. We thought to ourselves: what are we actually gon na? Do with 14.6 inches? Is it really worth it? Do we need all this real estate, and i made the same decision and i said yes, i do. I dont really need it, but it will give me a significant advantage that equaled one thousand dollars, for example, im a college student and part of that involves taking notes now id like to take my notes, digitally you know on a tablet thats.

The way i like to do things, but with this tablet now im getting 14.6 inches ive just increased the screen real estate uh for taking these notes, and not only that the s pen latency on this tablet is super low. So, for those note, takers, thats, just gon na feel a lot more paper like than actual paper, but wait because a 12.4 inch tablet can do just that as well. Is a thousand dollars really worth two more inches of note note taking no its not but thats, where other things come into play, for example, im also a kind, a small business owner and what that means is ill, be sitting in class. Taking these notes and a director will reach out to me from an office and be like hey, and this happened in 2020 10 employees didnt make it to the office because theres a huge protest, thats blocking all the roads. More recently, like trudeaus uh dictatorship, has blocked the roads to our toronto office and 10 employees werent able to make it so now i got ta deal with this dictator, while also taking notes of the female tits that are running on the lecture slides. What do you do? You know thats literally my life right now and thats, where you enter samsung decks. Samsung dex has to be one of my favorite things about the galaxy s8 ultra, and i think it is slightly not too, but slightly underrated for how much power this will give you now that ive entered samsung dex.

I can take on this dictator work on these 10 employees and take notes on the female tits all on one consolidated device thats. What samsung dex allows me to do. I can take more screen real estate, for my notes. Have the messaging app open on one side and go a step further and open up a twitter browser so that i can also keep up to date on the protests and the news thats, something that the ipad pro cant do. It does allow to an extent um a level of multitasking, but not as much, not nearly as much that you get with the samsung dex mode. It really is a windows esque experience, but in a tablet – and i know you know – the surface line had already come up with this, but i like the samsung dex, better or version better than the surface. Because surface is a you know its a dedicated computer youre. Getting a dedicated, you know, running uh windows, 11 on your on your tablet, and that is buggy. I kind of want to get away from that into a much more streamlined, nicer user, friendly ui, especially when im on the go im taking notes. I have no time to, like you know, switch between things. I need to take my notes and i need to move move things move forward as soon as i can, and so thats me addressing the big problem that people are having with this tablet, the big size.

What you need to understand, as a buyer, is that most of the people that are complaining about the big size, arent, actually buyers, theyre reviewers, for buyers for people who are putting down a thousand plus. They know what the size is going to be. And you understand and youve justified to yourself in some way the price point, as well as the new size um, and i kind of you know justified for you guys how im going to be specifically using it. So here we have on twitter. You know a few, a few im saying a few like people absolutely love this thing at least the people who actually have it. Oh wait. Elmo elmo has a different opinion. Ladies and gentlemen. Lets have elmo speak out, so not hyped for the s22 anymore, dreamt that i touched them in my dreams with the actual color and size of the iphone xr. Now i just want to touch the what elmo, ladies and gentlemen, elmo having some um dreams: fam. Okay, all right im debating on switch from ipad pro to the galaxy tab. S8 ultra. I purchased the ipad pro last year, but i do not like it anymore. Ipad pro is decent but im willing to try something else. All right: sakakawia, sparrow um i wan na. I wan na hear something more. What dont you like about the ipad pro? One of the reasons i talked about here is the multitasking capability that you get with samsung dex ipad pro i just dont, feel, is anywhere near the level of uh.

You know interface customizability, that you get with the samsung dex mode, but maybe its not that maybe its something else, but whats interesting, and this kind of also goes back to the s22. A lot of apple users are moving away from apple into samsung, especially with a device like this. The z flip 3, this device converted the most amount of apple users to samsung in the history of samsung, the z flip 3. Ladies and gentlemen, and now, with things like this tablet, coming out with the super sized 14.6 inch screen a lot, more people are starting to understand the value of actual value and not just some color changes and aesthetic. You know differences and im not trying to hate on apple users, of course not. But what i am trying to say is that theres a lot more to life than um, a new colorway, okay uh also on the s22. I actually did order the s22, so my um main uh order back when i started ordering these devices, i ordered all of them from samsung. My cart was basically the green s22, which i expect to get february 25th im actually going to go to the store in person. To pick that up, i also purchased the sony link buds that you see right here. I already posted the review. We actually filmed it earlier today, so if youre interested go check them out, these have to be my new favorite earbuds of of forever.

Basically, i absolutely love these things so definitely go check them out and check out the review if you havent already, but the other thing is um the tab s8 ultra. So that was the third thing in my cart but interestingly, and i think maybe many of you guys will have the same problem. Unfortunately, as soon as i made the order best buy charged me, so you know a thousand something dollars were taken out of my account. Im broke student budget guys and the next morning i get an email from best buy saying that theres been an alteration with my order. Now, thats, never a good thing. You never want to have anyone altering your orders for any reason, and so i went on the website to see exactly what this was im gon na see. If i actually see it right now, um, maybe it shows up. Maybe it doesnt lets see if the pre orders are back up online uh. It is saturday today so maybe theyre back up, which is really odd because there havent been any shipments. Yet so im gon na go to mobile tablets and we have the tab. S8. Ultra pre order now: okay and the s8 ultra now this is actually a really good deal if you can get get it with the keyboard cover uh included, thats a really really good deal, but im gon na go ahead and check eight gigabytes. Is it eight gigabytes? Is the one that i got as well uh there was no trade in and im getting it with the backlight, even from best buy, so they have the same offer pre order now so wow is the pre orders.

Are they back yeah? This is the ultra okay. So in fact you can now so they reopen the pre orders for the s8 ultra, because you would oh, oh ships by april 6th. Ladies and gentlemen whoa you will. Ladies and gentlemen, can we talk about this? You will be waiting for two months to get your tablet and i have a feeling in my gut that thats the exact same timeline that were gon na see with best buy as well, so they reopened the pre orders, but youre going to have to wait until April 6th to actually get any kind of tracking information, much less your device. Now it could. It says ships by april 6., so it could be some time before that which would be nice. But who knows where the world is going to be at that point, uh and thats generally, why? I dont like waiting any time over like two months to get anything except for cars, thats thats, my policy? Okay, so i dont know exactly whats going on. They did reopen their pre order, so i guess theyre expecting to be able to continue filling demand. Uh, but itll just take a little bit longer. They reopen the portal so that you can pay them now, but yeah understand that it says right there, itll ship by april, 6th uh. Let me open that up for you guys right there. It says ships by april 6th uh, this used to say march or sorry.

This used to say february 25th, like the s22s, but yeah that thats a pretty big bummer thats a pretty big delay, um and thats, pretty sad, but no problems on my s22. So the green s22 thats still expected to arrive on february 25th ill, actually go and pick that up so no problems there. The link buds are here so very nice. I absolutely love them. Theyre, really cool earbuds check out the review, but oh look at the time. Its time to go uh if you guys enjoyed todays video make sure to yes, this is a stream deck, but uh make sure to like subscribe and turn on your post notifications. It really helps grow. A small channel like mine, im kind of testing out this podcasting setup because theres a lot of things that are happening in the technology world, but also you know overall, the world at large theres. A lot of tech related news now thats really seeping into all parts of life um. You know even your your life in my life day to day things, and so i wanted to cover some of the more interesting things that we might come across and that might affect us on a personal level. So if thats, something thats interesting to you guys, along with some pretty awesome tech reviews, make sure to subscribe, and it really helps me out as well until next time take it easy peace yo. I love this stream deck thing.

I it cost quite a bit of money. I got ta say this thing was expansive, but oh, i have an endic scene fan. Look at that ending scene. Come on now come on now you like that yeah you like that.