New reports claimed that, even if one of the cameras of the Galaxy s23 Ultra will be crazy, good, that might be the only one apple just went crazy with its new Macbook Pro lineup. In addition to a very good Mac Mini update, and if you thought the traditional homepod was dead, it seems that Apple, just sort of proved otherwise Im, Jaime Rivera and right about now is uh when Apple announces things that really make a dent on my wallet. This is part now daily. The official news today began with apple and a couple of announcements that happened yesterday and even today, and as we reported there was no Avengers videos lets start with everything on the new Max, which began with the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips which bring more cores And add: support for more memory, in addition to more connectivity, the M2 Pro is built on a second generation. 5 nanometer node has support for up to 32 gigs of unified memory and features 40 billion transistors, which is 20 more than its predecessor. The M2 Pro also features up to 12 CPU cores of which eight are high performance cores, or at least up to and up to 19 GPU cores. The results for this show 20 more CPU performance and 30 more GBU performance over the M1 Pro now. On the other hand, if we switch to the more powerful M2 Max that one comes with 67 billion transistors supports up to 96 gigs of unified memory running at 400 gigabits per second, which is twice as fast as the M2 Pro.

The CPU has the same 12 core version of the M2 Pro, but then the GPU is twice the size with up to 38 cores. Both new Chips share some hardware, for example, both use 16 core neural engine capabilities with up to 15.8 Tops which is 40 faster than the previous generation, and as for the new products, well an updated MacBook Pro at 14 and 16 inches, which is pretty much the Same design as 2021, but with new horsepower, HDMI 2.1 and the latest Wi Fi and Bluetooth, maybe the most important change was the M2 Mac Mini that is now more powerful and less expensive than before. And then the enhancement of the perfect tool for creators, which is the M2 Pro Mac Mini, which brings more connectivity and obviously more horsepower on a tiny package. Now, if you ask me, I think the M2 Mac Mini is The Sweet Spot, because upgrading my current M1 Pro to the new ones is just out of the question with how low Apples trade in deals have become. Let me know what you think in the comments now ask for what God announced today. Would you look at that Apple just announced to do homepod? Yes, many thought the homepod many came to rescue just how bad things were with the original. I think Apple got the hint that it was just too much of an expensive Walled, Garden and thats. What we can expect with a new one, so its a slightly smaller and lighter than the previous model.

Now, with a 299 dollar price tag, which is still a bit high, but it is what it is S7 chip powering the show for computational audio and the U1 chip for Ultra wideband features in addition to temperature and humidity sensors thatll be enabled on the mini. With a software update by the way, now, as for the sound, we have a four inch high Excursion, woofer, five tweeters, four microphones support for spatial audio with Dolby Atmos, and you can pair with another new home pod for stereo, because yeah, it wont pair with the Old homepod so yeah, if youre doing the math its a slightly smaller price tag, but with less tweeters and an Apple Watch chip instead of an iPhone chip regardless, it can still serve as your home hub and seems just as smart as the mini in every other Way, which is a good thing, pre order speaking today with delivery planned for February 3rd, and it just shows how powerful the Apple watch ship is. Moving on lets talk about Samsung and the announcement of their 200 megapixel sensor. For, of course, the Galaxy s23 Ultra weve been covering rumors on it for a bit and as expected, its going official right before unpacked. This new ISO cell hp2 has a one and one three inch size with 0.6 Micron pixels and comes with brand new technology for expanding the dynamic range and enhanced color reproduction Samsung also added its latest pixel bidding technology called Tetra 2 pixel.

That adds more versatility to the camera, as it simulates different pixel sizes to accommodate varying lighting levels, giving it better performance in low lit environments. This hp2 is also the first sensor that employs Samsungs dual slope Game feature in 50, megapixel mode Sami claims that it brings super HDR performance, meaning that it can capture the two exposures, avoiding the risk of detail laws in conventional HDR mode. In addition, it also brings smart ISO Pro, which is an HDR solution that merges different levels of iso for a single exposure enabling the camera to take 4K HDR videos at 60 frames per second now. Whats odd is that, even though this is a new sensor with so many megapixels, it still is smaller than whats, currently on the iPhone 14 pro, so lets see how it competes in the end and finally, for the hottest issue today. Lets continue talking about Samsung, since we have the full specifications of the upcoming Galaxy s23 Ultra sort of. Obviously we already covered the new camera sensors, so just keep in mind that thats just part of the show, but obviously there are more cameras along with that 200 megapixel ISO cell hp2. The only catch is that it seems that the others wont necessarily change. It seems this phone will stick to the same ultrawide 3x and 10x telephoto units from the s22. Ultra, though, were not exactly sure if its up to the sensor level, as we already know, itll be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 that you will be able to pair with up to one terabyte of storage and up to 12 gigs of RAM.

But whats. Weird is that the listing shows lpddr5 instead of LP ddr5x, which is the newer technology. The screen will be a 6.8 inch, 2x Dynamic, ammo lid with 1440p resolution and protecting it. We have Gorilla Glass, vectors too. The s23 ultra will stick to the same five thousand milliamp hour battery with the same 45 watt charging of its predecessor and finally, Samsung will announce all of these new models on February 1st in its unpacked event, but uh prepare because well, it seems that other rumors Claim that the 1200 price tag might get a bit more expensive, at least by 100 bucks in todays question. Let us know I mean what would you like to see on the Galaxy s23 Ultra, because in my case, what I want is better video quality, which I feel Android phones still cannot be on par with iPhones. But thats just me. Leave us a comment down below and let them know your opinion friends again. If you want to get the news earlier, follow us on And subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one. You can also follow us on social medias. Our extended coverage happens on Instagram and follow me on my personal handles to see me debate the obvious when it comes to Apple products. Please give this video a thumbs up.