Ive got two configurations for testing: both came with the 8 core Ryzen 7 3700X processor, but you can select different ones when ordering and Ill be swapping this out with the Ryzen 9 '50X and Ryzen 5 3600 to see the differences.. My two units also have different, GPUs and screens so well be able to get some data on the different options.. Its got a brushed metal lid, while the interior and bottom panel seem to be a dark plastic.. The build quality is a solid average, nothing amazing, but it gets the job done, as is typically the case with many offerings from Clevo. As youd expect. A machine with this level of hardware inside is on the thicker side, but at the same time, its not too huge for a 15 inch laptop and is still somewhat portable.. My unit weighed in at 2.6kg or 5.8lb, and with the 230w power brick and cables for charging this increases to under 3.5kg or 7.6lb. The control center software lets you swap between different performance modes, which, from lowest to highest, are quiet, entertainment and performance.. Weve also got the option of customizing the fan curve or setting it to full speed. Inside weve got those two fans and plenty of heat pipes. For Processor upgrades Metabox advised that this isnt supported under their warranty and is performed at your own risk, but theyre able To handle it for you. In order to swap out the CPU youve, got to undo the 6 screws in the middle above the CPU and GPU dies.

Then there are two phillips head screws on the left, fan and 3 on the right fan and the right fan should be taken out first.. The left fan is attached to the cooler, but both fans need to be unplugged from the motherboard before removing the cooler.. The cooler also has thermal pads covering VRM and GPU memory.. All testing was done with my own application of Noctua NT H2 thermal paste for comparable results. Inside theres. Just a standard, AM4 socket so well. Look at results with 3 different processors to show you whats possible. Heres, how Cinebench performs, with the three different processors that Ive tested with. Unfortunately, I dont have the 12 core '00X on hand for testing.. The '50X is really dominating when it comes to multicore workloads. But what I found interesting was that the 8 core 3700X wasnt that far ahead of the Ryzen 7 4800H in the Eluktronics RP 15.. Meanwhile, the 6 core 3600 was doing better when compared to other good 6 core laptop chips. Just for a bit of fun. Ive. Also compared the difference between these processors running in the laptop and in a desktop PC to give us some idea of how much performance is lost in the laptop form factor.. The 3600 multi core score wasnt too different, but the gap widens up the higher the core count.. While the '50X is a fair bit behind using the same processor in the gaming, PC, dont forget, as we just saw, this level of multicore performance, still destroys other laptops.

Heres. What temperatures look like with a CPU, only workload running the Blender benchmark.? Interestingly, things cool down the more cores we have, though the '50X was a fair bit cooler, presumably as its binned better.. Although the '50X has more cores, they also run at lower clock speeds, which would explain the difference in temperatures as more power is split over more cores.. My '50X didnt seem to be running in the 60 watt ECO mode in this test either and when we look at the total power draw from the wall, its only using 5 watts extra than the same laptop, but with the 3700X. To put that into context heres. How fast the blender render was actually completing.. The '50X is much faster than the 3700X in this heavy multicore workload, despite only drawing 5 watts more from the wall. Yeah, the cores are clocked around 500MHz lower, as we just saw but theres twice as many cores. So, in rendering tasks like this, the extra cores are still greatly beneficial.. If we instead look at a combined, CPU plus GPU stress test, the processor temperatures are, of course, hotter now and the GPU temperature seems to rise with higher tier processors.. Clock speeds were similar on the RTX 2070, while CPU speeds were similar to what we saw in the CPU. Only test. Heres the package power reported for each so no issue hitting the 115 watt limit of the 2070. Even with the '50X. Dont forget that this machine just has one 230 watt power, brick too, which is quite impressive when you remember that others like the larger Alienware 51m has two 330 watt ones or whatever yeah.

It does have a higher wattage GPU and will do better in games, but I think its still impressive. When we look at how a game performs with the different performance modes in use. I wasnt seeing a difference between performance and entertainment in this game, while quiet mode was a fair bit lower, comparatively, but still usable. If you want a quieter system., My BIOS doesnt actually have all that many options, but XMG did tell me there was an update by Clevo that unlocks a lot more settings expect more control and customization. In terms of future upgradeability. It hasnt yet been confirmed if this machine will get Zen3 support via a BIOS update.. It uses the B450 chipset, so it would depend on if Clevo does this technically its possible but yeah at the same time, not confirmed so I wouldnt plan around that.. As for the external temperatures, where youll actually be putting your hands at idle, it was in the low 30s pretty standard and cool. With the stress tests. Its low 40s in the middle of the keyboard.. Stepping up to entertainment mode is similar. Just a bit warm in the center. Performance mode is a little cooler now due to the faster fans given the specs inside and how hard theyre being hit. This is quite impressive, but lets have a listen to fan. Noise., The fans are audible at idle in quiet mode, but only just., Its still relatively quiet, with the stress tests running, especially as we can still run games well enough in this mode, as shown earlier.

Things are much louder comparatively in entertainment mode, similar to a lot Of other laptops, then performance mode and max fan were the same in this workload. It was now very loud. Now lets take a look at how this machine performs in some different games. Ive tested the 2070 model with all three processors, but only did the 2060 unit with the 3700X that it shipped with. In Battlefield, 5. Ive got all instances of this laptop highlighted in red.. The three bundled together are the same machine with the 2070 differences in average. Fps are basically within margin of error, though the Ryzen 5 3600 had a lower 1 low result compared to the others with more cores.. The 2060 system was getting about the same average FPS as the MSI GL65, which also has the new 115 watt 2060, but the 1 low from the 3700X was a fair bit higher than the 10750H.. These are the results from Far Cry 5, with ultra settings in the built in benchmark. As more of a CPU heavy test. The four results are closer together. Here., The average FPS between the 2070 with '50X and 2060 with 3700X is very close.. The '50X actually came out worse in 1 low, which is something Ive seen with this game before it doesnt seem to know how to handle so many threads. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was also tested with the games benchmark. Tool. This test is more GPU heavy. So the 2060 system is below the others and again just a little ahead of the GL65, with the same 115 watt, 2060.

Presumably due to the desktop based processor. Again, the '50X was performing a little lower than the others, though 1 FPS is margin of error stuff. Even if I am taking averages of three runs. Ive compared both of these laptops in about 15 different games, if you want to see more testing just check the card in the top right or link in the description. Ive tested, Adobe Premiere with the Puget Systems benchmark And as expected, the higher tier processors are producing better scores, but even the lower options are still producing great results relative to other laptops.. The processor seems to matter more here, as the 3600 paired with 2070 is a fair bit below the 3700X with 2060, but again either way. The 3600 is still ahead of the other 6 core options. Ive also tested SPECviewperf, which tests out various professional 3D workloads. Ive. Also got some results from 3DMark to further compare the 2060 and 2070 options.. You can either get the 15.6 screen in 1080p 144Hz for gaming or a 4K 60Hz option with better colours, which would probably be the way to go for content creators.. I did measure the 4K panel with better colour gamut, but it wasnt too far ahead. It was a bit brighter and had better contrast ratio though. Neither screen had the option of G Sync. Response time of the 1080p 144Hz gaming panel was just under 8ms, so similar to a number of others, Ive recently tested and not amazing, but definitely not as bad As others, either.

Backlight bleed was on the low side with either panel, but this will vary between laptops.. There was some screen flex when intentionally moving it. Despite the metal lid, the hinges are out towards the far corners and felt sturdy. Theres, some chassis flex when pushing down hard. But this is a worst case and I never had any problems during normal use.. That said, this is the only laptop in recent memory where I could feel the vibration of the fans with my hands resting on the keyboard granted. This was only noticeable at higher fan speed., Due to the heavier weight. There were no problems, opening it up with one finger and it felt evenly distributed when sitting on my lap if a bit weighty. Theres a 720p camera above the screen in the center no Windows, Hello, support, though.. This is what the camera and microphone look and sound. Like heres, what it sounds like to type on the keyboard – and this is what it sounds like if we set the fan to max speed, so the fan gets pretty loud, but it does a good job of isolating my voice.. The keyboard seems the same as many others from Clevo just one zone of RGB lighting with minimal adjustments, though all keys and secondary key functions are illuminated and you can control brightness between 4 levels or turn it off through software or the shortcuts on the numpad keys.. I liked typing with the keyboard, but the small right shift may annoy some.

Heres. How typing sounds to give you an idea of what to expect. The precision touchpad doesnt click down as its instead got dedicated, left and right click buttons. Its smooth to the touch and works. Fine without issue. Fingerprints show up easily but as a smooth surface, theyre easy to clean, with a microfiber cloth. On the left from the back theres, a kensington, lock, gigabit ethernet, two USB 3.2 Gen2 Type, A ports and a micro SD card slot bit strange its not Full size, given the larger machine. On the right from the front weve got 3.5mm headphone and mic jacks, followed by a single USB 2.0 Type, A port for some reason and an air exhaust vent on this side.. There are a couple more air exhaust vents on the back at the corners, then from left to right, theres, a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type C port with DisplayPort 1.4 support, no Thunderbolt here, HDMI 2.0 and mini DisplayPort 1.4 outputs and the power input. As theres. No integrated graphics, all display outputs are connected directly to the Nvidia GPU, and the Type C port cannot be used to charge the laptop.. The front just has some status LEDs towards the left. Theres, some lighting on the sides of the lid. These holes are illuminated from the screens. Backlight so cannot be controlled, but this will vary between regions, as different companies seem to have selected to sell theirs with different lids.. Underneath is clean, just some air vents towards the back and a removable battery down the front.

. You just need to take out two phillips head screws to take out the battery. Otherwise there are only 5 phillips head screws to remove in order to get inside. The bottom panel, just slides back after unscrewing its very easy.. There are two M.2 slots on the left in the center. The WiFi card sits underneath one of the SSDs two memory slots towards the middle and 2.5 inch drive bay on the right.. The speakers are under here too, and sound. Ok, not bad, but not great theres. Some bass. They didnt get too loud maxed out, but I prefer quality over volume and the latencymon results. Werent, looking great in either of my two units. As Ryzen desktop processors, dont have integrated graphics, theres no optimus equivalent here so were always using the power hungry Nvidia. Graphics., When combined with the desktop tier processor, the battery life isnt great, no surprise there, though, as it is replaceable technically, you could have spares. Available. Ive used Crystal Disk Mark to test the storage. The 256gb SSD in my unit wasnt amazing, but this will of course, vary based on the drive selection when ordering. The MicroSD card slot wasnt too bad and the card sits most of the way into the machine. For updated prices, check the links in the description as Prices will change over time. At the time of recording. Here in Australia were looking at a 2400 AUD starting price for the 2060 model, which is around 1600 USD for my international viewers, but this will of course, vary based on the specific specs you select.

In the US for the Eluktronics THICC 15 great name were looking At around 2000, USD though they do offer it with more CPU options, less screen choice and no 2060 option, though then from XMG in Europe, theres also decent CPU selection, and you can pick either 2060 or 2070 like Ive tested here. Its worth. Noting that exterior panels may differ slightly between regions, but the internals should all be the same. Alright, with everything tested lets conclude by summarising the good and bad aspects of this beast of a machine.. The processor performance is next level here, as weve got the option of sticking a desktop grade: processor inside.. As a result, temperatures do get up there even with the beastly cooling but thats, pretty much always going to be the case with these sorts of desktop replacements, its a trade off for the next level performance and realistically, when you compare it to some others like say, The Lenovo 7i, the difference in thermals isnt that much while the performance difference is large.. This also results in it being on the heavier and thicker side. But honestly, all things considered, I dont think its that ridiculous and its not as big as some of the 17 9900K laptops Ive used like the MSI GT76 or Alienware 51m. Seriously. I could easily see myself putting this thing in my camera bag and taking it on a trip you know, assuming were ever able to travel again. As youd expect high end specs result in poor battery life.

Look at it as more of a built in UPS. The option of it being a removable battery is a unique aspect when compared to most alternatives, though. In gaming. The difference isnt that big with the different processors Ive tested as the Ryzen 5 3600, is already very capable, especially when compared to other laptop processors.. You could definitely start off with that and then youve at least got the option of upgrading in future to more cores. If you want something most laptops, dont offer and arguably what makes this machine special and worth considering if you need processing power above all, else., A BIOS update for Zen3 support would be super impressive and I hope we see them do this in future.. Let me know what you thought about this crazy laptopdesktop replacement down in the comments and, if youre new to the channel get subscribed for future laptop reviews and tech.