Using the AM4 desktop socket. It can support up to the 12 core 24 thread. Ryzen 9 '00 desktop CPU. So let's find out more about this crazy machine. XMG introduced me to the Clevo NH57ADS at CES 2020. A laptop that they'll be offering under the working name of XMG Apex 15 but thats, subject to change. Using the B450 chipset. It supports AMD Ryzen 3000 series CPUs up to 65 watts, including the Ryzen 9 '00. That's, 12 cores 24 threads in a laptop insane.. It also means there's the potential for upgrades if AMD keeps using the AM4 socket for the next generation, assuming BIOS updates become available.. It'S got some serious, heatpipes and fans inside as you'd expect to keep those parts cool. Otherwise, it's got two memory slots. So up to 64gb in dual channel and Nvidia graphics, up to 115 watts of power. For now this one just had a GTX 1660 Ti, but there are no hybrid graphics, so you'll be getting full GPU performance as the desktop AMD chips. Don'T have a GPU component. For storage. There are two M.2 slots, both support SATA, while one is PCIe as well. There'S a 2.5quot drive bay too, and it's also got the latest WiFi 6.. Getting access to the internals is easy. Too., Underneath there are some air exhausts towards the back two speakers down the front, and we can see the back panel only needs removal of 5 screws to access or two for the removable battery.

. The interior is fairly standard. If you've seen other Clevo laptops with a zoned, RGB keyboard and touchpad down the bottom with separate, left and right click, buttons. It's, all a dark grey plastic, just like the rest of the machine. On the left side from the back there's, a Kensington, lock, gigabit ethernet Port two USB 3.2 Gen2 Type, A ports and a MicroSD card, reader. Its a bit strange. They couldnt fit full size here. On the right. There are 3.5mm headphone and mic jacks USB 2.0 Type, A port bit of an outlier there and air exhaust vent.. The rest of the IO is found on the back from left to right, there's, a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type C port with DisplayPort support, HDMI 2.0 and mini DisplayPort 1.4 outputs, followed by just a single power connector. All display outputs are also connected directly to the Nvidia Gpu., Despite all the power it's packing, it still only needs a single power brick.. This one is fine with a 180 watt brick, but it should max out at 230 watts with a higher GPU configuration.. The 62wh battery is also easily removable, which is good as they expect it will only last for around 2 hours in MobileMark, honestly, not surprising, given the powerful specs inside with no lower powered GPU. But I don't think that anyone is expecting killer battery life for this level of performance. As always, it's a trade off. You'd think it would be massive due to all the cooling required for such powerful hardware, but it wasn't too huge weighing in at around 2.

7kg, and it was about 3.2cm thick.. The screen is yet to be confirmed, but I suspect it will vary anyway, as most Clevo units give you a few different options. They've got options like 1080p 144Hz, 240Hz, 4k, OLED or Mini LED available for other machines, so we'll have to wait and see. XMG will Also provide a custom unlocked BIOS with all AMD options and they'll also be tweaking the fan tables in 4. Different performance, modes., Technically overclocking should be possible, but its yet to be seen how much power and thermal headroom is available., Either way. I'M super keen to see how their changes improve performance and to find out for myself just how well this machine runs..