Yes on. This show me Rimi book 16. So this video, just like the title as you can see, is all about gaming performance. Just how well does the 8 core risin 7 4700 you perform. It has a maximum turbo. Are 4.2 gigahertz and the raid on graphics can clock up in this model here up to 1600 megahertz? However, just gon na, let you know because if you didn't see the first video on this particular model, the RAM speed is well it's a little bit slow. Actually, for the risin 7 it's only 2666 a megahertz. So what kind of impact is that gon na have on gaming performance? I will test out a few titles. I have FPS counter up there. You can also see the CPU clocks. Ok, so just before I get started, I want to point out that I am on the latest. Drivers and let's talk a little bit about the restrictions here with vram that a lot of people aren't concerned about. So you can see here. We'Ve got half a gigabyte dedicated, but there is shared memory as well. If you bring this up there's the task manager, a look at the GPU, you can see shared GPU memory usage and it will use a little bit of that, but not actually a lot. So this dedicated amount – if it was a bit higher if Xiaomi had allocated, maybe one gigabyte or two even with this model, let us choose in the bias would have been a lot better.

So latest drivers there there's a little bit of information here. You can see that the core clock maximum is 1600 megahertz and then memory clock is what it's going to be. Restricting this with our total memory bandwidth here, that's the bottleneck so I'm going to go straight into a game that everyone knows and loves, and that is GTA 5, so grand theft auto 5. Normally at night. The framerate is a little bit lower than daytime here, but there's less traffic around these lists, NPCs on the screen, so we're getting a frame right here. This is 1080p and lower settings that you can see dips down to about 35 frames per second and it's hovering. Just in the 40s here they can probably hear a bit of fan noise that's actually coming through from the laptop itself it's getting a little bit loud now fan rpm is pretty much at the maximum and the thermals looking okay so far well getting up actually to 90 degrees, as you can see just touching on 90 now that is causing a tiny bit of throttling that hardly anything it's still at 1600 minutes. So now, in this area here getting up to 30 frames per second, so I'll get out of the car and let's just have a look. What happens if we chop the resolution down from 1080p down to 720p? I think is going to help that frame rate. Definitely a lot all right, so we have almost doubled our frame rate here just dropping a resolution right down, and I recommend that this game, your 720p, is probably a bit bit, even though it doesn't look a sharp of course.

Now the fan RPMs did increase right up and it's dropped that temperature down to 63 now from 90, which is good to see we're still getting about 60 frames per second right here and I'll just go into our cabin view, and that has improved the frame rate. A little bit all right so onto another title now and we'll check the performance. So this title here on 720p is all I would run it on with integrated graphics. So if you push this up to 1080p, you're gon na, be always in the mid 20s or low 20 was the frame rate and you don't want that. I mean just scraping over 30 frames per second now to me does seem a little bit too slow. I mean what happens we we head out to the port area here, which can sometimes cause a big frame: dip it's, actually not too bad so 35. I was speaking a little bit better here. That'S again, I think that limitation we have with the RAM speed and the timings of that Ram is definitely causing slower performance. Then I expect in a few others as well. I'Ve commented this on the unboxing video, so I would look now at project cars see how that one runs. Now I have this one set on 1080p it's on the lower settings and visually it's. Still, as you can see, looks very good, so we'll see how this one goes: performance wise, looking, very promising to because it's around 45 frames per second in a racing game I think, is one of those games that you get 45 frames per.

Second, it is still quite playable here, as you can see, and this is doing quite a bit better than I expected. I did not expect it to actually be running this well on 1080p. That is, I thought, inline have to lower it down to 720p, but it's good to see that this game at least is very playable as it is. I mean you could tweak those settings up a little bit or maybe, if you wanted higher, looking better looking visuals then go with 720p, but let's move on now to the next game and see how it performs. Now one let's give you an update here with the shared memory. You can see. Okay dedicated GPU memory completely full, but it is actually using a little bit here all that dedicated memory, not a lot but it's good to see that it's actually going over. At least a one gigabyte there so it's using something. So here we are a Tomb Raider. Now I did test it out with 1080p the resolution and it's just a choppy mess it's about 24 frames per second we're, scraping on the lowest setting preset here about 30 30 frames per second and it's, really not ideal at all. So you can't really go to much lime and you could try a lot of resolution than this and then you're really gon na sacrifice on those visuals it's gon na start to look pretty bad. So this time I think, is just almost too demanding to be really playable, though I mean here, at least I can stealth, kill a few guys, but man it's just a little bit too, like you from for me anyway personally, so in order title here, this is Skyrim and I've got it on the medium preset 1080p and we are getting a playable frame rate here from mid 40s that is actually okay and see.

If I can just provoke a bit of a fright fight here, not a fright. I heard the guards and what are we gon na, get in terms of frame dips now down to 34, so he's on fire, but he's not even interested there. We go all right, let's see how low this is going to get it's, definitely dropping down this performance, while below 30 frames per second there. So you probably want to go with low settings 1080p. Even with this older title, which is kind of a little disappointing again – but I guess we can't expect too much from integrated graphics, so this title is Call of Duty, World War, 2 and it's running surprisingly. Well, this is 720p only though, however, the resolution I'm running it at if you test it on 1080p you're gon na get about half the framerate. Well, not quite how I forget about forty, which is okay but I'm, just trying to keep that 60 frames per second or close to it here, of course, just to keep it playable, and this definitely is what I would class as players getting up to even 90 80 frames per second is actually doing surprisingly well here. This game just did not expect to see this at all so I'm gon na move on now and test out a gaming benchmark, which is three mark. Firestrike we'll, take a look at that score. Okay, so here's the fire strike score, so it gets just over two and a half thousand points here now the graphics score, yep that's across the weakness.

We know this, but look at physics score. That is actually pretty good. That'S, not bad at all. The combined score. Yeah definitely on the low side here all right. What about the thermals? So when you take a look at the thermals with my imaging camera here, you can see it's getting up to 46 degrees. That means it is warm to the touch okay, it's. What I would call getting too much and hot to the touch is when it would be getting up to say 50 degrees that's when it feels like it's almost starting or could like not burn you but it's becoming uncomfortable it's only slightly uncomfortable. Here now the fan you probably heard some fan noise going on the good thing is, it does disappear away as soon as you stop gaming, it drops down to very low rpms and you can basically can't hear it and sometimes even turns off that fan. Now. What about our thermals, okay, so we've gotten up to 96 in the end now originally, I thought it was just 93, but it's actually here 96 degrees, so it peaks at that and we did see it hitting about 90 degrees. Sometimes in the beginning, when I was playing GTA 5 and what about the wattage were pulling the maximum, I have seen when I do run benchmarks like Cinebench check my first video on this laptop for that you will see sometimes 44 watts, but gaming. Here we got up to CPU package, we got up to 33, ok, so it is pulling a lot more than the default and the whole time.

I was using this right here, which is the turbo. You can see it just popped up on the left top corner. There you got silent mode silence, balance and into about turbos for maximum performance, and this is the highest TDP sitting that we can get with the Remi book 16. Alright, so there we go. I think it's just a little bit disappointing. I mean don't. Get me wrong. Look at that performance I would say GTA 5. It is great to have well a semi playable framerate on pretty much a playable frame rate right at 1080p on the lower settings. That is brilliant for integrated graphics and you can see it's using right up to the 44 watts and yes it's, getting a bit warm to the touch I'm, seeing about 46 degrees temperatures around here, where you've got your W key in that area, where you're normally touching Of course, the arrow keys well for gaming keys is there and that's where most of the heat is, so they could have done with an additional cold, or maybe here just to pump out that hot air and stop it from getting so warm. So clearly, some corners have been cut, especially without Ram timing and well the RAM speed. I really feel it should be 3.2 gigahertz. The RAM that's in this, and I don't know if a bias update can fix that. If those RAM chips actually do support the higher clocks, that as they might not, this could be low quality Ram, clock slower, and that is why this laptop is selling for what it is now, of course, guys in the comments is going to be 20000 comments.

Probably saying get yourself a dedicated gaming laptop with a dedicated GPU. Of course, integrated graphics is not really for gaming, but if you're, someone that just wants the game a little bit on the side, you're playing older titles or like engines like League of Legends or counter strike, for example – and of course it can be done with this. But yes, get yourself dedicated, like 16 60 TI or like the RT X, 20 60, with a hundred and forty 44 here, it's screen sorry and that's a really a more of a gaming system. But this is all just to get an idea. You see the thermals as well up to 93 degrees it's getting, but remember that actually its handlink 44 watts, then, as our power limit, that it gets up to on the turbo mode, which is lot more than the normal, while the stock 15 watts that would be Set with this chip normally in a lot of other laptops – oh, it is good that charm is letting us really push the maximum out of this, but then the RAM it's kind of against that whole thing it's counter to ative intuitive there will that one. So, thank you so much for watching this gaming review. You could say all the room. You look 16. Please check my first video for a hands on look at the keyboard, various other aspects of this laptop and I am working towards my full review. This is part of the process here, checking out gaming performance, so that should be up in about a week's time or five days and I'll catch.