Today we have nvidia announcements. The 12400 is amazing. Amds 3d chips are better than you think. Ryzen 7, 000 gameplay and intels arc gpus are in trouble, okay, its news time and first up for today, while i streamed quite a bit of ces yesterday, theres still a lot of big stories to discuss, starting with nvidias announcements. Of course, if you follow the channel, you know most of these from leaks, but lets go over it. First. They went over new 1440p g. Sync displays that get up to a whopping 360 hertz. Next, they announced their rtx 3050, which is definitely a nice boost over the 1650, but they priced it at 250 dollars thats important, because amd announced their 6500 xt for 50. Less well have to see how they compare, but that definitely wasnt a nice build to swallow. Next, they announced a couple new mobile gpus and finally, is the rtx 3098 ti here. They went over basically nothing and told us to wait until later this month to find out more of course, what does it matter given? It will likely be sold out in seconds anyway, but first, if you love talking pc hardware and gaming, make sure to join the gamer mail discord server its a place for hardware enthusiasts like yourself to talk about what you love and its free. So dont wait any longer and join the discord for hardware lovers everywhere at discord.ggslashgamermelt next up for today, while they didnt really mention it during their ces event, insel released their non case cpus and with it reviews have dropped on one of the most interesting chips on The list their i5 12400 and lets just say, im impressed starting things off.

Intels, 12400 and amds 5600x are neck and neck in gaming. When you remove the power limits on intels, 12, 400 and use precision, boost overdrive for amd and its stock theyre, essentially the same as well when it comes to professional workloads, theyre also fairly neck and neck here, as well and its now that i hear some of You wondering how this is so good: a new cpu thats, essentially tied with an old cpu. Well heres, the thing: the i5 12400 is nearly a hundred dollars cheaper than the 5600 x, and it even includes an eye. Gpu really intels part is better positioned against amds 5600g, but it completely crushes that cpu and its still cheaper. If you want to save even more money, you can get the 12400f, which is essentially the same part, but with the igpu disabled for just 179.99 thats well. Over a hundred dollars less than the 5600x, and if you didnt know you can actually buy them right now and ill have affiliate links to those in the description below it. Doesnt cost you anything more and it helps the channel out next up. While i went over amds ces event, yesterday theres a couple huge things. I failed to fully go over mostly because i was trying to do the streams edit watch other events and all of that, at the same time, either way. First, while i went over the 5800x 3d yesterday, i didnt discuss benchmarks well theyre a lot better than i think many know for one andy showed off a few games showing around the average 15, like we originally heard, but you may not have heard that this was Against their ryzen 5900x, not the 5800x, which is what the new 3d part is.

So it actually does this well against their 12 core part and it didnt stop there. The 5800x3d even beats intels 12900k in most games. Of course, these are first party tests and it will still surely lose in multi threaded benchmarks, but still thats, definitely not bad. Next i talked about amds ryzen 7000 cpus, which amds ceo, lisa sue went over, how their builds on tsmcs, 5, nanometer process etc, but amd also showed their 7000 cpu, actually running, halo, infinite and its here where she says – and i can tell you that all of Those n4 cores are running at five gigahertz during this demo. Yes, i mentioned five gigahertz yesterday, but this is a pre production model and thats just what its running then, basically, ryzen 7000 could get even better than five gigahertz across all cores by the time its released talk about big performance and lastly, for today, if you watched My intel stream, you know that i was pretty disappointed with their ces event, sure they announced mobile alder lake, along with the ks series that gets up to 5.5 gigahertz, so they didnt actually tell us what cpus they are, and all of that was nice, but theres. One thing intel didnt say much about yet its definitely the companys biggest news and thats their discrete arc. Gpus dont get me wrong. They showed off hyper encoding with their deep link tech and talked about one random game getting xcss, but they didnt give us a single benchmark to top it off theres.

One thing not many people are talking about. If you remember just last month, i went over a gameplay trailer that intel shared and, at the end it showed a desktop and laptop with q1 2022 fast forward to ces and intel shows q1 again, but this time its only a laptop and sure they mention system. Builders already with the gpus, but no talk of the diy market plus they say this while showing q1 shipping into arc to leading mobile oems. That was a pretty fast change in less than a month and dont forget that intels high performance gpus were originally slated for 2021.. Oh and a recent leak suggested that their gpus have in fact been postponed until march. Basically, its looking like there may be trouble with intels cards and toms hardware seems to think the same thing. Of course, weve seen performance suggested around a 3070 3070 ti, but if only notebook gpus are released before q1, intel could be in serious trouble, amd and nvidias. Next, gen cards are expected later this year and theyre set to get huge performance gains. So what may look good now likely wont later, of course, theres still the gpu shortage to contend with, but hey, maybe im wrong. Ces just has me worried and lets not forget that intel left us waiting so long for desktop 10 nanometers that they had to skip a couple generations before finally bringing it.