I came out to show you guys how good this vpn is, how easy it is to get it, how much it costs, and if you want to learn more about it, we will make different videos on router installation and your regular phone and android boxes. So this is for windows. Let me just walk you through a little bit to show you exactly how good this is. I do not want to forget if you haven’t subscribed to our channel click to click. The subscribe button make sure you share this with your friends and family and make sure you click the notification icon select all in order to get notified once we have a new video out on top of that, if you have a question drop them at the bottom Of the video we’ll have to help you out asap and don’t forget to click to click the like button. It really motivates us to make these type of videos with a little more detail every time. So we have not done this type of video in a little bit, because there was some reliability issues when it comes to vpns. A lot of them are not really giving you that speed that you’re really looking for. So here we go. This is one of them that caught our attention, we’ve been playing with it for almost a week, and since we have access to this, let’s go through it slowly and we will show you exactly what this will bring on a table for us so number one.

You can see that it looks really nice. The name of it is called reliable, unlimited, secure, vpn or rus vpn. Yes, it doesn’t stand for anything else or any country name. So we will scroll down a little bit and you can see that how many platforms they’re compatible to go on down a little more. It will tell you that what type of content you will get access to and how quick you can get an access to it. So these parts – i will leave it alone, not in this video. We will make another video follow up to show you which ones were compatible for us and which ones are not, or you can ask at the bottom of the video we will bring it out as a little messages and in the bottom. You have this little part that says why you really need to use the rus vpn now, one more part that will tell you is why you should really need it. What other hackers can do to your data now? Remember that your isp do bring the security for this. So that way nobody can see your bank cards and also passwords phone numbers addresses email addresses they cannot see, but this vpn is not only for your internal isp connection. This is when you go outside. Also, this will really help you out, so you can install it on your phone in tablets when you go outside and you connect to their wi fi, you will get a proper connection, positive reviews there going down.

These are the connections or how much it really costs for you to get access to this. If you want to get it for one month, i know it is 9.99. It is us dollars and for three years it is 2.99, so you’re, basically cutting it in half. So if you are going to sign up, i would suggest get this because it is very, very cheap and then also for the one year is about five bucks and there are places that you can download the actual app in order for you to install it. So once you are over here in your select as an example, i’m going to select this and going through it, it will tell you what you selected. It will ask you for your email address and then it will tell you how you can pay it. So i don’t see paypal, but i see visa mastercard is compatible that you can place your order with and if you don’t like it, these guys will give you your money back within 30 days and full that’s the best part. I had a mistake and i had to ask them to see if they can give me my money back, because i’ve purchased it twice with two different credit cards and guess what i got it right away: full money. It just took two days for the credit card to reinitiate and show me the money, but they already done it on that same day that i had that mistake when i reported to them.

So these are the really cool things on top of that they have 24. 7 support and more so you can see all of the information is right here that what you really need and why you need it. So here you go if you can use it on torrent and if you want to go down over here it says, can you keep my payment details and all of the information is there? One thing i really like keep my activity lock and as for the information that they are indicating that they do not keep any log as per their user agreements. So the first thing that we will do is to download the app you can say download and it will directly take you to download page now. You can see for how many platforms this is available, so even if you’re, using openvpn or the regular rs for regular routers, you can select it and it will give you the proper information on how you will be able to set up and then for your username Password is when you log in you will get the two sections. One is going to be for your computer and one part will be for your routers, so that’s how easy it is to process that part. So let’s go through click on it. So now, once you’re logged in this is the information that you will get so here’s the configuration part and you can see that for vpn client there’s only one and for your vpn router is another one.

So i have to block a few things here, but this is where you’re going to get your setup, how easy it is so let’s go back to download, grab the file and then click on download. So, while going through it, i have to mention that if you have a antivirus setup on your computer, sometimes they block it because of the name. It just totally blocks it. So you cannot download it so make sure you disable it for a couple of seconds. So you can download and then install, and you can see that i got these pop ups i’m just going through it to go next once it is done, you will get this pop up. It says to launch it, and it says finish so here we go. This is the first launch i’m going to keep it right about here. So this way we can see what’s happening, so this is the first time that is loading and we will go back and turn on our antivirus all right. So this is the first time that you go on in, so you need to put your authorization information in this, so in this case i just have to log. In now, as long as you have everything set up, you should be able to connect very quickly. It shows your ip address and then it shows on the bottom, where you want to connect to so right now. It shows czech republic. I will get out of it and let’s go through and connect it to canada.

Before we do that, you can see that we are not connected, so i will go to my speed test and this way i can tell you exactly what type of speed i am hang right now, so let’s just click on it. This is directly from my own isp and you can see that it says unprotected. So i am not connected right now, and this is disconnected where i am. I have a gigabit internet and that’s up to a gigabit, and also my upload rate should be about 32 or 33 megabit per second, and you can see that right now i am exceeding so it’s over 32 megabits and my download rate is 889.68, which is a Really good number so now we will leave this alone and then we will go here and we will try to select a location. You can see that it shows what recommendation we have, but there are a lot of different places that we can connect to and the more number that you see, that means the slowest they will get. So the ones that are zero should be the best ones. So let’s go to this one and select it and we’re going to say connect. So this says canada 3 and there you go. You can see my ip address changed now. If i have to go here, you can see that i changed too and now i will try to say, go now. You can see the speed drop.

It dropped a lot. So that means as each of the location on the actual vpn, that you’re going to connect will get a different number so right now we’re getting about 110 from this server and about 30, which is a really good number by the way for the upload rate. So we’re not done on this part. Yet now it will change this to united states server so which will be this one and there you go now i’m connected to united states. So now it should change by itself and there you go it changed again by itself. We can click here and we can see what else it is trying to connect to. So we will leave it as default right now and we will click connect and let’s see what type of speed we’re getting now. So again, it stays roughly about over 50. and i didn’t see anything yet that it will tell me that okay, it goes over a hundred and that’s what i’m trying to figure out, which server will give me over 100 megabit. So i could say this is perfect. The upload rate is perfect, but the download rate is the one that we really need right now so let’s go through and we will select a few more to see exactly what numbers it will give. Remember. We selected the zero, so i will select number one in canada. Let’S see the one percent and there you go and now we will click on it again.

I’M. Just waiting for this change. You can see that it already changed to etobicoke and we will click on it again. Ah, there you go it’s it’s, a hundred megabit, so it sticks about 100 megabits and it goes back and up and down so that’s, really really looking to get a exact over 100. I was thinking going to get over like 120 or something, but it is exactly 100 megabit connection with this services. So here you go. This is my upload rate. I guess they’re going to max at about 100 now only access that i have is at 30.. So this is why you can see that part. Now, if i go to settings – and here are all some of the settings that you can see so the best part is that it is telling you that it runs on windows, automatic connection, recommended locations and also this protocol to be on automatic, which is a really Good thing also, you can turn on this part, which is called enable kill switch. So that means is, if you are downloading something as an example: you’re on a website and your computer, just kaput just goes away, and now, when you restart your computer, it is not going to give you internet until this service will turn back on, and then your Connection kicks in so this way anything that you are watching, maybe it’s in a different country. You do not have to get any kind of error messages on your screen or, if you’re downloading something it is not going to go above and over that connection.

So you will get some sort of a paper back your house saying hey, why are you doing this? So it will connect to the server first and then you will get the connection, which is a beautiful thing. Another thing is that gives you your account information, all underneath of it, which i am blurring out now going under about. It gives you all of the information that you need about the ras vpn and you can also click here and you can check for the latest version and that’s how easy it is to process that part. But it is says that you are protected right now and when you are going to the servers. What i really liked about this is when you selecting a country like right now, i’m going to britain, and this is how easy it will be to connect to them. Just click one time and you will be connected and you can say to do one more search to see exactly how fast it will connect over there. So it looks like right now. My computer is in green britain, not in canada, and this is type of speed that i am getting so you can see that that it takes a couple of seconds for it to come up, and this is the speed that you should be getting from over there. Now, remember that oh wait, this is even better, so that means, as if you are connecting overseas, is a lot better number than in canada at the meantime, by the way, so it is not bad, it is has its own ups and downs, but i have not Tested this right now with netflix or another app, so we will do that in the future and then we will tell you exactly how that works, but if you’re really impatient – and you do not want to wait for that – video don’t worry ask at the bottom of The video we really love to bring that out for you and show you exactly how that is possible too, but this is how it is possible.

Links are going to be available at the bottom of this video and how you can go through to purchase it. It will help our channel to grow a little more and also gives us that confidence to tell you that this works so that’s. Why we left the links in the bottom of this video, except that, if you have a question, don’t worry ask we really love to help you out asap, and i hope you guys, like our video, if you do like it, click to click. The like button subscribe button on the top comment in the bottom always remember to visit our own website, which is xytex.