Very excited to show this tough industrial rugged tablet from rockets on the back. We’Ve got a super loud dual speaker system and we’ve got a very long. Lasting 10 000 milliamp battery we’ve got a 30 megapixel camera and a 5 megapixel camera on the front. We’Ve got massive 64 gigs of internal memory. Four gigs of ram with a fast optical processor, we’ve got a secure hand, strap, and obviously this tablet is heavy duty with rubberized exterior we’ve got the signature, cnc metal, rhino arm on the side to give that extra toughness and we’ve got a very bright daylight, readable Ancient eight inch screen, so i wouldn’t recommend you go and do this yourself, but here i am running it over the car just to demonstrate how tough and durable this tablet is. So you can see the structure of it is very strong. You’Ve got that heavily rubberized exterior reinforced chassis, which enables it to take the crushing of a car, and obviously that screen is tough in glass as well, so it’s not shattering or breaking it’s. Just a bit muddy. You can see it’s still absolutely fine and working fine. Again, don’t do this at home, please. This is just to demonstrate how tough this tablet is. This is ip68 waterproof rated, so do make sure the rubber bar on the side is closed and you’ve got the sim card door here to make sure that’s fully screwed and closed now, this device may be a shared device and it’s great.

If you want to disinfect it just place some disinfectant on it, wipe it down and you’re ready to go. So in these days of viruses, viruses and things, this is great, you’re all ready to go after giving it spray. Of course, you can put it under water under the tap like this, and you can wash it like that. You can wash it fully or you can submerge it into water. Ip68. Rated means it’s waterproof for up to half an hour in meter deep of water. Again, don’t do this: if you don’t need to you can see here, it still works even with a bit of water on the screen, it’s still fully operational. Let me show you where the sim cards go, so you need to take the two screws off at the top and one on the side, once you’ve taken them off, use a screwdriver on the mac here to wedge the door, push the door out like that and You’Ve got two sim card slots here: you’ve got two sim card slots and a memory card slot. Now this does take two sim cards. You could use one for data one for calls or you can just have two numbers. If you wish now i’m aware, this takes a full size sim, which are not really available anymore, but you do get multi sims like this. So what you do just don’t pop out the size you need, leave it as a large, sim and pop it into the tablet and you’ll be fine.

So let’s have a quick overview of this tablet. So on the outside we’ve got that lovely eight inch screen we’ve got that front facing camera. We’Ve got the heavily rubberized exterior and we’ve got these extra durable corners because that’s, where it’s going to take the impact, if it lands, we’ve got the metal sides and on the corners we’ve got these little lanyard slots as well. So you can put a strap in it right. Let’S, look at the buttons you’ve got reset button, you’ve got a power button and you’ve got your volume rocker on the side. You’Ve got a headphone jack. Should you need one and then, on the other side, we’ve got our usb slot again covered up by a rubber, waterproof port, and this is a usbc and on the back, we’ve got textured rubber back so it’ll give you a bit more grip and you’ve got those Very loud dual speakers on the back as well and we’ve, got that hand strap the hand track is very useful, so you can hold the tablet nice and secure when you’re doing work on it very useful. I found i’ve got a back camera with a flash. Let me show you what it comes with: we’ve got a charging cable we’ve got a mains charger. We’Ve got a little screwdriver to help you get the sim card tray out. We’Ve got a quick start manual, and this is an optional extra. This is a fast charger with the fast charger it will charge the tablet a bit faster than your standard charger.

So i would recommend that – and this is another optional extra – this is a digital, stylus pen there’s the on button. So you can see how it turns on we’ve got the nib there’s a capacitive nib. You can use it on this tablet and you can use on any smartphone or tablet. In fact, and we’ve got the charging port there. I’Ll show you later on how that works. So let’s turn on the tablet. Now, if you’re familiar with android you’ve got your home screen here, you’ve got all your icons down here. You’Ve got a search. Bar you’ve got different desktops. Where you can place all your icons and shortcuts you’ve got the app tray of all your apps and things and we’ve got the buttons down here. We’Ve got a quick settings and then notifications at the top. So up there you can turn off wi, fi, bluetooth and things. Let me show you how you make cool. You can make a call on this tablet: dialog number and that’s it now. This is dual sim, so you can actually manage how the dual sim works. So you can have one sim for data one for calls. You can get it to ask you each time you make a call which sim you want it to call out from or you can have a default. One text messaging is the same. You you can have a default one or you can get it to ask you each time where you want the text message to come out from.

So let me show you some typing on this screen normal typing, like that you can tap it away and type, or i would recommend the swipe function on the google keyboard, where you just swipe the words and it’s much much quicker to type out sentences and words. So this tablet obviously comes with the play store. Play store is where you will install your new apps, your games, you can download movies, you’ve got books, you’ve got news, you’ve got everything it’s very important to have the app store, and this comes with the app store. Pre installed, so you can download as much content as you want now. Let me show you this stylus. I was talking about again. This is an optional extra. You can use it to obviously take signatures right on the screen. You can do drawings. You can do anything. You can think of really so it is really quite handy, it’s, perfectly usable the detail, isn’t the best i’ll be honest, but it’s fine for signatures, fine for doodling, fine for doing some sort of diagrams or illustrations that you might want to do so. Something like this is great for work, environment, surveys, taking notes and things like that, while you’re out in the field. Obviously you can just use your finger if you want to as well. Let me show you it will work fine with your fingers now. This will be a work tablet, so you need to have access to word excel and things like that.

I’Ll show you you can install word, you can excel, you can install excel and things and it’s fully usable. You can do powerpoint presentations on it. You can download pdf reader, all sorts of work activities can be done on the screen so having an eight inch screen, it’s, nice and big to work on again. Like i said you can install the adobe acrobat reader and read documents on the go. So let me show you: this lovely screen: we’ve got a lovely 8 inch, full hd screen, so it’s really high density resolution really bright and vibrant. You can see the colors really pop out, as i said, it’s a sunlight, readable screen. So you can view this outside. In the sun – and you can really ramp up the brightness it’s bright and vibrant it’s, really nice to look at you can see all the colors here they pop out they’ve got lovely detail because of that full hd screen you’ve got lots of pixel pixels lots of Density, it is a very, very lovely screen. Of course you may want to watch movies on this as well perfectly fine for that too. Applause, thanks to the dual speaker setup at the back, the sound and volume on this device is really loud Music. So you can hear for yourself the spook on this is really loud, it’s, really great in a work device. If you’re in a noisy environment, to have a loudspeaker, the 13 megapixel camera at the back is going to be very useful for taking work shots in the field and things and sending them back to base.

So it’s got a 13 megapixel camera on the back and five megapixel on the front here’s some pictures i took with the tools here. You can see they’re fairly good resolution perfectly fine for what you need it to do. Okay, let me show you some gps. Obviously, this does have gps inbuilt. Some of our customers do use our tablets on boats and things for navigation. So this is something possibly you could use. The tablet for is absolutely fine for maps hiking and things like that um or even just navigation in your car, but um yeah. If you wanted to do maps hiking or um, use it as a boat as a as a navionics like some of our customers. Do you can you can see on here outside i’ve got a good 3d fix and it works superbly for gps. So, finally, let me show you some games. You may not use this for games, but this is really to show you the power of this tablet. As you can see, the fast octa core processor in this tablet, along with the dedicated graphics processor as well, and the four gigs of ram, can really handle all the games out there. There isn’t been a game that i haven’t been able to play on this. Like i said, you may not use it for games but it’s nice to know that you’ve got the power there. So let’s wrap this up if you’re after a tough and durable device for your business.

This would make a great addition. Not only is it tough rugged, durable, waterproof and dust proof, but it’s a great versatile device, and it will really pay back in the investment, because if you are buying a weaker device, you’re going to break it you’re going to have to replace things more. This is really hard wearing and tough you’ve got that great eight inch outdoor sunlight, readable screen. So again you can use it outdoors without the fear of it being broken too. You’Ve got two sims on there as well, so you can use it for phone calls or use it for data and again, because you’ve got two sims on there. If one of the networks that you’re using has bad poor reception, you can always fall back on the other sim, so again, that’s another you know plus factor to factor in then you’ve got the the place drawn here. So you can make this anything that you want. There’S, thousands of apps on the play store and you can extend the capability of this tablet and then you’ve got that octa core cpu four gigs ram massive 64 gigs of internal memory and, of course, there’s a memory card slot too. So you can extend the internal capacity of this tablet too. You’Ve got onboard gps again very useful and you’ve got that really loud speaker, so you can use it in noisy environments and, last but not least, it’s a rugged. Ruggeds are the leading uk brand in rugged tablets, phones and devices, and this does not disappoint.