com with the iv review. Что ж, на самом деле, not just one review, but i will make a series of videos and in every video i will show you another way how to make money with eif. But before i get into the video i would like to let you know that there is a link down below this video and if you use this link and purchase eif, i will give you personally. Five seasoned accounts youtube channels which you can start using right away with the ive. Кроме того,, you will get the invitation to private facebook group where we help each other, not just with eif, but we helping each other to make money to share money, making methods and a lot of cool stuff. Теперь, when i have this out of the way, let me explain what eife is yaif is a shortcut of your instant video empire it’s, a cloud based video marketing and automation platform which will create for you thousands of videos on autopilot. All you have to do is choose your keywords: uh select how many videos you want to create uh, tweak couple of things around and just press the button and the system will go and will create videos and we’ll distribute them to your channels. You won’t get the best quality of videos, but hey it’s, a numbers game. You can dominate not just the first places of search results. You can dominate the whole pages and because aif is cloud based, you don’t have to worry about ips all the technical stuff.

Everything is taken, care of all you need is couple of youtube channels, which i will give you if you purchase the if12 my link and the correct strategy which i’m showing you here in these videos and it’s up to you, which route you want to take just A heads up, don’t jump from method to method, because you will never make money focus on one method: master it make money with it and then move to another method. You have to stay focused. There are many ways how you can make money with the ive. Some of my favorites are amazon affiliate program, clickbank affiliate or any other affiliate network, renting link in my videos to companies generating traffic and leads for other businesses generating traffic to your sites with adsense or any other ad networks, generating views to your main channels or main Videos helping local businesses and many many more ways you see with thousands of videos uploaded to youtube. You can generate hundreds of clicks, hundreds of visitors to your site or to your client sites. You just have to make it right and that’s why i started this video series to help you get in the game of the mass video marketing quickly. First method: i’m going to teach you is how to make money with amazon affiliate program. This was my very first way how i use the ive and it’s the easiest one, and you can start seeing first commissions very quickly within a week or even less.

My first commission was, я думаю, three days after i started my first campaign and many other members in our facebook, facebook group are showing the same results. What we are basically do is we are going to make hundreds of review videos or of different products, and this will work this. This will always work because people, including myself, are going to internet to search for reviews before they buy. Something is usually one of the last steps in purchasing process. People already know what they want to buy. They just want to make sure it’s working properly, okay enough, talking let’s jump to my computer and show you how it’s done okay. So here we are at, because first thing we need to do is to research amazon for some products. We are looking for products that are not too competitive, so our review videos will have a chance to rank it, doesn’t, really matter what products you choose. As long as they are not too competitive, i don’t usually do expensive products, because many of youtubers are reviewing them with quality videos, and i have a small chance to outrank them. My goal is to make people to go to amazon throughout my link to fire a pixel and when they buy from something from amazon within the next 24 Часы, i will get commission so what i usually do. I search products in these categories: electronics, home and kitchen computer accessories, power tools and stuff. Like this let’s try, networking products streaming stick streaming, stick can be a good product for table, hard drive can be another one, Wi, Fi, extender and so on you go like this.

You make a list of 10 Продукты. I will stick with three for now. Next thing: we do. We open the. If we go to campaigns. New campaign enter a campaign name let’s. Do Music, Wi, Fi, Икс, tender. We can just copy and paste from our list and we choose amazon campaign and click next step in this step. We research products for review videos, so let’s, just paste our keyword and go to search life will automatically search for products that have four or five stars reviews with more than 100 words, and these words will be used for the video for the creation of the video. Как вы можете видеть, i’ve founded 14 14 products for us, но это. Not all. We have to wait a little bit so now yeah, i found it 15 продукта, we can load more and the hive will go and find another product and we can. We can keep pressing more load more until there are no more products available because more products we select here in this part the more videos we will have in the final campaign. Хорошо, so now we have unable to find new product with wi fi extend there. Please search again, i just go because i have enough products for this campaign. I just go save and go to the next step. I always keep these slides as they are it’s. В основном, this is how many slides per video there will be in the video and the length of the slide of each slide, which is randomizing the videos.

So they don’t look for youtube. They are the same videos. Video duration will be between two and four minutes, which is fine people. Just looking for quick information at animated text overlay on video, i like to have this option on so i keep this checked audio. I always do only background music. You can do voiceovers. You have amazon and google voice Music, but i just don’t like it. я думаю. Sometimes it hurts the quality of the video. So i do always audio music on background music. Only outro text click the link in description for more reviews, it’s fine. You can play with colors, i don’t slow myself down on this part, so i just go save and go to next step. Now i change distribution from non to auto uploads videos automatically. I select my channels that i allocated for this campaign. Uh let’s say i will do group 2. Where is 13 youtube channels, upload interval. I will change this to 20 minutes that’s the time between each upload um, my amazon associate tag. You will set up this uh in your integrations um. If you don’t know how to do this, there is a lot of uh tutorial videos in your um, in your account in your, if account so once you purchase this tool, you will have everything explained step by step: how to set everything up with groups with channels With your amazon associate tag and everything now tags, because these are going to be the tags of the video, so what we are doing, we are doing uh campaign for wi, fi extender, so tag will be wi, fi extender, separated with coma wi fi tools, usb wi Fi extender best wi, Fi, extender, Дешевые, Wi, Fi, extender and so on, call to action.

Эта вещь: this part is important because people are searching, they are just when they see some product. What what i usually do when i see some product i go, i check and then i just copy this roku express hd streaming. I copy this and i go to google or youtube and i add review and you see there are these videos. They are on the first page of google for reviews for this particular product, and we will be here. You will be here in many products with many keywords, because not many people are promoting this, because the commission from 24 dollar product is is funny, so call to action will be review and space description before now. Yipe will always put your link on the very first place of your description. I would keep that as it is, or you can write, maybe title in here and the keyword will go after the title, which can be beneficial for ranking description after this is the description that will go after your link. You should do title summary title transcription title. So i have my keyword, which is in the title. I have it in the description at least three times now: disable amazon link, i don’t even know why this is there, but keep it unchecked. Хорошо, if you disable amazon link, you will not see traffic. You will not see commissions affiliate disclosure, keep this checked because it’s one of the terms of conditions, if you are amazon, affiliate thumbnails, i always choose auto.

I use templates this way if we’ll always pick random image from the video as a thumbnail and use some thumbnail. You can see this is how it’s gon na look like. So these are the templates now videos per day i don’t recommend more than one video per day per account. So when we choose here our group with 13 accounts, the same number should be here 13 and the i will distribute these videos around your accounts. One per account per day render automatically yes campaign status on this is always off, so you have to always switch it on schedule. I want this campaign to start immediately, but when you’re doing another campaign, with the same sets of accounts with the same group of accounts, it’s good practice to schedule the campaign for the next day or for the day after you finish your campaign. Так, Например, i start this campaign immediately. There will be 13 videos per day. Let’S say we choose 26 Продукты. That means this campaign will run for two days. So when you’re doing the next campaign, you should you should schedule the campaign for the 11th let’s say and then you save, but for today’s campaign. I will start immediately save campaign and done now. We need to wait couple of days until the videos will be distributed in the meantime, go ahead and create another campaign with the second keyword you have in your list, use new sets of accounts or schedule it for later.

Like i showed you like, i just showed you and there you go guys. This is how we make hundreds of product review videos with the eyes, как вы можете видеть, it’s not hard at all. If you have any questions or need help with anything, please let me know in comments under this video and i will try to respond as much as i can in the next video. I will show you how to create campaigns for affiliate products. You can use this strategy for clickbank jvzoo warrior plus you name it make sure to subscribe to my channel and click the notification bell, so you will be notified about my next video that’s it for today.