Бизнес-ориентированный портативный монитор, с участием 16 дюйм 1080p ips дисплей с 10 Вход, емкий сенсорный экран, металлический нержавеющей, построить встроенный в многоугольный, стоять и USB типа c подключения. Он может быть вашим для 240 нас долларов или 265 британские фунты, но это на самом деле любой хороший хорошо в этом видео, hopefully we’re going to find out, but first up, let me just let you know that viewsonic did send this review unit to me for free. Однако, i’m not being paid for this review, so all views and opinions are entirely my own, as they always will be so first up let’s take a real, quick look at what you actually get in the box. Of course you get the display itself. You get a soft touch, magnetic screen, cover or protector. You get a pen stylus with an additional nib. You get a type c to type c right angle: Кабельными. You get a type c to type a usb cable. You get a hdmi to mini hdmi cable. You get a power adapter with a type c port and you get a screen. Cleaning cloth, so let’s start really quickly by talking about the design and the general overall build quality and i’m happy to report. The design, я думаю, is really quite nice, это. Quite a stylish looking device that wouldn’t look out of place in an office or a meeting or a skype meeting when you’re working from home in terms of build again, it feels really quite solid.

It is a metal construction, so it feels sturdy and well made in the hand it has a similar feel to a relatively high end, smartphone or a metal tablet, such as an ipad. Now the soft touch case included is also of nice quality and feels relatively well put together. It has magnets in it which attach to the rear of the monitor and then the cover just hangs down over the front of the display to protect it, while in transit. Now the cover can also double up as a mat just to stop the monitor from sliding around on a slippy desk or at the surface now in terms of weight it weighs in at just 0.94 kilos but that’s without the screen protector attached. Once you slap that on there realistically looking at more of about one kilo, which in my opinion is still pretty light now they do advertise it being just 6.1 миллиметры толщиной, but that kind of cheat in there it’s 6.1 millimeters thick at the very top at its Thinnest, but it does sort of chunk out towards the bottom and comes in at 14.7. Millimeters it’s still not really considered a thick device and it’s plenty thin enough to slide into an existing laptop bag. So you can take it with you when you go to work or the office or to go grab a coffee or wherever you’re going around the front is the screen of course, и это 16 дюймов, but the actual real usable viewable screen is 15.

6 дюймов, which Actually does make it quite large for a portable device, like this it’s bigger than my macbook air it’s, bigger than my ipad and it’s bigger than my 14 inch g14 laptop, and that obviously comes with some pros and cons. While it is relatively thin, it does have quite a large footprint at 16 inches now that larger screen may be beneficial for those that aren’t looking for the most portable solution, but others may want to find something just a little bit smaller. The resolution is 1080p, which for 15.6 дюймов, на мой взгляд, is sufficient, but it’s kind of borderline. I know there are people out. There would much prefer a higher resolution display. You can’t really see any pixels it’s fine at a normal working distance, but i know some people would prefer a 2k 1440p or a 4k display being an ips panel means the viewing angles are pretty good at 178 Градусов, and it does have some useful features such As a blue light filter, so you can just reduce the blue light to stop your eye fatigue if you’re working for long hours, он имеет скорость обновления 60 hertz and a response time of 6 milliseconds, which is pretty standard for this sort of device. Now onto some of the negatives it’s, not particularly bright it’s, просто 250 nit it’s, certainly not as bright as my other two laptops, which i use often, and then you combine that with the glossy finish and the reflective nature of the display means it’s going to be Pretty hard to see in direct sunlight or even a particularly bright environment.

Now the contrast is just okay, while the color accuracy, к сожалению, is a bit of a letdown covering just 64 of the srgb range. So let’s have a quick look at a comparison between my macbook air and the td 1655, when viewing images or video with lots of blues and greens like this one, it honestly doesn’t, look too bad. Очевидно, что, it’s lacking some of the brightness contrast punch, but it doesn’t look too bad at all it’s when we start to introduce reds that it really starts to fall down. If you take a look at this image here, the reds look really washed out. They’Ve got no saturation or punch them at all, and they start to resemble much more of a washed out orange color rather than a nice deep red. This means that if you’re looking to do even light design photo or video editing work, you may be disappointed in this monitor purely for general usage office, work or productivity. Then it may be less of a concern to you. I’Ve been using it as a second display, with my laptop for note, taking research for these sort of videos, general web browsing emails and that sort of thing, and for that honestly, it has been absolutely fine. The problem for me personally is, i don’t, feel comfortable doing any of my photo or video editing with this display, so i either have to switch it off entirely just focus on my primary laptop display or switch to a different monitor altogether.

Now around the screen, we’ve got the bezels now the bezels on the left right and the top are really thin, which gives it a really nice look. The bezel across the bottom is considerably larger. Теперь, whether you like that or not will be entirely up to you personally, i don’t mind it at all. I actually think it helps because it raises the actual screen off the desk just a little bit, which brings it more in line with my laptop now. The display has a glossy finish to it, rather than a matte finish, which does make it quite reflective and a little bit of a fingerprint magnet, as are most, если не все, glossy displays it’s rated at a 6h hardness, which is pretty comparable to most smartphones. В эти дни, it means it’s, tougher than your average laptop, because it needs to be because it will obviously be more exposed to the elements flip. The device over and we’ve got the rear, metal kickstand, which folds out easily and can support the monitor anywhere from 20 в 60 Градусов. Now it’s, quite sturdy and feels well made and the hinges themselves are quite tough as well. So it won’t just fold flat on its own. My only real criticism is that it doesn’t quite go as flat as i’d like it. It certainly doesn’t go as flat as something like a surface pro. So for those that like to do a lot of note taking or doodling, it may not quite go flat enough for you now that kickstand will obviously support the monitor in landscape orientation.

But it will also support it in portrait mode as well, probably quite handy for any programmers out there. Теперь, just to the side of the kickstand we’ve got a small joystick we’ve got up down, left right and then we can click it in and then you just need to hold it to power. The device on or off just above the kickstand we’ve got two little vents for the speakers. There are also two small vents across the bottom of the device as well. Now i believe there are actually two speakers within there and you’ve just got these four ports to allow some of the audio to escape now in terms of the sound quality from those speakers, it’s kind of average it’s, not the worst but it’s, also not particularly great It doesn’t have a huge amount of volume or bass, and it can get a little bit tinny at high volume. It will be fine for catching up on the odd youtube video, maybe listening to some music, while you’re working but it’s, certainly not enough to enjoy a good movie or to really get the party started here. It is compared to some of my other Applause devices. Аплодисменты, Music Applause over on the right hand, side there is a single led and over on the left, we’ve got all of the ports for connectivity. We’Ve got a 3.5 миллиметровый разъем для наушников, two usb 3.1 type c ports and a mini hdmi port. The type c ports are capable of power, audio video and touch inputs all together.

So it really is a one cable device, simply plug the supplied type c cable into the monitor and then into your own device and providing it can provide the 10 watts of power required, it’ll, boat up and then you’re good to go. Теперь, when connected to a mobile device like your phone, it will run in a reduced power mode and the brightness will automatically be set to just 15 снаружи 100 to help save some juice. Теперь, in this mode, obviously it’s still going to drain your battery views on it reckon that you’ll get about two hours with your average smartphone of usage. Using this monitor it’s worth just pointing out here that the td 1655 doesn’t have its own battery. So you do need to make sure it’s connected to a power source at all times. Теперь, if you don’t want to be sucking all the power out of your smartphone or your laptop or whatever, Вы можете, Конечно, use the supplied power supply or your own external. Usb battery pack to power the monitor via the second type c port, now the included power supply is actually quite a good one. Delivering 60 watts of power and the monitor is capable of delivering all of those 60 watts directly to your device in use. The monitor will use roughly 10 watts of power, leaving the other 50 watts to go towards charging your phone or your laptop, and it will continue to forward that power even with the monitor turned off, что очень удобно.

You can just leave it on your desk turn it off, but still use it to charge or power. All of your devices now for reference. The official macbook air charger, which comes with the new macbook airs, это просто 30 Вт, so it’s actually quicker for me to charge my macbook via this monitor, rather than using the official power supply. Now one other quick note: you do only get one type c to type c cable in the box, so you will need to pick up another if you want to run the type c cable from the power supply to the monitor and then another type c from The monitor to your own device in terms of compatibility, it’s compatible with windows, Mac, Linux, андроид, raspberry pi and samsung dex. I personally have only tried it with android windows and mac and i’ve had varying amounts of success. Setting up with those devices. Let’S start off. With my android phone, where it works really really well, i just plugged the type c cable straight into my phone and it picked up right away, started mirroring my display and all of the touch functions worked without any issues whatsoever on my windows laptop. It was also plug and play as windows, downloaded any drivers and did everything for me. I just plugged it straight in it started to charge the laptop it put the display on there and all of the touch functions worked as expected, so it was nice and easy.

Однако, getting it to work on a mac is a different story and it is a bit of a faff. It will work as a display with no issues whatsoever, just plug it in you’ll have a second display and it’ll be good to go. But if you want the touch functions to work, then you’ll need to download an additional piece of software called v touch, not only that, if you’re using an m1 mac like i am you actually need to boot into the security utility and activate the reduced security to Even get it to work, and even then it doesn’t work for me, because there seems to be a bug with it at the moment where it just shows that i don’t have a license to use it now, i’ve actually emailed viewsonic regarding this, and they have acknowledged That it’s a known issue and they’re working to get it fixed asap, but it is definitely worth bearing in mind now. If your device is like my windows, pc and doesn’t have a type c port on there. What you have to do is use the hdmi to mini hdmi for the audio and the video and then also connect the type a to type c, usb кабель, to provide power and any touch inputs. It still works just as well, but obviously it’s two cables, rather than one so it’s slightly fiddlier, to set up once connected, though the touch function does work really well, it doesn’t feel dissimilar to your average smartphone or tablet it’s easy to use.

Это, intuitive and it’s responsive you can navigate pdfs that flick through a slideshow or a photo album or scroll through a long document or website really quickly and easily. It really does work quite well, alternatively, grab the included stylus to start making some notes annotations, or in my case it really saved my bacon, because it allowed me to sign an important document without having to print it. Do note this isn’t, a professional graphics, таблетки, it’s more in line with a smartphone or a regular, android or apple tablet. You realistically wouldn’t want to try to do any complicated, drawing painting or design work on here, but it’s certainly efficient for annotating a pdf taking some quick notes or just doing some random doodles. How much you actually use the touch functions and how beneficial they will be. Is entirely up to you, i find it really useful, when i’m working from home to be able to sign things without having to print them, но это, really the main thing that i do with it. If you’re not really bothered by the touch functionality view sonic do a tg 1655, which looks to be an identical monitor just without the touch functions so overall, i think it’s an interesting device that could work well as a second display if you’re working from home. Однако, it does have some significant shortfalls which stop it from being a great all rounder. I think the design, the build quality and the look are great.

The kickstand works. Что ж, the port selection is sufficient. I really like the charger that’s included and the fact that we can forward all 60 watts to our own device. It’S easy to configure and use, and the touch functions work well so it’s such a shame that it’s let down by a relatively high price. In my opinion and poor color accuracy and that’s it from me, hopefully you enjoyed this video and you’ve got the information you want it so that you can make an informed decision if you did enjoy this video. Please do give me a thumbs up. If you have any thoughts or feedback, please leave them in the comments section below and if you’re new here you enjoyed this video, maybe consider hitting that subscribe button. For me thanks ever so much for watching folks, take it easy, i’ll catch! You next time see ya.