. This is the Infinity W5 as sold in Australia and New Zealand markets. So lets find out what makes this machine so impressive.. У моего подразделения есть 8 ядро Intel: i7 10875H processor, NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super graphics and thats full power, нет Макса, here 32gb of memory in dual channel, a 15.6 1080p 240Hz screen and a 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD. Его получил гигабитный ethernet, Вай-фай, 6 и Bluetooth 5. But there are a few different configurations: Доступны. XMG also sent me the same chassis with same specs, so Ive got 2 to look at.. The top lid is a matte black, aluminium alloy and the interior is the same overall. Build quality feels excellent and there are no sharp corners or edges anywhere.. The weight is listed at 2.1kg, though mine was closer to 2.2kg., With the 230w power brick and cables for charging the total rises to more than 3kg or 6.75lb.. The dimensions are quite good for a 15 inch gaming laptop with this level of hardware inside its not too thick, and this smaller footprint allows for 8mm thin screen bezels on the sides.. The 15.6 1080p 240 Гц экран имеет матовую отделку и углы обзора выглядели хорошо.. We have the option of using optimus or swapping to integrated or discrete graphics only through the BIOS, но Theres. Нет G, Синхронизация здесь. Here are the screen response time results for the 1080p 240Hz screen in my unit.. Вы можете проверить ссылку в описании для объяснения того, что все эти цифры означают, but basically the average grey to grey response time is around 5ms.

Ive протестировал экран с Помощью Spyder 5 и получил 97 sRGB 71 НТСК 76 of AdobeRGB And 75 DCI P3. В 100 яркость, Я измерил панель в 294 гниды в центре, с 7101 Контраст, so quite good results. Overall contrast, aside. Кровотечение подсветки было не так уж плохо. There were some patchy spots in my unit, but I didnt notice this. While viewing darker content – но это будет варьироваться между ноутбуками и панелями., Существовал некоторые экран гибкой при намеренном нажатии его, which seems to be due to the thinner lid despite the metallic build. But this was never an issue and overall, the lid and hinges felt quite sturdy.. It opened up easily with one finger demonstrating a somewhat even weight distribution, no issues using it on my lap. В результате более тонкого обрамления, 720p камера находится под экраном., Его получил инфракрасный для Windows, привет поддержки, but you have to tilt the screen Back for it to actually see you., So weve got the nose cam down the bottom, which can be adjusted by tilting the screen back to get yourself in frame. Херес. Что печатать на машинке на клавиатуре звучает как, и это то, что это звучит, как если бы мы установили вентилятор на максимальную скорость, так что вы все еще можете услышать меня. Хорошо над вентилятором., The mechanical keyboard has per key RGB backlighting, который освещает все клавиши и вторичные ключевые функции.. It also has project aurora support, так Theres.

A lot of customization that can be done. Яркость может регулироваться между 4 levels or turned off with the F6 and F7 keys or through the software.. The keyboard looks a little cramped, but the buttons arent small and I had no problems using it.. It felt great to type with and has 2mm key travel, but due to it being mechanical, it was on the louder side to type on heres how it sounds. Theres a power button above the keyboard to the right, as well as another button to swap between the Three performance, режимы. Theres also what appears to be an air vent up the back at first. I thought it might be speakers, but I couldnt hear any sounds with my ear. Next to it., Keyboard flex was quite minimal when intentionally pushing down hard. It felt very sturdy compared to most other laptops., The glass precision touchpad clicks down anywhere feels very smooth to the touch and, по большей части, works great.. If you lightly tap it, it seems to move and make a noise without actually being the full click. I noticed it occasionally in both my units, but didn't see it as a deal. Breaker personally.. You can double tap the top left corner to quickly disable it and doing so will turn on a light to let you know its off. Отпечатки пальцев легко покажемся на матовом черном интерьере и крышке, но, как гладкая поверхность, theyre fairly easy to clean with a Microfiber cloth.

Слева от спины theres, Кенсингтон блокировки слот вентиляционные отверстия выхлопных газов, USB 3.1 Тип Gen2, A port and separate 3.5mm mic and headphone jacks. Справа от фронта Theres, полный размер, Слот для sD-карт, два USB 3.1 Тип Gen1, A ports And another air exhaust vent., Задняя часть – has a couple of air exhaust vents towards the corners, as well as the rest of the IO which, слева направо, includes a Type C: Удар молнии 3 порт HDMI, 2.0 Выход, gigabit ethernet and power input.. I confirmed that both the HDMI and Type C ports connect directly to the Nvidia graphics. The laptop cannot be charged over Type C however. In order to actually use the ethernet port, though I had to lift up the back of the machine as I wasnt able to push the tab down with the cable, with the laptop on the desk. Theres, a light Bar on the front, which can be customized through the software or turned off. Underneath there are heaps of air intake vents at the back. Much nicer to see after the recent ASUS TUF testing. Получение внутри включает в себя вывоз 11 филлипс головы винты того же размера. The panel basically came right off so its very easy to get. внутри. Inside weve got the two NVMe M.2 slots towards the left in the middle two memory slots in the center WiFi 6 card to the right and battery down, the bottom. Heatpipes also appear to cover VRM, который приятно видеть.

Херес. What that bottom panel looks like, so there is a piece of metal that acts as a heatsink for the two M.2 slots.. The speakers are found on the left and right towards the front, and I thought they sounded pretty good for a laptop above average, with some bass and still clear at higher volumes, which can get quite loud when maxed out and the latencymon results were looking decent too.. This laptop is powered by a 6 cell 94Wh battery. Ive протестирован с яркостью экрана на 50 фоновые приложения, disabled and RGB lighting off.. Результат, while playing the witcher 3, was one of the best. Пока что, Однако, the frame rate was 22 FPS and not hitting the default 30 Крышка FPS. So that may explain why. Вне игры. В тесте воспроизведения YouTube, it was possible to get an hour with Optimus enabled., As weve got the option of changing the GPU. In use in the BIOS Ive retested, the YouTube playback test in the available modes. Were able to boost battery life in the iGPU only mode as its not possible for any calls to go out to the Nvidia graphics, while using the Nvidia GPU only resulted in much Worse battery life., I dont normally test how long it takes to charge, but I did notice that this laptop seemed to take a long time after 3 Часы. Это было только 80 charged.. Next lets get into the thermal testing. Программное обеспечение Игрового центра позволяет выбирать между различными режимами производительности, который, от самого низкого к самому высокому, являются офисный режим, game mode and turbo mode in the Infinity unit, while XMG label them as balanced enthusiast and overboost.

So this will vary.. Unlike many other 10th gen laptops, undervolting works fine and can also be controlled in the BIOS, though neither of my units had undervolting or overclocking done by default, but that could easily change with updates. Тепловые тепловые 21 степень по Цельсию. Амбиентная комната, Температура. Результаты простоя вниз. The bottom were looking fine. Худший случай. Стресс-тесты были сделаны с Aida64 cPU стресс-тест, с процессором только проверили и Небеса ориентир на максимальных настроек. В то же время и игры были протестированы с Watch Dogs 2, как я нахожу его использовать хорошее сочетание процессора и графики., Процессор будет тепловой дроссельной заслонки на 90 градусов по Цельсию, что происходило в любое время. Turbo mode was engaged, and personally I prefer having a limit like this, rather than just letting it run up to say 100, like other machines, especially when performance is still good.. No GPU thermal throttling was ever observed.. Это тактовая скорость в тех же тестах.. The GPU doesnt really change outside of office mode as no overclocking is done with the different modes in the Infinity W5 version of this chassis, but the CPU performance can vary a fair bit depending on the mode selected. Undervolting was able to improve performance from turbo mode. As CPU thermal throttling was the limit in these tests, and this is why the cooling pad further helped. Помните: Ive получил 8 core processor here so 4GHz over all 8 cores in both heavy stress test or gaming workloads sounds pretty reasonable to me.

Учитывая 90 degree cap., Regardless of which mode was used, RTX 2070 Super had no issues running up to its 115w limit. CPU power is limited to 25 watts in office mode, then in game mode. Pl1 raises to 120 Вт, Однако, in game mode, the thermal throttle cap of the processor seems to be set to 85 Градусов, which is what prevents this going further.. The CPU package power, then runs around 45 watts in turbo mode before being able to boost to 55 Вт, with the cooling pad in use. As that 90 степень, thermal throttle cap is the main limitation. Again just to be clear. I dont have an issue with this. The performance is still up there and the cap prevents the machine getting too hot. Heres how an actual game performs with these different modes in use, so even office mode was able to perform pretty well.. This is more of a GPU heavy test and, если вы помните,, office mode could still run the GPU at 115. Вт. Were able to get a little boost by undervolting, the processor and overclocking. The GPU too. In a CPU only stress test office mode still has a 25 ватт ный предел мощности. Однако, the laptop is way quieter. When the GPU is inactive. At all other modes, the processor is able to use far more power with the GPU idle its good to see that its not capped low.. This results in the 4.2GHz all core turbo boost, speed being hit in this heavy CPU stress test.

Once we apply the undervolt again keep in mind, Это более 8 Ядер, so its harder to reach these speeds compared to say the 6 core 10750H configuration., When the GPU is idle. The CPU also doesnt seem to have that 90 степень. Cap anymore, as it was able to run up to 95 градусов здесь., Что касается внешних температур, где вы на самом деле будет положить руки на холостом ходу, it was in the mid 30s in the center., With the stress tests running in the lowest office mode. The middle gets to the mid 40s now. Переход на игровой режим, and the temperatures are just a little cooler. Then turbo mode was about the same. Check out the cool left and right sides of the keyboard. These felt extremely cool to the touch and the wrist rest was fine too. The middle just felt a bit warm, so great results, but lets have a listen to how loud the fans get.. Вентилятор был просто слышен на холостом ходу, with the stress tests going in the same office mode, this increases. Game mode and turbo mode were about the same, and they were the same as manually setting the fan to max speed. Так, in this worst case, CPU plus GPU load, the fans are going as fast as they can anyway, but again its worth, noting that in a CPU only workload, the fan noise was much lower.. Now my infinity model came with stock paste, while the same chassis from XMG came with liquid metal.

, The tongfang chassis comes with either option, but XMG will be offering liquid metal with their Neo 15 по умолчанию.. Интересно, the liquid metal configuration was a couple of degrees warmer on the GPU. Однако, it was clocking a bit better on both CPU and GPU as a result, but either way in these tests. I didnt see too much change. Next lets find out just how well this configuration actually performs in games. Ive tested with turbo enabled and optimus disabled for best results. В Поле боя 5 Ive got this machine, выделены красным цветом. Its giving me one of the best results compared To other high end laptops, only the far thicker and much more expensive, desktop replacements like the MSI GT76, with much higher wattage GPUs are able to beat it.. The 1 low performance was also very good likely as a result of the 8 основной процессор, which was also performing well.. Таковы результаты Far Cry 5 с ультра настройками в построенном в бенчмарке.. The W5 is still up there, though the Triton 500 с 2080 Макс Кью, was a little ahead in this one, regardless still one of the best results out of all gaming laptops, Ive испытания до сих пор, the 2070 Super Max P looks pretty good.. Таковы результаты рейдера «Тени гробницы», с встроенным в бенчмарк на самых высоких настройках.. Снова, the results are very high. The GS66 was 1 FPS впереди. На этот раз, Хотя, this and the Triton 500 all allow you to disable Optimus, which is why I think were seeing this higher tier of performance compared to others.

. Если вы после более игровых критериев проверить карту в правом верхнем углу или ссылку в описании, где Ive испытания 20 игры в общей сложности на этой машине. Общая, the gaming performance was excellent and this is a result of the combination of 2070 Super at full. 115W power limit 8 core processor and the option of disabling optimus through BIOS. Id expect the Eluktronics or XMG configurations to possibly do better. I believe they customize them a bit better in terms of overclocking and undervolting by default. На данный момент, I think XMG are still evaluating undervolting plus I dont know if my machine has an equivalent of Eluktroboost. My guess is on no. I measured the power draw from the wall in the two units I have in a GPU. Only load and didnt see increased power draw when going into the highest modes, but I dont think Eluktroboost really goes beyond 115w anyway. Теперь для инструментов бенчмаркинга, Проверка ive, Долина Небес и суперпозиция от Unigine, а также Firestrike Timespy и Порт-Рояль из 3DMark просто пауза. Видео, если вы хотите подробно взглянуть на эти результаты. Ive, used Adobe Premiere to export one of my laptop review videos at 4K and the W5 was the fastest machine Ive tested in some time. Ive также протестировал премьеру, но с бенчмарком систем Puget, which also Accounts for things like live playback rather than just export times and again, the W5 with these specs was a chart topper.

. It was also at the top in Adobe Photoshop, though it was only a little ahead of the MSI WS66 with Quadro 3000 and weaker processor.. Davinci Resolve was also getting the best result, Ive seen so far, so this hardware is definitely offering killer performance for content. Создатели. Ive также протестировал SPECviewperf, который тестирует различные профессиональные 3D нагрузки. Ive used the OpenVR benchmark to test the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite and the W5 was behind the 2080 max q in the m15 R2. В этом тесте, Хотя, still one of the best results Ive tested. Пока что, so no issues running VR games with this hardware. Ive использовал Crystal Disk Mark для проверки хранилища.. The 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD was doing quite well, but this will vary by region based on what storage is being used.. Слот для SD-карт был на более медленной стороне, but far better than not having one at all, even if the card sticks out quite a lot when inserted. На момент записи в США, the Mech 15 G3, which is the same chassis, начинается с 2000. Usd. Here in Australia were looking at about 3700 AUD for these specs in the Infinity W5, but there are also cheaper and more expensive options. You can find examples linked in the description. Со всем этим в виду. Lets conclude by summarising the good and bad aspects of the Infinity W5 gaming laptop aka XMG Neo 15 aka Eluktronics Mech 15 G3.

. Общая, I am extremely impressed with what this machine is able to offer.. Короче говоря,, the build quality feels great. There are high levels of performance available for the size of the machine. The exterior of the machine is mostly very cool and only a little warm at worst.. There are some nice features like the option of disabling optimus, Thunderbolt SD card slot, mechanical keyboard and a larger battery.. Экран был приличным для игр, Ноутбук, fair colour, gamut and good response time compared to others.. Issues to note include the subtle touchpad movement and the nosecam was a little awkward when trying to use face unlock, but those are pretty minor when everything else is looking so good, which is why this is the best gaming laptop Ive tested so far in 2020.. Let me know what you thought about the Infinity W5 gaming laptop down in the comments and, если вы новичок в канал получить подписку на будущие обзоры ноутбука и технологий.