S6 lite. I tell you that we’ve spent some time with drawing watching reading and just doing tablet things, but in case you haven’t noticed. Android tablets are a dying breed losing market share year over year to the ipad and app support along with it. So the question with tabith6 like it’s, not whether or not it’s a good tablet, but is it a good tablet in general and can it do what you need to do, starting at 3and often discounted let’s, go ahead and check out hardware, so i’ll start off With the basics, it is a nice tablet, a big heavy until you get used to it, but it has a nice aluminum build and although the design is exactly what you expect from samsung, it is nevertheless a very nice and a very good tablet. Design with chamfered edges and speakers, and if you do drop your phone a lot, you will definitely have to buy a strong protective case for this tablet. And if there is one thing that is certain in these days, you will find a plethora of cases on amazon and for more on that hardware. Go ahead and check out my hands on with the device where i went a lot deeper under quality of the hardware. But all in all, the hardware is just pretty good, pretty good and now let’s start talking, specs and so starting with the ports. We have a usbc port for charging and data.

Although it is usb 2.0, which means you will not be able to output to a display via hdmi dongle or just direct usbc, just can’t, do it sorry about it? We have a headphone jack on that’s on the side. Thank you samsung. большое спасибо. Headphone jacks are just going they’re nowhere to be found a lot of devices these days i’m, so glad samson elected to put one on the tablet, six light, especially on something so important as a tablet. As for ram, we have four gigabytes which can make for some tight multitasking and options of 64 или 128 gigabytes storage, along with the microsd card slot, leaving you with plenty of room for more games, photos and whatever you need a lot and that micro sd card Slot you can literally expand your storage whenever you need to so. The processor of their choice is the exynos 9611, which has had some problems with their mid range galaxy a51 phone and those problems carry over to the tab, s6. Облегченный. So quick note: we are using a lawn chair instead of the tradition, traditional samsung launcher, which is just a preference when we that we made we’re setting up the tablet and with that launcher, launcher launcher lawn chair that launcher the lag was at minimum and overall performance Was pretty average, Однако, when we started loading games we always felt tinge of lag at the start and web browsing was. It was at a premium and with a lot of tabs open, it still felt okay and drawing at using all our other contingent of apps.

It was essential that the processor keep kept up and it mostly did gaming was nice with titles such as mangas and minecraft running smooth, but heavier games may give you a lot more trouble and i point you towards android centrals and then gadgets review this device. If you want to see what i’m talking aboutand so i don’t, although i wouldn’t, really recommend this tablet for virtual learning via zoom or productivity multitasking, it has plenty of power to watch your netflix run. Your mongos and you know serve the web with ease, but if you’re looking for more power per dollar, the competition is there for you and you will definitely get more volume out of it. And so, while we’re still on hardware, let’s talk about that battery life and battery life is amazing. I would use this tablet for two hours or more, and it would take at least a day or two to get the battery down to 50, a more heavy usage and screen on time of three hours or more. It never actually died. Before i was able to charge it overnight and grab a charger, and even so the standby drain was minimal only about one to two percent being lost during those time periods, Хорошо, аппаратное обеспечение, lightning round cameras, so the camera does have a six light, including eight megapixel Main shooter and a five megapixel selfie cam that can each record 1080p video at 30 frames per second it’s, okay for basic video chat, но серьезно, if you’re gon na.

If you want to record better than average video or take better than average photos. These are not your cameras and the competition from apple and more premium offerings from samsung will beat the tab s6 light any day, and also on a quick note, there is no fingerprint sensor, что означает,, if you want biometric authentication, you are going to have to go With a superficial face id that uses the selfie cam all right, Смотреть, it works for sure, but you can’t use it for important authentication like banking, apps or password managers, because it’s not secure enough stereo speakers stereo speakers on the tablet. 6 lite are quite nice. Android volume is satisfactory for most use cases, definitely better than expected, pleasant. Сюрприз. The screen and pen are very much. The stars of this weird android tablet show, and so that screen is a generally nice lcd of 10.4 inches with an 81.6 screen body ratio which basically means minimal bezels and a resolution of 1200 от 2000 пикселей, a 5.3 Аспект, ratio and 224 pixel per inch density And all that running at 60 hertz all these specs mean that, although you are not getting an ammo led that samsung is so famous for you are getting a great lcd that contributes to great battery life and, Хотя, when placed outside it does struggle to appear in The constant sunlight outdoors, это, a pretty good screen and for the price you you’re, getting it you’re getting a lot of value in that screen.

Samsung makes those really great screens all right now for the main star to show is that stylus, the s pen, and for that we should go ahead and look at art and information provided to us by my brother, nate’s nerd, take away me so the s pen, The s pen has a side button that activates a menu when close to the tablet which i customized to my liking. A quick note about the s pen. This pen is a passive stylus. Much like the s pens from the note 8 and the note 9, which means there’s no air gestures or bluetooth. So you have to make sure the pen is close to the tablet when you press that button in order to activate the penand when i mean close, i mean really close like face value close, i love to draw and sketch. So this is a perfect tablet for digital drawers. The pen is okay, it’s it’s a bit rough once you start using it. The pen glides smoothly across the screen and its accuracy is surprisingly good. Here’S, a video of the app that i use to sketch out that sketchbook in action as you can see, i’m drawing and coloring in my own spider, sona and the lines are not circled but square pixelated. So you must be careful with that, while you’re drawing there were some problems using autodesk, Например, sometimes the app would not save what i was drawing, but all you have to do is get out of the app and then get back in.

It will still have your progress. This seems to be due to a ram issue, usually saves everything for days or even a week before it discards your edits, but i do recommend you save anyways, just in case the pen works. Что ж, so i highly recommend this app. The app also has multiple brushes, all of which the pen has worked great with, although we didn’t test other apps, we can say with confidence that it should work with most, если не все, приложения, that support touch input for precision worlds. It takes advantage of the screen size and it plays into the natural advantages of the device, if anything buy. This tablet for the pen, because it is worth worth it for someone who wants to break into basic sketching, drawing and digital art, now it’s time to address the elephant in the room. Android that’s right there’s, a reason why we don’t see more of android tablets in the market and that reason is android. Теоретически. It makes sense to put the most popular phone os on a tablet, but in practice it just never really caught on and they have continued to struggle, and this tablet is no different, with the interface still being mostly just a phone on a 10.4 дюймовый экран. But that pen makes all the difference and even though it’s still running android, you will also continue to run into issues such as software updates. It launches android 10 and will grab the android 11 update somewhere in may 2021.

But what happens after that? Unlike my duet or any other chrome os device, your update mileage is a complete wild card. Whilst my duet is supported for another eight years. The tablet six light may stop receiving security updates as soon as three years it’s. The fundamental reason why i’m such an advocate for chrome, os tablets and why i usually pass on android tablets. Однако, when a type of six light is found on sale, Существует, something about this package, that makes it compelling for some people, people like nate, who just love that s pen, people who just love that screen, people that love it’s, chamfered edges and sleep design and people Who love android and for so many people, Хром, west, just isn’t, ready for them and in the instrument? They need something right now as in right now now and if you manage to get a discount off of its usual 3′ Ценник, the taba6 lite might be the closest thing to a good android tablet, as you’ll find in this side of the galaxy. Alright that’s been it for me, this is ben tech code signing off Music. This has been tech code and you want to support the channel and the blog. Well now you can. This is the buy me a coffee page at buy me a coffee, dot com, slash benson code there you can sign up for my membership and support me on a monthly basis or just buy me.

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