It actually uses a type c. Cable that’s, one of the big differences um standby time on the left, is a hundred days and the one on the right is 30 дней. The reason why the one on the right has less standby time is because it uses more energy due to the fact that he has led backlit and it has seven different colors and he has three different brightnesses on that. The one on the left has no led at all for backlight other than that you get pretty much everything else. The same charge. Time on the one on the left is three to four hours charge time: the one on the right due to the fact that is using a type c. It takes me around two hours, он говорит, 2.5 and they both use the same distance. They both from bluetooth 3.5 and they both work on any android devices over 3.1. Just quickly look at it, так что давайте, just zoom back out guys so let’s open the one on the left. First and if you haven’t watched my video on the unboxing and quick test on the keyboard case for the samsung galaxy s7. Plus that keyboard has a track pad and i test it all out and i’ll show how it works so with the one without a track pad. So you get a micro usb charger, so looking at it looks fairly similar. If we open it up again, you got your magnetic cover again.

The good thing is your s: pen sits in here close the lid, it won’t fall out, that’s a big pro open. It up get your foam insulated inside so that you don’t damage it and then, with this one, you get this white keyboard, as you can see without the trackpad the keyboard a lot smaller. These keys feel a lot more mushy, but we’ll compare them and, как вы можете видеть, it’s lit it’s lighting up with power, so it has already some charge and to connect you just press the connect button and it goes into the little wi fi image there to Show that it’s connecting and then you have your caps lock light and your charge light. It has some shortcut functionalities on the top here. Um but yeah that’s about it, как вы можете видеть, is magnetically in place and it does hold guys so let’s just put that one to one side for now and we’ll compare it with the one i’m currently using, but looking at these cases, Рядом, they’re Identical in size, они, pretty much identical in design. Take clever look as you can see so let’s open them up so guys. Looking at these side by side, as you can clearly see with the one on the left hand, side it’s slightly shorter, it ends almost i’ll say a centimeter and a half shorter than the one on the right. Looking at the top cutout, where your tablet sits, they’re identical same material, you just don’t get this little bottom groove here, where your s pen can sit on this one here and then moving down.

Как вы можете видеть, таблетки, the keyboards of themself there’s, a huge difference in size in all dimensions. The white one is slightly thicker, but in every other way, это меньше, not that much smaller, considering there is a track pad and that’s. Another reason why the battery life on this is less the trackpad does use a lot of battery guys both identical materials. Так что, да, looking at the button layouts very similar uh, the white one does seem slightly a bit more thing seems a bit more compressed together. Ум, just looking at where the page up and down is and on this one here is slightly different, as i also mentioned with this one. It is backlit goodness, and i found that so useful working at night, where this one here is not backlit at all. So other than that, let’s just quickly look at how the tablets look when they’re upright so looking at the one with the track pad how this one works is again. да, the three grooves you just have to slide into a groove like so and then once you’re happy, you just need to put your keyboard in place, that’s how the backlit keyboard looks, and you have again the free adjustments. So the max adjustment would be where the keyboard ends here, so you got number two and number three. So the third tilt is the furthest angle you can get and the keyboard does come off the case quite a lot.

The magnet on the keyboard is really good. Uh very strong and sturdy so now let’s compare it to this one here i don’t have a tablet to put inside, but if we compare it, it should be quite straightforward to compare if you leave the keyboard right at the end. As the same as this one here, we can raise it and move it to stage one which is like so then you’ve got stage two and you’ve got stage three. Так, given the fact that this case is slightly smaller, if you can see that there is quite a difference in the angles, this one’s still a lot higher up almost straight uh. This one has a lot more of a tilt which i think is better um to compare these two in terms of the max tilt on that one is the second tilt pretty much on the bigger one, sorry on the one with the trackpad. So there is a difference um. Obviously the keyboard is huge compared to that when you look at it side by side, so in terms of the keyboards themselves, obviously that’s. The main part of this. The case is the case, the keyboards guys um. This one feels a lot more mushy than this one. This one i’ve been actually getting used to um. There is the odd time where you have to click it slightly a bit harder to actually get it to read on the keyboard when you’re typing quite fast, you’ll notice that it tends to sometimes skip words.

So you just need to be careful as you’re pushing, but with this one here, it’s similar. But again i think this one. You have to be slightly a bit more careful um, also with the size of the keyboard. This one just feels a lot more natural to type on, and because you get your palm rest here and you have the track pad, it just feels a lot easier to type on other than that guys. The backlit for me is the other must have and the fact that he has a type c connector. These are very important for me. Э, when multitasking and using it just makes my life easier. Um battery life they’ve both been very similar. This one has a lot more stats standby time, but when it’s been used, it does run out pretty much within the same time i get on average, probably six, seven hours from each one, but with this one here i can charge it through the tablet using the Type c to type c connector with this one here i have to use a micro usb, which is a bit annoying in terms of prices. This keyboard cost me 50 pounds from amazon. Haven’T found this keyboard anywhere else um, especially with the type c connector this keyboard. Вот, on average is around 25 в 35 pounds for the keyboard case um. But if i had to pick one guys, if you want the best of the best, Знаешь, obviously you can go for the samsung, который является 220 pounds for the official case.

But for me this one here hands down, beats this one for the extra 15 в 25 pound hands down, beats it. If you’re on a low budget go for this one, you still get your productivity. You just need to plug in a separate mouse. Этот.