13.3 inches 4k ultra hd. Так что это 2020 model and we have the laptop charger and quick start guide. Так, как вы можете видеть, shout out to samsung, so yeah let’s get to reviewing the good things and bad things about it and see if it’s worth a thousand dollars, so i bought this at best, buy for a thousand dollars 2020 модель, so let’s get to opening This up make sure you leave a like and subscribe everybody. So i’m gon na start talking about the good things about it. Первый, Поэтому, as you could see, you could just flip, it it’s thin it’s really light, and this is how thin it is, and you can just flip it over and it just flips to the side you flip it over to, as you can see so that’s real Cool about it and what i also like about it, you pull out a pen out of it and there you go. You can just write notes. Anything you know play video games that’s what i like about it, use it like a laptop. You know so yeah. So you can use it like a tablet, i meant to say tablet my bad, so everybody, my bad about that so yeah. This is cool about it and what i also like about it. You know you watch some youtube videos, you’re you’re, seeing in 4k ultra hd, like it says, it’s 4k, так что это. What i like about it and you can see aka videos too, on this and it’s really fast.

You know it’s simple and simple and fast. You know good nice working laptop, so that’s the good things about it, everybody so let’s get to the bad things about this. So the bad things about it is right. When i grab the laptop to touch it like my hand, print just gets on it, like the oil of my hand, just gets on the keyboard, and you can see that, like my hand, prints on it and yeah and on the back and on the screen. The most like you touch it boom. Здорово. You can see your fingerprint and right here too, while you’re typing it’s going to get on it and another downside about. It is also that, as you’re typing, the keyboard is going to slip like in the the keys are really small, so you might type another you might mess up in your typing. You know and also like right here, what i like about it too. As you can see right here, you could just like uh as your password. You could just put your thumbprint and there you go, but as it’s locked everybody like first you’re gon na have to put your password and then, while it’s like logged in you, could just put your thumb print. So you’re gon na have to put your password in first but that’s a cool feature about the print i forgot to say about so that’s what i like about it, though you know your hands slip and everything, and also you know the reflection of your handprints on It and also let’s get to another bad thing about it.

When you’re playing a youtube video, you know it’s good quality and everything, but you’re going to be pushing the volume button to the highest and you can go. This is all it goes. You know when you’re watching a music video, so i would suggest just connect it to keep a bluetooth speaker. Знаешь, and there you go, but also you know, the keyboard is all slippery and everything that’s. What i like about it so probably just connect it to another keyboard and also what i don’t like about it too. Как вы можете видеть, this is what i like about it too, though it’s flat, you know it’s, nice and flat, oh that’s, crazy, но да. What i don’t like about it is, как вы можете видеть здесь, zoom in right here to the outlets. Так, как вы можете видеть, it does not have a hdmi outlet, so that means that you’re gon na have to pay some more money to just you know, connect it to your screen on hdmi, so yeah it does not have the hdmi to support in you know. Это, a 2020 model that’s a lot, a lot of them don’t have like, like the new macbooks don’t have hdmi, Знаешь, but this is the charger. 2 has a nice and some carving, как вы можете видеть, and right here. This is the charger outlet for you right there it’s a plug in so yeah everybody. This is it right here now we’re gon na get to.

Is this worth a thousand dollars brand new 2020 samsung chromebook galaxy? Is it worth a thousand dollars honestly it’s not worth a thousand dollars, and i would give it a 6 снаружи 10 a six out of ten and honestly? How much would i say it’s worth like, because you like it’s a thousand dollars, То есть, really high price. So you can get yourself like another chromebook for 400 or you know 200, and if you want to pay high price for a really like good one. And you know not going to get your hand prints on it. You know get an msi for 800, Знаешь, but this for a thousand. You know it’s, really small. You could take it anywhere, it’s stealth, so you know that’s what i like about it, but i don’t think it’s worth a thousand dollars, maybe like 500 То есть, what i think it’s worth 500 или 600. Знаешь, but you know the new things more higher price, but yeah it’s, nice and everythingand i said my downsides and the good things about it, so i don’t think it’s worth a thousand dollars and everybody. This is my review on the samsung galaxy chromebook. So yeah everybody. I hope you enjoyed this video of this laptop slash, tablet and yeah. Everybody make sure you leave a comment down below if you like this video, и вы знаете,, comment down below what type of video should i record because i’m about to start recording, more videos and yeah and leave a like if you liked this review and yeah make Sure you subscribe and hope you enjoyed this review and i hope this helped you and yeah this is it and shout out to samson and yeah.