Давайте начнем с спецификации различия, как вы, наверное, можете догадаться, основано исключительно на именах. The 3090 лучше во всех аспектах, но в результате, это требует больше энергии, и это также стоит более чем в два раза больше, чем 3080, так позволяет узнать, если его стоит.. This is the system that Im using to test both Nvidias RTX 3080 Founders Edition and MSIs RTX 3090 Игровые X, Трио. Both were tested with the same Windows and Nvidia updates, так что позволяет попасть в результаты. Starting out with Microsoft. Flight Simulator Ive got the 3090 показано фиолетовые полосы и 3080 below shown by the red bars.. The three resolutions tested are on the left, starting from 1080p down the bottom 1440p in the middle and 4K towards the top.. In this test there were only small differences at 1080p and 1440p. затем, на 4K 3090 Был 17 higher in average frame, Ставка. Красные мертвецы Искупление 2 был протестирован с помощью инструмента эталона игры. Again theres less of a difference at 1080p, as these higher end GPUs are better utilized at higher resolutions. На 1080p. The 3090 был только 4 быстрее 12 быстрее на 1440p, затем 20, быстрее на 4K. Поле боя 5, was tested in campaign mode by running through the same mission on both graphics cards., Оба били 200 FPS крышка кадра на 1080p, затем, Интересно, на 1440p, the 1 low From the 3080 was slightly higher, хотя 3090 Был 12 быстрее.

When it came to the average, then it was 16 faster at the highest 4K resolution. Тень Расхитительница гробниц была протестирована с играми, построенными в бенчмарке. Еще раз, only minor differences at 1080p. The 3090 wasnt even 4 ahead here then at 4K. The 3090 Был 16 впереди 3080, so not really a worthwhile difference, given it costs more than twice the amount of money. For Control Ill start with RTX off results., Unlike most of the other games tested. This one saw the largest gap between the 3080 а также 3090 на 1080p, с 3090 14 higher in average frame rate.. The 3090 was then 17 faster at 1440p and about the same at 4K, Хотя, the 1 низко от 3090 is now close to even the average, from the 3080., With RTX on and DLSS enabled, the gap between the two is even smaller, сейчас. На 4K, the 3090 было просто 15 впереди 3080, but this is the lowest result out of all 11 игры протестированы. So it seems that playing with RTX on still does quite well from either card. Ive tested Metro Exodus with the game’s benchmark tool, and this test saw some of the biggest differences out of all 11 titles tested.. The 3090 Был 23 быстрее на 1440p и 26, быстрее на 4K, the largest improvement at these resolutions, хотя 3080 is still well above 60 FPS at 4K high settings so its not like its garbage or anything.

The differences arent. Looking that big in Death Stranding in general, most results were below average out of all games tested., Даже при максимальных настройках. The 3080 is still able to deliver above 100 FPS на 4K. The 3090 был вокруг 16 faster though, but this was the second smallest difference at this resolution. Out of the 11 games were looking at. В Ведьмак 3. The 3080 is still running the game flawlessly at max settings 4K, хотя 3090 Был 18 быстрее в средней частоте кадров. If you really are, after best possible, результаты. Убийц, Creed Odyssey был протестирован со встроенным в бенчмарк. The 3080 was still above 60 FPS на 4K, which is quite good for this test at max settings. The 3090 Был 16 Вперед, Хотя, but yeah again for more than double the price thats, a tough ask. Чувство долга. Современная война была протестирована в режиме кампании. Again it was still playable at max settings 4K with the 3080, но 3090 Был 20 быстрее. The second best improvement out of the 11 games tested at this resolution. Rainbow Six Siege был протестирован с помощью инструмента бенчмарка игр с Vulkan., No major improvements here, pretty average differences and again still no problems at all running the test at 4K max settings on the 3080. Even if you do have a high refresh 4K display. На 1080p в среднем по всем 11 игры протестированы, the 3090 было около 8 быстрее, чем 3080. Battlefield V down.

The bottom shows basically no change, as both GPUs were able to hit the max 200 Крышка FPS, but outside of this in general, were not really seeing big differences. На 1440p. The 3090 was now almost 14 быстрее, чем 3080 в среднем., As higher resolutions can typically make better use of the GPU were starting to get a better idea of what both of these cards are capable of.. There was basically no difference in Microsofts flight simulator at the bottom of the graph, while Metro Exodus at the top saw the biggest change. На 4K. The 3090 в настоящее время 18 быстрее, чем 3080 в среднем.. Снова, Metro Exodus saw the biggest difference out of the 11 игры протестированы, but in most games the performance boost from the 3090 isnt exactly massive.. Когда мы смотрим на общую мощность системы извлечь из стены, the PC with the 3090 installed was using 17.7 больше мощности. While the game Im testing Control at 4K high settings was reaching 17.5 выше среднего FPS. So a similar performance uplift relative to the additional power being consumed. In terms of value. Что ж, the 3080 is the clear winner when considering cost per frame. Это, not really a surprise, как 3090 costs more than twice the price of the 3080, while delivering an 18 higher average frame rate in the games, Ive covered here., The 3090 isnt exactly marketed as A gaming card its more of a Titan class product, but at the same time it does perform better its just, probably not worth it for most people compared to spending much less.

On a 3080, at least as far as gaming goes., Its not all just about gaming, though lets check out some compute and content creator. Workloads. Ive tested DaVinci Resolve with the Puget Systems benchmark and the RTX 3090 was scoring around 18 выше, чем 3080 so similar to what we were seeing in many of the games. Ранее. In the V Ray benchmark. The 3090 был забил 22 выше, чем 3080.. If you caught my comparisons with the 2080 Ti, both of these Ampere GPUs are offering huge gains over Turing based options from last generation in this test. But the difference here between them seems similar to what was seen in other workloads. проверенный. Blender was tested with the Open Data Benchmark with the BMW and Classroom tests and again theres a similar improvement on offer with the 3090, which was completing these rendering tasks 19 быстрее, чем 3080.. The 3090 ли, Конечно, имеют 140 больше памяти, so if youre doing something that can actually take advantage of it, Что, like intense 3D modelling or something, затем 3090 could be worthwhile. For most people, though I dont think the 3090 is worth more than 2x. The cost but thats just what happens when you get to the top of a product stack and hey. Если время - деньги, затем 3090 could still be worth considering or if youve got money and just want the best.. As mentioned for gaming, Хотя, Я думаю, 3080 is the much better pick for the majority of people, especially given it destroys even the RTX 2080 Ti from last generation for best money.

, Its just in a better sweet spot. В то время как 3090 is more of a halo. Product., You can check out how both of these perform against the RTX 2080 Ti in these two videos. В противном случае, if youre new to the channel then get subscribed for future graphics card comparisons like this one, there will be a few more on the way once AMDs new RDNA, 2 graphics cards are out.