ой, my gosh are all my photos gone or you pay every month for that cloud service that just start. You know it just charges. You more and more and more as you need to get more and more space to save stuff. Что ж, we don’t consider that a really good solution, so we looked for something better and we found something that uh that we, как, we think you’ll like it too. It’S called the photostick mobile all right, so here’s the photo stick. They come in different sizes. This is a big one. Это 64 gig down here. I’Ve got a 32 gig right there and i just pulled the end off it. So you could see the adapter they do fit, uh in iphone or android, most tablets, they’ll work and right here, you’re. Looking at my phone, you can see all the pictures i have on my phone there’s a whole bunch of pictures here, here’s the problem. If you take a look at the settings on my phone, i use 7.2 gigs out of 8 Концертов, which means pretty soon when i’m, trying to take pictures or video i’m going to get that little error message that says i’m out of space and i can’t take Anymore now, if i’m on vacation i’m with my kids it’s important for me to have that space, the photo stick, allows you to clear out that space and get and get access to all of your phone memory.

So here’s what we’re going to do i’m going to come back here and you see the photo stick app. I download this from the google play store for free, so i’m, going to go ahead, Я, going to open that app then i’m going to take the photo. Stick itself i’m, going to plug it right in the bottom of my phone now as soon as i do that my phone is going to want to just open the files on the photo, stick, it’s going to say, oh what’s, on the photo stick. Что ж, we don’t have to worry about that i’m, going to go back to the app right here and we’re just going to select the photo stick mobile there. Так и есть, and then it says, backup files now so i’m going to go ahead and hit that it says backup all or i can just select once but i’m going to back up everything and you can see how fast it works. Теперь, if you had a bigger phone that was 64 gig or 128 Концерт, it might take a little longer, but still you see how fast it’s working so really just a few minutes and uh it archives everything everything on my phone is being sniffed out, it’s being Found and downloaded to the photo stick and backed up so that it’s safe. Теперь, when that’s done, i can view the files on the photo stick itself. I can remove the backed up files from my phone.

This is how you clear out space on your phone, or i can go to home i’m, just going to go back to home here. Если, по некоторым причинам, i had wiped out all the files on my phone, but i wanted to put them back. Take them from the photo stick and put them back on my phone. I could just hit restore files, but for now we’re just going to eject the photo, stick: Хорошо, so i’m, going to take it right out of my phone and that’s it it’s done so i’m. Pulling the photo stick out and now on the other end of the photo stick, is a regular usb plug i’m going to take that right over here to my laptop and we’re going to plug that in just like that, and then you’ll see it’s going to pop Up here on my desktop there, Так и есть, and i could run the software if i want, but for now i just want to go on to the photostick mobile, and i want to show you that all my pictures are there so i’m going into my photos, folder And take a look here they all are. These are all the pictures that you just saw on my phone now they’re right here on my computer they’re, safe they’re, archived, i mean all kinds of cool stuff on here from years and years ago, here’s. This is my wife and my son. This is when my blonde wife decided she wanted to become a brunette.

This is a picture of me when i was 11 years old and thought i was a super cool skateboarder anyway. The whole deal is every single picture is right there on the photo, stick it’s all archived, it’s safe. I don’t have to worry about my memories being deleted or raised, and i freed up all that space on my phone, so i can keep taking pictures and video photo stick mobile i’m holding the 32 Концерт. It comes in lots of different sizes. The 64 gig is the one that we actually have plugged into my computer right. Now you can get the size you need.