This is the samsung tab, s7 плюс, and it comes with the the s pen, which is really nice and light, and the great thing about onenote is that it actually syncs across different platforms so um. This is one of the reasons i like onenote, Поэтому, Например, this is my ipad and you can see my planner there and any changes i make on one will automatically sync across to my android tablet and also on the pc. This is one of the reasons why i use onenote, because it is really great at syncing across the different devices Music so because it’s christmas week, i’m going to decorate it with some christmas stickersand i just like to you know, make the page look a bit More interesting, so in android i found that if you tap on this, stop icon and you double tap, then this is. I found the easiest way for me to copy across a sticker, but you could also long press on the sticker as well Music. So the interesting thing i found is that um, you see if you move this sticker around it kind of um. I have to use my uh my finger, so it moves like in a blocky way, but if you want to position it in a particular way, you could draw something on the page and then with the lasso icon. You see when you then move this. It then moves smoothly, so yeah that’s kind of strange, but very useful and it’s good, for if you want to position a sticker exactly you know somewhere on the page Music.

So this here is just a separate notebook i’ve made of all these stickers. So these this is just to make it easier for me to locate all of my different stickers i’ve just put them in one place: Музыка, Музыка, Музыка, Музыка, Музыка. One thing i think that’s worth mentioning is that in the settings um, if you’re using an s pen i’ve found that if you in this ink mode on stylus hover, if you have the switched off, i prefer that, because it allows you to double tap with your Stylus, whereas if you have it on, you can see that if you’re on the no pen mode as soon as you come close to the page, then it comes into pen mode, so it doesn’t allow you to then double tap on that sticker. So you can see as soon as you get close to that this will go into pen mode. So the fix for that i found is just to go into settings and then turn off this ink mode on stylus hover and then what that means is that in the no pen mode you can double tap on this and that will allow you to copy a Sticker so i think i’m going to leave it for um the week. I haven’t got too much plan for the rest of the week at the moment, so i’m having a super busy time at work. So my my monday to wednesday is pretty much filled with work.

Um and then on the side, if i’ve got some time, i hope to be able to do some planner work such as this youtube, video and making freebies, hopefully but yeah. I haven’t got much else planned for the week at the moment. So one other thing i want to do is to set up some lists in my planner. So when i was using a paper planner, i like to keep loads of lists of everything so from pens to pizzas to journal brands. I just had loads of lists and because i’m going completely paperless, i want to start making all of my lists in my digital planner in future, so i’ve kind of like just got everything in one place, um so i’m going to be using um. A probably a combination of like this kind of um a list style template that i’ve got in my planner, so i’ve got two columns for things that are um fairly short and i’ve also got this list, which is like a whole. You know whole page whole half page so i’m, probably going to set up lists with a combination of these two pages, and i want to set it up um, because if i, if i keep it in my templates, page i’ve only got one of each so then I you know don’t want to keep loads of lists in here, so what i’m going to do is to copy this template in one of my divider sections in my planner, so i’ve got kind of like a dedicated place for all my lists, so in my divider Place i’m just going to put this down as lists, so this section is completely dedicated to my lists and then i’m just going to copy those templates into that section.

So conveniently it’s at the bottom anyways, where my ninth divider is but let’s say i wanted to put it in my first divider. I would just long press on this and then drag it into my drag it into my first section up there: Музыка, Музыка, Музыка, Музыка. Do so here what i’ve done is just to um set up different lists so because i have a goldfish memory um, i need to write everything down. В противном случае, i will just keep buying the same thing again, even if i don’t like it so because i don’t i don’t have too much in each list i’m just going to keep it all onto one page. But if i did start to overrun, i will probably just select everything and then move that on to its own page, so um i’ve, just instead of using the the um box to tick um i’m. Just writing in the rating of how much i like something just so i can keep a track of what i’ve tried and how much i liked it so yeah. I think i’m going to um keep a section just full of lists um and basically make a digital version of my um, my list notebook and the stickers from the top of each section just come from the everyday stickers pack. So these are just some hand drawn everyday stickers that i did a while ago. So luckily i found something for each section um, so i had to hunt around, but i think i found something that kind of represents each category here.

So the last thing i wanted to mention is that i’ll be giving out some freebie calendar stickers and for 2021 over the holiday period. So this is the pre cropped onenote file that has all the stickers that come in monday, as well as sunday start for the whole year, and i will also include a pre cropped good notes file as well for goodnotes users. So this is the sunday version, and then this is the the monday start and i’ll also include pngs as well for other app users. Если вам нравится это видео, make sure to hit that like button and make sure to subscribe for more content like this.