I got a really funny thing. I want to show you here um and that hence the old android tablet, uh long story, short we’re, gon na look at something that wouldn’t look or wouldn’t work on a modern tablet, uh or or android device uh. I tried because it’s from way back in 2013 what’s in 2013, well that’s the year i got married and as a year a lot of stuff happened actually but um it was the year i got married. I was one of the first of my friends to get engaged and uh was we’re one of the first weddings. There was one before us, but they were uh high school, sweethearts kind of deal and long story short. My dad passed away of cancer like months before. My wedding it’s a blur of a time for me and it was even before, like my bachelor party or anything like that, and my friends just did the most awesome bachelor party now that i think about it. Для меня, one of my friends was so nice. He rented a nissan gt r for me: we’d be pulled into a spot where uh i was like all right. This is really happening right now, ferraris and lamborghinis, and i was so excited. I get to go in a supercar and then this is the car. He picks, which i mean it had the most power there. It had like over 600 horsepower and it’s a gtr super cool or whatever, but there were ferraris lamborghinis and porches outside and i always like wondered why you picked the car that has the same steering wheel as a sentra or close to it anyway.

So what what’s? With the tablet, хорошо, one of my friends dave bacheler up here, uh he he was a programmer and he actually does like crazy stuff at ces and stuff like that. Right now he works at a company that does like those giant displays, with giant tvs that do like interactive displays and he programs all that stuff. But back then he was making bachelor apps and when i got there, he installed this on my phone and it uh. It opens up and it’s powered by unity, and this is what we’re looking at here today. This is the bachelor app the tj batch app 2000 э, so um yeah. This is the app and, like you might say, we’ll start game. There’S credits we’ll go to credits here’s all the awesome people that were in my wedding party, there’s dave, there’s nick he’s known his mailbox. He doesn’t really look like that, но есть, j, jeff, jjd defey sexy bruce pearware and cans, which is my friend, ryan uh, pierre tom dustin, jeff nick dave. I wish i could zoom in on that anyways back to title, so he programs this app like, and he was doing it on the way like he was still making modifications in unity and like putting then he put it on my phone and it was a geolocation Thing so he knew everywhere we were going. Everyone had made a little special spot for me and when i got there it would unlock some something in this screen now, к сожалению, we’re not in toronto, and i can’t drive around to these locations, but i think if i tap there, we go you tap in the Right bottom corner five times: it opens up the list of the uh, the friends and i had once i got to tom’s location, Мы будем, say well here, we’ll start with pierre.

That was the supercar location. Once we got there, this set of questions would open up. Pierre’S trivia questions who makes the best herbin meows, okay uh. I got ta make these stories quick but of course it’s uh, the elderly backdoor the convicts or the teenagers i’m gon na. Imagine it’s the convicts because for some reason he thought that convicts worked at the tim hortons that made the best uh everything bagel with urban garlic cream cheese, which we called urban meows, because we did the whole super troopers thing at the drive through window. One time like we’ll have one meow bagel with urban meow garlic. I think it’s, the convicts. ой, i was wrong. I was wrong and it’s not gon na tell me there was a sound that played too but anyways uh. So i get oh and i made it. Хорошо, yep there we go so you didn’t hear it, but it made the prices right sound. So are the elderly won’t? Let me even try again so next question: uh pier’s, one of the worst people. What was your worst harvey’s burger experience, john’s undercooked, lamb burgers for sure we had a land party, we were very drunk. We did not. We stole some harvey’s hamburgers, which is a chain restaurant from around here, because the guy worked there and he made us zombies uh, where uh where and why did tim first earn the title iron man so that’s, my dad, okay and he was known as iron man, Because he uh independent grocery parking lot, sobey’s parking lot in 2003 tj locked his keys in his running car and my dad showed up playing iron man by black sabbath and screamed.

I am iron. Man threw the keys out the window at me and drove away that’s that’s. This is the kind of questions we’re dealing with here, uh next question: there we go, who used to buy bikini unders from you at sears. Что ж, Конечно, that is uh randall. I used to work at sears. There was one of pierre’s neighbors anyways. He bought underwear. For me we are either getting or are presenting you with a pink thong. Where all day, i literally wore that pink thong all day, Хорошо, we’re back in it let’s do uh we’ll start with tom. Вот, a dog wearing a backpack is known as a pack mule. Конечно, i think this. This question here is doubled up on too. What do you do when pulling an all nighter, слушать музыку, riddled with farts? Очевидно, что, нет, how come it’s not very loud it’s supposed to play the anyways browse photos of erotic fruits. That would have been it. It would have been all the above. ой, no sorry tom, who didn’t optim optimus prime think was made of sterner stuff, obviously pikachu. I thought you were made of sterner stuff next question. Uh tj is smoking from an apple fritter. Lamp apple fritter lamp tom, really didn’t like us in our bongs back in the day, if tom is doing a magic trick, what is coming out of his pants well clearly, a dorito with doritos that come up on the screen, that’s awesome and it plays.

I wish it was louder. It just played final countdown, but i guess i’d get copyright strike, э, tom’s, trivia, time machine, delorean, время, Машина, hot dog time machine; obviously it’s supposed to be hot tub time machine, but it’s hot dog time machine who was tom at the your office party, um creed. Ah dwight he was dwight anyways next question: э, wear your racist t, shirt! Um i’m! Not gon na talk about the racist t shirt, but it was not funny, but it was kind of funny but anyways. I missed out on that one. I would not have worn that racist t shirt all day, so i got 200 beer bucks and those like went towards the next kind of thing. Let’S do uh nick uh next trivia questions when nick ryan and tom and kyle showed up at tj’s and barry in the middle of the night. We woke him up by pouring what in his mouth screech. Definitely they were calling me a pirate and i drank a bunch of shots in the middle of the night. They showed up at my house to go to the warp tour. It was awesome uh when tiege came to ottawa and fell asleep in nick’s bed. What did he wake up saying, Кому, the gradient pills, i don’t know what it means. I apparently said it. I was very drunk in a lot of these. These questions when teej was passed out at a leonard party, which is where we lived, which song did we crank up well, Конечно, around the world.

What did nick buy at omar’s vacuum estate sale? Что ж, a violin. Конечно. I bought a telecaster next question who ate jeff’s sandwich on leonard and it’s gon na, be me, but i didn’t it was it had lettuce on it or i was so drunk. I took the lettuce off of it funny. Are you taking a picture? A video picture? Oh me, because bow so, i was supposed to steal a letter from a building. I think i did this, but i was known for feats of strength and i would pull like things right out of solid brick and metal and i’m, not going to admit to too too many yeah. We just have to hit we. I didn’t, do it right now. So i’m gon na go back and uh here. Here’S dave who is driving well, of course bear is driving. How could that be? Get the reference? No one will get the reference, the clerk’s cartoon, who is your favorite for making this app well, Конечно, it’s als. Some some hope all state not dave, also not dave some hobo, how many skadoo well it’s, Очевидно, что 23 skidoo. What was the secret word tom said to initiate mullet mobile? It was boobies. You want to know what the mullet mobile is. Что ж, there you go wasn’t. The mobile great next question, get a girl’s phone number now. Что ж, it was my bachelor party, Я не знаю. If i did that or not, i probably was too drunk by then i’m pretty sweet, though i was pretty good at getting the girls phone numbers.

When i needed to all right. We only got a couple left, uh jeff. You think you got it you little. Maybe you have it you’re gon na it yeah just the weird things we used to say back in the day, uh next question: what’s your favorite movie, and why is it the notebook, uh ryan gosling? It makes me cry behind. Every great love is a great story. I don’t even know what that reference is, if i’m honest, given the opportunity which man would you definitely have sex with ryan reynolds come on dave grohl, , это, all of the above i wouldn’t have sex with jon hamm. It was always ryan reynolds. What is the greatest video game of all time? Cs: Источник, forts, Вау, bioshock or half life 2.? I bet it’s wow. нет. I wish i could keep guessing until i get all the questions right, uh busk and earn money, so i would have had to have made a song up on the side of the street uh. I was known for playing guitar and stuff like that, but uh that’s that’s fun thanks jeff uh. We already did pierre we’ll do ryan, who was my best friend and best man feather orgasms are beautiful man that’s going back to a movie. We watched once what keeps luke awake all night, nickelodeon flash. Definitely oh it’s, all the above slamming doors, people running into patio doors, cars playing, really loud, music in the driveway all night i’m.

Sure that would keep us that up lucas is dead, tj’s mom loved it. When the frog humped the turtle, the turtle humped, the frog, the turtle and the frog weren’t humping, ah there you go, that was they. There was a turtle and a frog in my front stupid. They always made them pump each other and you’d figure it out. Несколько дней спустя, tj’s dad found which soup ingredient in his flower beds they planted onions in my parents, flower beds, and they grew over the summer and my dad made soup with the onions. Apparently i don’t know if that actually happened. Uh get mike tyson’s sharpie face tattoo. ой, that would have been a really good one. As ryan’s bonus question. I was expecting more out of ryan there. There should be one left dustin, my good old buddy, dustin dustin’s tribute question who what lives in the walls, kevin bacon, clearly kevin bacon. Next question: it’s from that movie, where there was dead people on the walls i drove uh into uh, i drove a bike into a pool. A lawnmower knew an ice jack, a car into an old age home uh yeah. I drove his dad’s riding lawn mower into their ice shack in the summer with, for no reason like there was no reason for the crash. It just happened: uh the best pizza delivery. Guy is obviously dan. The pizza man it’s a song from our first band, who did we perform at uh, b and e with ryan and eric mr alkins and mr stokes sabrina and carolyn? Definitely sabrina and carolyn.

We snuck in with our girlfriends to my old house, which was like an escrow or whatever you call it like. We weren’t living in it, but it was like empty and we like, we did stuff don’t worry about it, uh bare ass, paintball, shot, we went paintballing and uh, i wussed out, probably i don’t know i got more points and at the end of the night it All related back to um, i guess slap dances, Вероятно, but i remember by the end of the night, everyone was really tired and only like five of us went to the strip club and it was kind of disappointing. So that was my bachelor party app and uh. That was that’s, pretty awesome right um. Can we go back? I need to go back dave. You don’t know how to program apps man all right, so this has been the uh tj. What was it? This has been the tj batch app 2000, and these are my great friends that have a great bachelor party.