Is it for you or is it for me? I don’t know let’s find out. Please stay tuned Music, Здравствуйте! Каждый! Thank you for tuning pro tech station it’s great to see you all so recently, i’ve been using my mobile device to do work more than my laptop and i’ve been doing a lot of typing on my mobile device. To the point that i think i need a bluetooth keyboard, because typing on that little touch screen is not really that productive. So i start searching on amazon and looking for bluetooth, keyboards for smartphone tablet, и т.д, and there are so many different variations of bluetooth. Keyboards out there different brands, different style, different designs, some can fold. Some are super thin, just so many different designs and the first thing for keyboard that pop, in my mind, is logitech. So i start searching to see if logitech makes a bluetooth keyboard for smartphone stuff and the first one that pops up and caught my eye is this logitech k480 multi device bluetooth keyboard, как вы можете видеть, is really nice bluetooth keyboard. That has a slot that you can put in your smartphone, so you can slip in your smartphone on the slot and then it will angle in a certain angle and then you can start typing it and, as i was thinking wow, this seems like a design that Might work for my personal needs and then you can also control up to three devices, which is pretty amazing, so i went ahead and purchased one and see how well it goes and share to you all.

What do i think about the product? Is it for me or who is it for by the way i’ll be leaving links on the bottom of the description of this item? If you are interested curious or would like to learn more feel free to check them out and so far, if you like, видео, can you do me a favor? Please smash that like button, it really doesn’t cost you anything, but it helps the channel big time. So in this video i will do a little quick unboxing to let you see what comes with this keyboard and also i will do a test pairing device to see. Is it hard to pair, i will also type on the device and give you my feedback. What do i think about the touch typing feeling of this keyboard, and i will give you my personal pros and cons feedback for this item and the most important? Will i be keeping this item for my personal use. So this is the box um. This uh keyboard is compatible with windows, Mac, Хром, os and android and ios pretty much checks all the boxes of all the operating system well, most of the operating system. So this is the back of the box and it says uh type on anything, enjoy the convenience of desktop typing on your smartphone and tablet, and you can also switch easily between devices just turn on the dial and switch typing between three connected bluetooth, wireless device and It’S type in comfort, the integrated cradle, holds the phone and tablet at the right angle for you to read, while you type windows and mac android and ios, a familiar keyboard layout with shortcut keys for pc and macs and smartphone and tablets and the keyboard features, it Has a 24 month battery life, which is pretty insane 24 месяцы, that’s two years of battery life on on what on two aaa batteries, То есть, that is pretty awesome.

На самом деле, он имеет 10 meter wireless range. It has on off power switch and has a battery indicator light. So so far the listed feature sounds pretty nice if it’s. What i currently want for a keyboard and now let’s check inside the box and see how it looks like and what does it comes with? As an instruction manual and that’s it nothing comes in the box, and this is the actual keyboard it’s pretty cool um. It was pretty solid, i like the feel of it, and this is how the backside looks. It has um on and off switch right here, and this is where you oh comes with batteries too, so it only uses two triple a batteries. It claims that it can last up to 24 месяцы. I guess i will do a 24 month later review to let you know, does the battery really last 24 месяцы, so please subscribe to my channel and that way when i upload that video you’ll be notified to see that video of the 24 months later review of This keyboard, so this is the layout of the keyboard. This is the switch between uh one two and three different devices, so it already has this instructions to tell you how to pair the keyboard first. второй, Третий, fourth and step 5, and then you can connect this uh, PC, андроид, Хром, OS. Знаешь, i guess you press this button right here and then for ios back and stuff.

You press this button right here. As you see the keyboard layout, it has most of the um buttons. The only thing that’s missing is the number keypad, the short short keypad, the number keypad on the side of the keyboard, whatever you call it as i’m touching the feeling of the keyboard, i didn’t notice, uh it’s, not the most quiet keyboard out there, as you can Hear this you can hear a lot of tapping sound, so this is the slot that you can put your different device smartphones on this keyboard right here. Так, Например, if i put a smartphone hereand it lays at a pretty nice angle right hereso i can put another smartphone here as well and it still works, and this smartphone right here has a case and uh and it still works so it’s, pretty Cool it does fit with cell phone. That has a case uh on it, but one thing that i do notice is um. This keyboard does have some weight in it. Вы знаете, что это его, pretty heavy. На самом деле, it feels like it’s over a pound or two or something like that. The reason i think it’s so heavy is because it needs some weight that you can actually put a tablet on top of this, so it won’t tip over, but the weight is really obvious. You know some people might get annoyed with the weight. Для меня, i think it’s, Хорошо, but it is something to concern, Хотя, if weight is an issue, if you toss this in your backpack it’s like having another ipad, wait on your backpack, all right so to pair your bluetooth keyboard, it’s very easy turn on bluetooth, find Keyboard k480, once you click that it will have a special code so type in the special code on the keyboard here once you finish, the code press enter and it should automatic pair now, once you paired, your keyboard is ready to go.

So let me turn on a typing application. I’Ll turn on like samsung notes right here and give it a test to see if it works or not there you go, it works and it’s easy as one two three for setting it up. Please stay tuned for the pros and con conclusion for this keyboard and also most important. Will i be keeping this keyboard for my personal use? If you like the video, please feel free to leave a comment below and hit the like button. Если хотите, the video which helps and support the channel big time, также, please hit the subscribe button and bell notification if you wanted to stay tuned for any future videos and last, if you liked the video, please also feel free to share this video to families And friends, which i am very greatly appreciate for spreading the word out now, it’s time for the pros and con conclusions for this logitech bluetooth keyboard let’s go with the pros first, so the first post that i like about this keyboard. It has a really great, solid typing feeling, so when you type on the keyboard it doesn’t feel cheap, it feels really nice and solid quality built. Then another pros of this keyboard is easy to set up and can pair up to three bluetooth devices and another pros that i like about this keyboard. It has up to two years of battery life and another pros that i like about this keyboard it’s compatible with many cross os bluetooth devices and the final pros of this keyboard.

It has an angle slot to put your smartphone or tablet on a certain angle, and you can easily feel your smartphone or tablet and start typing on it, which i really like and now it’s the cons for this keyboard. So the first cons of this keyboard that i don’t, like it’s it’s super heavy it’s like it’s pounds. It feels like you’re carrying another full size tablet in your bag. So if weight is an issue for you, please don’t get this tablet, because it’s really heavy, and the second cons that i don’t like about this keyboard is it’s, not a quiet keyboard, while typing it makes noises. So if you plan to take this to a library or a place that it requires really quietand you want to use this it’sreally not usable as you can see the sound. So if you start typing fast, this is the sound that you will be hearing. Так, if sound is an issue for you, this keyboard is not for you another cons about this keyboard. It doesn’t have a 10 keypad. So if you’re looking for a keyboard that has a 10 keypad, this is not the right keyboard for you. So the final cons of this keyboard, even though it doesn’t have a number keypad on the side, but still it’s, not a very compact form factor keyboard. Как вы можете видеть, there is a pretty big real estate right here. That’S hogging up the space of this form factor so it’s.

Really your most compact keyboard out there and now the biggest question is: will i be keeping this keyboard for my personal use, even though it has pros and it has cons and after all the pros and cons? What is my final answer and the final answer is yes, i will be keeping this keyboard for my personal use, even though it does have its cons, but the pros balance more than the con, so um, even though there is something that i really don’t like about. Эта клавиатура, but i will still keep it as my personal use, because i really need a keyboard to use so uh that’s pretty much the main factor that i’m keeping this keyboard. But if it’s really really that bad for sure. I would not be keeping this. But after figuring out the pros, i think i will be keeping this keyboard and use it for quite some while well, Там вы имеете его. This is the logitech bluetooth keyboard model k480. Если вам нравится это видео, please feel free to share this video to families and friends, which i very greatly appreciate, and you can also follow me on facebook and instagram links will be on the bottom of the description. спасибо. So much for watching and i’ll see you next time, Музыка. Что ж, Там вы имеете его. This is the logitech keyboard for well there you have it. This is the logitech k. Что ж, Там вы имеете его. This is the logic attack.

Что ж, Там вы имеете его.