Laptop lets find out why and see if it lives up to the hype. В этом подробном обзоре. Ive got one of the higher tier configuration options, but it is available with quite a few different specs. Вы можете найти примеры и обновленные цены, связанные в описании.. The 7i has an all metal, build with slate gray finish. Overall build quality, felt nice Id say its above average, и не было острых углов или краев.. The 7i is listed at 2.1kg, though my configuration was closer to 2.3kg and with the 230w power brick and cables for charging were looking at 3.1kg or 6.9lb.. The size is fairly standard for a 15 gaming laptop its not too thick. Given the specs inside., I found the bezels just 7.5mm thin on the sides, хотя нижний подбородок больше.. The 15.6 1080p screen is available in a few different options. Ive got the middle one here: 144Гц, с 500 nit screen. Mine has G Sync, but this isnt available with all models, so youll need to double check the specs. Advanced optimus, also wasnt available with my panel Stephen from Ownordisown noted that this feature is only available with The lowest 300 nit panel option., I measured the screens average grey to grey response time at 7.6ms theres a link in the description. Если вам нужно объяснение по этим цифрам., When we look at how this compares against others its closer to the middle of the pack, so not super impressive, but not as bad as some others.

. The Lenovo Vantage software has an option for enabling overdrive, but I didnt find this to change the screen response time. So not sure if its a bugor maybe it only works with certain panels. Ive протестировал экран с Помощью Spyder 5 и получил 100 sRGB 96 НТСК 100 AdobeRGB и 90 DCI P3. В 100 яркость. Я измерил панель в 475 гниды в центре, с 9701 Контраст, so very good results for a gaming, Ноутбук. Backlight bleed was fairly minor. I wasnt able to notice the glow spots when viewing darker content, но это будет варьироваться между ноутбуками и панелями.. There was some movement when intentionally flexing the screen, но он чувствовал себя довольно твердым из-за металлического экстерьера.. While doing this, I noticed the machine would slide a bit on the desk the feet underneath were hard and less grippy, so its not that difficult to move it around with little effort.. The hinges are found out towards the far corners and these allow the screen to open right back by 180 Градусов.. Существовал некоторые клавиатуры flex при нажатии вниз жесткий, but it mostly felt sturdy again due to the metal build., Несмотря на экран, обрамление довольно тонкое. The 720p camera is above the screen in the center and it has a physically sliding privacy filter, без Windows, Здравствуйте, Поддержки, Хотя.. This is what the camera and microphone look and sound like on the Lenovo 7i heres.

Что печатать на машинке на клавиатуре звучает как, and this is what it looks like if we shut the privacy filter.. The keyboard has bright RGB backlighting, который освещает все клавиши и вторичные ключевые функции., Its controlled through the included Corsair iCUE software, and there are a number of effects and customizations that can be made., Theres, also RGB lighting that runs along the left front and right sides.. It gives a subtle, underglow effect and isnt as obvious as say, the ASUS Scar, III. Theres, more lighting from the air vents on the back and theres, also the O in the Legion logo on the lid.. All of these separate spots can be controlled together or independently. Through the iCUE software., Although you can customize it or turn it all off, it still spews RGB during boot until the software loads. I didnt find a way of stopping this and I only mention it because I had a few comments saying it was annoying.. I suppose the fix would be to implement control through the BIOS instead of software. Back to the keyboard, Хотя, I appreciate that the arrow keys, arent small and were moved down., Sometimes the backspace key felt a little small but other than that. No issues to note. Its got 1.3mm of key travel heres. Как набрав звуки, чтобы дать вам представление о том, чего ожидать.. Есть 3 levels of key brightness which can be controlled through software or with the function plus up and down arrow keys.

. You can also quickly cycle between three different effects by pressing function and the space bar. There are far more options in software though.. The power button is above the keyboard in the center and is surrounded by what appears to be small ventilation, holes.. The light of the power button changes based on the performance mode that its currently in so you can quickly visually. Tell a nice touch.. The precision touchpad clicks down anywhere feels nice to use and works. Что ж. Fingerprints were difficult to see on the matte finish and as its smooth theyre easy to clean, с тканью из микроволокна. On the left from the back there's, an air exhaust vent Type C, Удар молнии 3 port with DisplayPort support, followed by USB 3.1 Порт Gen1 Типа C. With DisplayPort 1.4 и 3,5 мм аудио комбо гнездо. On the right there's, просто USB 3.1 Тип Gen1, A port and an air exhaust on this side too., The back has RGB lit air exhausts, затем слева направо, a HDMI 2.0 Выход, USB 3.1 Тип Gen2, A Port gigabit ethernet second USB 3.1 Тип Gen2, Порт, the power input and Kensington, lock slot.. As with many other Lenovo laptops. There are illuminated icons above the ports on the back, so you can easily see where to plug the cables in when in front of the machine, no need to turn it around or look over.. The front just has a small lip in the middle that sticks out.

So you can easily open it with your finger., Given we can disable optimus all external display. Outputs are connected to the Nvidia graphics.. Underneath there are air vents towards the back section above the intake fans., Вы должны удалить 10 Phillips head screws to get inside and the 4 down the front are smaller than the rest. Inside weve got the battery down the bottom two M.2 slots above that on The left and right WiFi, 6 on the left above the storage slot and two memory slots in the middle, with a vapor chamber, cooler up the back.. Not all models have the vapor chamber cooler, though its not really specified, but I think the 6 ядро, CPU or 2060 GPU and below options have standard heatpipes.. Два 2 watt speakers are found down the front on the left and right sides. They sounded alright. A solid average for a gaming laptop with a little bass and remained clear enough at higher levels, though there was a little vibration in the palm rest at maximum volume., The latencymon results were looking good.. The 7i is powered by a 4 Cell 80Wh battery and theres a serious battery issue to be aware, из. По умолчанию, while just sitting there idle doing nothing. It was drawing about 50 watts from the wall in optimus mode with the RGB lighting off.. After some investigation. I found this high power draw was due to the Corsair iCUE software.. If I closed the software, the high power draw didnt change.

. If I killed the processes in task manager, the power draw would dip to 10 в 20 watts from the wall, but it would rise back up shortly after, as the processes would start back up.. В конце концов,, I uninstalled the software to do my testing, but later found you can just disable the Corsair Service, which has the same effect and you can even still control the lighting with iCUE. Ive протестирован с яркостью экрана на 50 фоновые приложения, disabled and all Lighting off., I was getting almost 5 hours more battery life in optimus mode, just by ensuring the corsair software wasnt running., Even running with the higher power Nvidia graphics only was doing better than optimus with iCUE., Given iCUE is installed and running by default. I think this is a pretty poor out of box experience, but as its software related in theory, they could improve it in future, обновления. Позволяет проверить термальные следующие. Ive updated the results from my previous thermal testing video to include undervolting, as this can be enabled by Accessing the advanced BIOS Ive got a link in the description outlining how to do this.. There are plenty of extra options for tuning power limits and more. Программное обеспечение Lenovo Vantage позволяет выбирать между различными режимами производительности, который, от самого низкого к самому высокому, тихие, сбалансированным и производительности.. К сожалению, its not possible to change fan speed manually its controlled automatically in these three modes.. Вы также можете поменять между ними, нажав функции и.

Either changes the power button light to reflect.. Хотя RTX 2070 является Макс, его использование Nvidias новый динамический Boost, что означает предел мощности, может повысить выше в зависимости от. Если есть питание., Я видел 105 Ватт среднем в GPU только стресс-тест, но это будет меньше с процессором активных. Ive got a whole video, comparing dynamic boost on and off with the 7i coming soon so make sure youre subscribed for that. Один. Тепловые тепловые 21 степень по Цельсию. Амбиентная комната, Температура. Idle results are down the bottom worst case. Stress tests with the Aida64 CPU stress test, with CPU only checked and Heaven GPU benchmark, followed by gaming tests done with Watch Dogs 2.. Процессор был тепловым. Throttling any time its listed at 94 градусов Цельсия, so this was still happening in most cases, even with a cooling pad and undervolting.. These are the clock speeds for the same tests., Not too much difference to the GPU speeds, while CPU speeds would vary. Более. As thermals are the limit. We see a boost from undervolting or using a cooling pad best case. I was at 4.0GHz over all 8 Ядер, but Id expect the lower 6 core i7 to hit higher speeds due to having fewer cores.. The GPU power level would vary a bit due to max q dynamic boost, while the CPU power level would just raise up. As we improve thermals, как 94 degree default cap was being hit in my testing.

Херес, how a game actually performs with the different modes in use, so we could get more than a 5 boost with all tweaks applied and due to the high GPU power limits Observed in quiet mode, its possible to get decent gaming performance with quieter fans. Херес, how a CPU only workload performs with the different modes in use. So the undervolt was just able to boost us above 4000 Точки. When we look at how this compares against other laptops. Что ж, its the second lowest result: Ive recorded for an 8 основной процессор, пока что, so not too impressive.. Что касается внешних температур, где вы на самом деле будет положить руки на холостом ходу в тихом режиме, это было в низких 30-х довольно стандартный., С стресс-тестов работает он попадает в середине 40-х годов в центре. Wasd было все еще холодно, Хотя., Шагая вверх к сбалансированному режиму, и середина теперь просто немного теплее. В режиме производительности. Его аналогичные, но только немного прохладнее – и это связано с вентиляторами становится громче – Позволяет – есть слушать. На холостом ходу. Вентиляторы были просто слышны. С стресс-тесты работает в тихом режиме, его не слишком громко по сравнению с другими играми, Ноутбуки. Сбалансированный режим был немного громче. Затем режим высокой производительности увеличил вентиляторы более положить общий шум системы близко к большинству других. I test in their maximum performance mode. Now lets check out how well this configuration of 7i performs in games and compare it with some other laptops.

Ive tested with performance mode enabled and optimus disabled for best results. В Поле боя 5 Ive got the 7i highlighted in red. Its giving a great result for a 2070 Макс Кью, most likely due to that higher power limit and, Конечно, were also seeing a boost from the ability to disable optimus too.. Таковы результаты Far Cry 5, с ультра настройками в построенном в бенчмарке.. The 7i is a bit higher in the stack now, что имеет смысл, as this test is more dependent on processor power and theres. An 8 ядро 16 thread chip, Вот. Тень Расхитительница гробниц, был также протестирован с помощью инструмента бенчмарка игр, and the results were quite decent here too, с 2070 Макс Кью, giving good results and hanging in there with higher tier options. Ive also tested the 7i. В 20 различные игры на всех уровнях настройки, you can check the card in the top right or link in the description for more benchmarks.. Теперь для инструментов бенчмаркинга, Проверка ive, Долина Небес и суперпозиция от Unigine, as well as Firestrike Timespy and Port Royal from 3DMark. Just pause: видео, если вы хотите подробно взглянуть на эти результаты. Ive, used Adobe Premiere to export one of my laptop review videos at 4K and the 7i was giving one of the better results out of the machines. Ive tested completing the task in just under 10 минут. Ive также протестировал премьеру, но с бенчмарком систем Puget, который также приходится на такие вещи, как живое воспроизведение, а не только время экспорта.

. The 7i was still doing quite well, Хотя, is beaten by cheaper Ryzen based laptops here.. In the Adobe Photoshop test its ranked in the same position and then in the more GPU heavy DaVinci Resolve test its doing even better now. Ive также протестировал SPECviewperf, который тестирует различные профессиональные 3D нагрузки. Ive used the OpenVR benchmark to test the HTC Vive, Cosmos Elite And the 7i was doing quite well only those two machines at the bottom struggle with games like half life alyx. So no issues playing VR with these specs. Ive used Crystal Disk Mark to test the 512gb NVMe M.2 SSD and the results were quite good. But this may vary between regions if different drive models are used. Для обновленных цен проверьте ссылки в описании, как цены будут меняться с течением времени. На момент записи в США. The 7i seems to start for above 1500 USD for the i5 and 1660 Ti configuration so pretty expensive for that level of specs. Given we can get the same combination for 900 or so elsewhere. Ты, really paying more for the extras like metal, строить, bigger battery, better screen G, Sync thunderbolt and more.. The configuration Ive tested isnt listed here, but after customizing, one to a similar spec, смотрели на вокруг 2200 Usd.. Тем временем, здесь, в Австралии, the higher spec Ive tested with were looking at over 4000 Aud.. Хорошо, with everything tested lets conclude by summarising the good and bad aspects of the Lenovo 7i gaming laptop to help you decide if its worthwhile.

, The vapor chamber, cooler didnt, seem that impressive granted, I do have a higher specced 7i here, but still fact is Ive had Other machines that outperform it under heavy load.. Тем не менее,, Хотя, the 7i was still doing quite nicely in games, and this would be due to the combination of Nvidias new Max Q, dynamic boost DDR4 3200 память и возможность отключения оптимуса.. Further tweaks, such as undervolting can be enabled through the advanced BIOS, and this is something many others dont offer, even if it isnt exactly intuitive to access. Battery life was quite good for a gaming laptop once you stop the Corsair service from running. Hopefully they update this. В будущем, as its honestly, a suboptimal configuration if battery life suffers out of the box by default. Theres some confusion as the 7i is available with so many configurations. Например, only the higher end options have the vapor chamber and not all panels offer G Sync or advanced optimus. So youve really got to pay attention to the specs youre buying to make sure youre going to get whats expected and even then in many cases their site, Не, очистить. Дон, получить меня неправильно. I love having options. I just dont think these things are that clear. When ordering., The screen in particular, is quite impressive and would work well for someone that is a content creator and gamer as its got excellent colour, гамма и яркость, but also good refresh rate options with G Sync and ok enough response.

Время. Theres plenty of RGB, but thats obviously going to be a subjective thing, but there is a fair bit of customization available.. Общая, the 7i is quite a nice machine. The key issues were lower CPU performance due to thermal throttling when the GPU is active, but gaming performance was still good and the battery issue is easy enough to fix by manually stopping the Corsair service. But I hope Lenovo continue to improve the device and fix whatever is causing the battery to drain.. Let me know what you thought about the Lenovo Legion 7i gaming laptop down in the comments and, если вы новичок в канал получить подписку на будущие обзоры ноутбука и технологий.