, The Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 is a budget friendly gaming laptop with a lot to offer for the money. Mine has the 6 ядро Ryzen 5 4600H processor with Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti графика, but there Are other configurations available, including Intel based? You can check out those and updated prices linked in the description.. Its got an all black plastic build. Theres. Definitely some flex due to the plastic, but build quality feels better than the cheaper Nitro. 5. Недавно я тестировал. Were looking at under 4.8lb or 2.2kg for the laptop alone, then right on 6lb or about 2.7kg total with the 135 мощность ватта, кирпич а кабели включены. The size is decent for a 15 дюймовый. Gaming laptop not super thin or anything, but not huge and still portable.. This smaller footprint allows for 6mm thin screen bezels on the sides.. Его получил 15.6 1080p 120Hz display and its got FreeSync with a 60 to 120Hz range, который приятно видеть. Ive, Измеряется. The screen’s average grey to grey response time at around 15ms. Идеально, we want to see 8.33ms for a 120Hz panel like this.. К сожалению, I havent had too many other 120Hz laptops for testing, but it is at least faster than the 120Hz screen in the ASUS G14. Ive протестировал экран с Помощью Spyder 5 и получил 63 sRGB 45 НТСК 47 AdobeRGB и 47 DCI P3. So colours are on the lower side. Were looking at 266 гниды на 100 brightness below the 300, or so I like to see, making it a little dim and with an around average 8801 Контраст, соотношение.

Backlight bleed was fine, even in this worst case test. Just some minor glow patches that I never noticed when viewing darker content, but this will vary between laptops. Theres, 720p камера над дисплеем в середине, с физически скользящей конфиденциальности. Затвора, без Windows, Здравствуйте, Поддержки.. This is what the camera and microphone look and sound. Like this is what it sounds like to type on the keyboardand this is what it looks like if we close that privacy shutter. The keyboard just has a single zone of blue backlighting, который освещает все клавиши и вторичные ключевые функции.. Its got two levels of key brightness or can be turned off with the function and space keys.. Лично, I preferred typing on it. Over the Nitro 5, the keys were a bit more clicky with 1.5mm of key travel heres how it sounds to give you an idea of what to expect.. I like that the arrow keys, не малы, а вместо этого толкают вниз немного, чтобы сделать пространство. The power button is separate from the keyboard, its just above it in the middle.. The precision touchpad is a smooth plastic. It clicks down anywhere and worked fine. Fingerprints and dirt show up pretty easily on the matte black finish, but as its smooth, его легко чистить, с тканью из микроволокна. Слева от спины theres, ввод мощности, гигабитный ethernet, HDMI, 2.0 Выход, USB 3.2 Тип Gen1: Порт, USB 3.2 Порт Gen1 Типа C, нет Громовая молния, 3.

5мм, audio combo jack and status LED.. The right just has a USB 3.2 Тип Gen1, Порт и выхлопная труба, so no cables getting in the way. If youre a right handed mouse user., The HDMI port connects straight to the Nvidia graphics.. The Type C port does not offer display. Output and Type C cannot be used to charge the machine.. The weight distribution was good, allowing for one finger opening and by default. The laptop will power on when you open the lid. But you can disable this through the Vantage software. Theres, nothing on the back other than subtle ideapad text as air is instead exhausted below the screen. Theres. Nothing happening on the front. Underneath has some air intake vents towards the back above the fans.? Вы должны вынул 10 Phillips head screws to get inside and the four down the front are shorter than the rest.. Once inside weve got the battery along the front 2.5 drive bay above on the left. Two M.2 storage slots, Вай-фай 5 card in the center and two memory slots to the right.. This model I bought in Australia shipped with 16gb in dual channel, but the US one just lists 8gb, so it could be single channel., Although the SSD installed is a smaller size, theres room for a longer drive, but the 2nd slot only fits the smaller option.. The two 1.5w speakers are on the left and right sides towards the front.. They sounded ok Id rate them about average, no bass and a bit tinny better than the Nitro 5 Хотя.

Theyre, not super loud at maximum volume, but loud enough and the latencymon results were alright.. The IdeaPad is powered by a 3 cell 45Wh battery Ive tested it with keyboard lighting off background apps, отключены и экран на 50 Яркость.. The results were quite good, considering the size of the battery lasting for more than 6 часов в тесте воспроизведения YouTube. Beating Lenovos L340 from last year. With the same battery two spots, ниже. Позволяет проверить термальные дальше., Программное обеспечение Lenovo Vantage. Позволяет выбрать между тремя режимами производительности, которые, от самого низкого к самому высокому, тихие, сбалансированный и производительность, но Theres, no user fan controls.. Ни один из этих режимов не применял никаких разгонов к GPU, and I didnt find the Ryzen Controller software to make any performance improvements in the higher performance mode.. Температура простоя была хорошей с 21 степень по Цельсию. Room stress tests were done with the Aida64 CPU stress test, со стрессом, CPU только проверили и Heaven GPU ориентир перспективе. В то же время, в то время как игра была протестирована играя, Сторожевые собаки 2. With the stress tests running quiet mode is the warmest due to lower fans. Then balanced is a fair bit cooler completely. Acceptable. Performance is only a little warmer as it performs better, but still under 90 Градусов. На процессоре, then the cooling pad helped lower temps a bit more.. Интересно, when gaming in quiet mode, the temps are way down.. This was because the GPU seemed capped to 300MHz, so the game was basically not playable.

Id write off playing in quiet mode entirely, due to this. Otherwise best case were looking at almost 4GHz over all 6 Ядер, sustained long term for the CPU.. We can see this in the power levels. The components are running at quiet mode with the game. Running is way down again, в принципе, unplayable, so not sure why the stress test workload was unaffected. Outside of that. The 1650 Ti had no problems running at its 50 Ватт. Предел. Вот как CPU только производительность выглядит в Cinebench с GPU в настоящее время простоя, so not too big of a boost going from balanced to performance. Its only just slightly behind the Nitro 5 in both single and multicore score. Однако, the Nitro did benefit from Ryzen controller at stock. Это было вокруг 200 points lower, so purely out of the box. The Lenovo does perform better in multicore workloads. Когда холостого компьютера клавиатура была вокруг низкой 30 градус по Цельсию точки, которая является довольно нормальным. С стресс-тестов работает в самом низком тихом режиме. Its approaching the 50s on the left, WASD felt fairly warm. Balanced mode was a little cooler, probably due to the fan, увеличение скорости, then in the highest performance mode, its pretty similar, warm but not hot, and we can see the hot air exhausting onto the screen on The right. Давайте слушать этих поклонников.. I could hear the fan and hard drive at idle quiet mode. Does what it says on the box, then balanced and performance were about the same and were quieter when compared to a lot of other gaming laptops, Ive tested in the highest performance.

Режим. Now lets check out how well the IdeaPad Gaming 3 выполняет в играх и посмотреть, как он сравнивает с другими ноутбуками. Ive испытанное поле боя 5 в режиме кампании в ультра настройках, and the IdeaPad is highlighted in red., Интересно, это справедливый немного позади ASUS TUF A15. With the same CPU and GPU combination two spots ahead of it, this is only my second 1650 Ноутбук Ti, хотя так, не слишком много еще на пути прямого сравнения. Тем не менее, but at least it is above all, из 1650 Результаты.. Таковы результаты Far Cry 5, с ультра настройками в построенном в бенчмарке.. На этот раз IdeaPad опередил TUF, так что это может быть просто плохой результат в BF5. Его также избиение 5500M в Альфа 15 Предоставлено. Эта машина также имеет гораздо хуже, 3750H процессор, в противном случае это немного прыгать до следующего уровня время. The 1660 Ти Макс. Тень Расхитительница гробниц была также протестирована с помощью инструмента бенчмарка игр с самой высокой настройкой предустановленной. The TUF, с тем же процессором и GPU было несколько кадров впереди, так что ничего серьезного, но все еще впереди. В двух из трех игр weve по сравнению по крайней мере с точки зрения сырья производительности игр, Все равно., Говоря о нескольких кадрах, это та же сумма. IdeaPad опередил более дешевый Nitro 5 с 1650. So not all that different.. Если вы хотите больше результатов, Ive tested the IdeaPad Gaming 3 в 22 игры на всех, setting levels check out the card in the top right corner or link in the video description.

. Теперь, для инструментов бенчмаркинга, Проверка ive, Долина Небес и суперпозиция от Unigine, а также Firestrike и Timespy от 3DMark, просто пауза. Видео, если вы хотите подробно взглянуть на эти результаты. Ive, используется Adobe Premiere экспортировать один из моих ноутбуков обзор видео на 4K.. This test benefits from quicksync from the Intel machines, which is why the IdeaPad is one of the lower results. Вот, Хотя, Интересно, the cheaper Nitro 5, с более низким 1650, was a little faster., Ive также протестировал премьеру, но с бенчмарком систем Puget, which also accounts for things. Like live playback rather than just export times. В этих тестах, a higher score is better and the IdeaPad was again slightly trailing behind the lower specced Nitro 5, but was a little ahead of the TUF A15 with the same CPU and GPU.. Результаты были похожи в Adobe Photoshop. This tends to be more of a CPU focussed test, but its now, a fair bit behind the TUF A15 with same specs, while the Nitro is even higher.. Davinci Resolve is more GPU heavy but, despite the apparent benefit of the Ti being a higher spec, its scoring the same as the lower Nitro 5, and only just 5 points behind the TUF. With the same hardware., Ive также протестировал SPECviewperf, который тестирует различные профессиональные 3D нагрузки. Ive used Crystal disk mark to test the 256gb NVMe M.2 SSD. The speeds were alright, but nothing amazing.. The 1TB hard drive seems to have decent speeds for a 5400RPM spinning rust drive.

. Для обновленных цен проверьте ссылки в описании, как цены будут меняться с течением времени. На момент записи в США, its actually sold out too much demand for Ryzen. Наверное. Здесь, в Австралии смотрели на 1400 Aud, though I picked mine up on sale for under 1150 Aud, который, without our taxes, вокруг 750 USD for my international friends.. The Intel model is in stock in the US for 800 USD though just a quad core i5. Там. Now lets summarise the good and bad parts of the IdeaPad Gaming 3 to help you decide if its a gaming laptop worth considering. Общая, I think theres a lot of value here for the money, but that said in many games the performance isnt all that much Different compared to the 670 Нитро 5, with non Ti 1650, so paying the extra for the Ti alone. Doesnt seem worth it.. The screen in the IdeaPad is a little better higher refresh rate and faster response time, but colour, gamut and brightness is similar and on the lower side. The IdeaPad does have FreeSync though. The plastic. Build quality is a little better here, but still pretty average, and I did prefer the keyboard of the Lenovo.. Thermals are good but thats just a side effect of the specs not being high powered.. It doesnt run hot and performs good in any case. аккумулятор. Life was good, considering the smaller battery size and that seems to be a side effect of Ryzen.

As most Ryzen gaming laptops, Проверка ive, do well, Вот. Speaking of Ryzen, the CPU performance on offer is next level here compared to what was available at this price point. Less than a year ago. Its good to see that Lenovo are giving us two memory slots for dual channel memory. Now as the older L340, it replaces only had the one. So all things considered, I think the IdeaPad Gaming 3 is a solid improvement over the L340. But its hard to say if the benefits are worth around 70 or so over Acers Nitro 5, especially if youre on a tight budget. In that case, the Nitro might be the way to go depending on your needs.. Let me know what you thought about Lenovos IdeaPad Gaming, 3 игровой ноутбук вниз в комментариях. Is it something youd consider And if youre new to the channel get subscribed for future laptop reviews and tech? Videos like this one. Теперь для получения дополнительной информации о нашем спонсоре Squarespace. К настоящему времени я уверен,. Вы все знаете, что Squarespace является мощной онлайн-платформой для создания веб-сайтов, но знаете ли вы, вы также можете приобрести домены с бесплатной конфиденциальности WHOIS и красивая страница парковки тоже? Squarespace? Also gives you easy to use analytics to see where visitors are coming from what devices they’re browsing with and more useful pageview trends.. You can even create a community on your Squarespace site with the integrated comments system which supports threaded replies and likes.

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