, Начиная с спецификаций. We can see that both have 4 ядер и 8 Потоков. Both have similar clock speeds. The i5 has a 100MHz faster base and max single core boost.. The i5 also has a higher power limit, Хотя, as these are different architectures, these arent directly comparable., The Intel chip is based on their 14nm architecture, has double the L3 cache and the platform also uses slightly faster memory, which should give it an edge.. The laptops Im testing with are the ASUS TUF FX505DU for the Ryzen 7 3750ЧАС, and I bought a Lenovo Y7000 for the Intel i5 9300H on sale. So I finally have an i5 to compare with make sure youre subscribed for the upcoming comparison to the i7.. Both laptops have Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti графика, with the same driver version and 16gb of memory in dual channel. Ну начните с игр, then other applications such as rendering video editing, тепловая энергия, ничья и тактовая скорость. Потом. Красные мертвецы Искупление 2 был протестирован с играми, построенными в бенчмарке. Инструмент. Ive got the Intel i5 9300H in the top purple bar and the AMD Ryzen 7 3750H below in the red bar. In combined CPU and GPU workloads like gaming. The i5 runs with a 45w TDP, while the 3750H runs at 35w. При низких настройках. The i5 has a nice 30 Привести, as lower settings tend to be more CPU bound. В ультра настройках, Хотя, the difference is much lower, where the i5 is now 7 быстрее.

Поле боя. V was tested in campaign mode running through the same section of the game on both machines. Снова, the i5 was ahead at all setting levels with 14 более высокий средний FPS при ультра настройках, though this increases significantly to a ' lead with the low setting preset in use, Though there was less of a change seen to 1 низкая производительность. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested using the built in benchmark again, this test was following the trend of bigger differences between the two as we step down the setting levels. Даже при максимальных настройках, Хотя, The i5 was offering a 20 higher average frame rate rising to a much higher 43 boost at lowest settings. Apex Legends was tested by running through the same section of the map in all instances.. There was less of a difference at lower settings in this game because both were able to hit the 144 FPS frame cap at times which I didnt disable. With all settings at maximum. i5 был 13 faster compared to the AMD option, though realistically above 100, FPS maxed out is a great result from either. Чувство долга. Современная война также была протестирована с максимальными или минимальными настройками, and the difference in average FPS was on the lower side. Out of the games tested just 8 faster at max settings on the i5, then an 11 boost with everything at minimum.. There was a larger difference noted in the 1 lows where the i5 was 30 ahead at minimum settings.

Убийц, Creed Odyssey was tested using the games benchmark and as a test that Ive noted to be more CPU bound theres, a fair 17 improvement to average FPS at Max settings., At all other setting levels, the 1 low performance is near even the average that the 3750H was able to offer. Control was tested running through the same area of the game on both machines.. This game saw a smaller than average difference compared to most of the other games tested with the i5 coming out just 6, faster in average FPS at high settings, which is only 3 Fps.. There was a bigger 12 boost at low settings, Хотя, и 1 low also had a decent 23 boost with the i5. Пограничья 3 was tested with the built in benchmark and follows the same pattern as many other titles tested in that theres. A larger difference between the two at the lower setting levels. At very low settings. i5 был 29 быстрее, чем Ryzen 7, and this lowers to a 12 higher average FPS at max settings.. Its worth noting the huge gains to 1 low performance between very low and medium with the Intel i5, which arent too far behind the averages from the 3750H. Fortnite was tested using the replay feature different replay files, but running through the same part of the game. On both laptops. At minimum settings theres a massive difference, the i5 laptop was 48 faster in terms of average FPS and even the 1 low result was very close to the average from the Ryzen chip.

. The gap narrows in as we step up to higher setting levels, though with epic settings just 12, faster with the Intel processor, но 1 lows are much closer together now compared to the lower presets. Ghost Recon Breakpoint was tested using the games benchmark tool. Еще раз. The i5 is winning in most tests but wait. Интересно, the 3750H was consistently ahead when it came to 1 low performance with the ultimate preset and it tied at ultra.. I mean its not far ahead, but it was interesting that it came out ahead at all. Given all previous results. Similar interesting results were seen in The Witcher 3, где 1 lows were ahead at all setting levels with the Ryzen 7 3750H.. В любом случае, the averages are still a fair amount ahead with the i5, который был 17 faster in this regard. At low settings and 14.5 ahead at ultra. Rainbow Six Siege was tested using the games benchmark tool with the latest Vulkan option.. Like some of the other games, there were huge gains with the i5 at lowest settings.. Даже 1 low was ahead of the average from the 3750H, while the average FPS on the i5 was 45 Вперед.. This lowers to a 13 higher average frame rate with the i5 at ultra settings, so much lower comparatively, but still a good lead. CSGO was tested with the Ulletical FPS benchmark and is a game that really cares about CPU power. So it was no surprise that this game saw one of the largest differences out of all titles tested on the i5.

. Существовал массивный 68 higher average FPS from the i5, with both laptops at minimum settings and it was still 58 faster with all settings maxed out, Хотя, 1 low differences are much closer together. Сравнительно. DotA 2 is another game that typically relies more on CPU power than GPU.. Интересно, the performance gap widens as we step up through the setting levels, a behaviour Ive seen from this game before in other testing, which is a bit different to the other titles tested.. Во всяком случае, at minimum settings the i5 was 11 быстрее, чем Ryzen 7, but at max settings the i5 was now 48 быстрее. So a much larger difference with the Intel based laptop at higher settings. Overwatch был протестирован, играя в диапазоне практики, and while this performs better than actual gameplay, it allows me to more accurately perform the exact same test run perfect for a comparison like this.. There was only a small 2 higher average FPS with the i5 at the highest epic settings, while low settings saw a bigger difference with the i5 now 25.5 быстрее. Ill also note that the 1 low from the 3750H was ahead of the i5 at epic and ultra Settings so I think thats 3 games now where this interesting behaviour was observed at higher presets.. Таковы различия в среднем FPS по всем 15 игры протестированы. В среднем, с самыми высокими уровнями настройки в использовании. The Intel i5 9300H was almost 18 быстрее, чем Ryzen 7 3750ЧАС.

. Как мы можем видеть здесь, результаты действительно варьируются в зависимости от игры.. Those huge CSGO and Dota 2 results are definitely helping raise the average, но по большей части, theres a fair improvement to be had with the i5 processor.. Как мы видели на протяжении всей игры, как правило, существует большая разница с наименьшими возможными настройками. Как минимум. В этих же названиях, the 9300H was now 28 faster in terms of average FPS when compared to the 3750H.. This is simply because, generally lower settings are more sensitive to CPU performance.. Чтобы быть справедливым, I doubt youd need to play many if any of these games at lower settings with the 1660 Ti Ive used here, but both these processors are also available with lower tier graphics like the 1050 или 1650. So CPU choice will matter more there.. The 3750H isnt bad at gaming, as shown in most titles its offering a good experience. The i5 is simply better, so it will come down to things like price difference which well look at later.. Lets move into those productivity workloads with Cinebench R20. Ive got the Ryzen 7 3750H down the bottom and Intel i5 9300H up the top.. I need to note that in CPU only workloads, my i5 machine would boost up to 60 watts when the GPU is idle. I couldnt cap it to 45 Вт, which was the case in the game tests previously. Во всяком случае, в этом тесте, i5 был 7 faster in single core and just under 11, faster for multicore.

Ive also tested Cinebench R15, как многие люди до сих пор используют его. So these numbers can be used for comparison.. i5 был 10 faster than the 3750H in single core and 7 faster in terms of multicore performance. Ive run the BMW and Classroom benchmarks with blender and its another win for the i5.. The BMW benchmark wasnt completing all that much faster though it was only 4 quicker on the i5. While the Classroom test was 7 быстрее. Ive used Adobe Premiere to export the same 4K laptop review. Video.. The integrated graphics in the i5 can be leveraged with quick sync to boost performance in this workload, which is shown by the much faster result up the top. With quick sync enabled the i5 is a massive 227 faster than the Ryzen chip.. If we disable the Intel graphics, Хотя, the 9300H was still 19 faster in this fairer comparison. Ive также использовал эффект стабилизатора деформации в Adobe Premiere, который в основном использует одно ядро, чтобы сгладить клип.. i5 был просто 3 быстрее в этом тесте, likely, owing to its slightly higher single core turbo boost, скорость. Adobe Photoshop was tested with the Puget systems benchmark and in this test the i5 was reaching an overall score that was almost 15 higher than the 3750H.. There is a GPU component to this test, but I ran it with the discrete graphics disabled. So these are CPU and iGPU results. Только. Handbrake was used to convert a 4K video file to 1080p and then a separate 1080p file to 720p.

. i5 был 11.6 быстрее. With the 4K file, then a little quicker with the 1080p file running almost 15 faster now., The V Ray benchmark, uses the CPU to render out a scene, so another multicore heavy test.. This time the i5 was scoring 15 higher when compared against the 3750H.. Another benchmark that renders out a scene with the processor with more of a difference this time as the i5 was almost 21 faster than the Ryzen laptop. Ive используется 7 Цип для проверки скорости сжатия и декомпрессии.. The decompression speed was actually faster with the Ryzen 7 3750ЧАС. So the first win for it outside of some of the 1 lows in the gaming results. Ранее. Compression was faster with the i5, Хотя, which had a large 35 Повысить. VeraCrypt использовался для проверки скорости шифрования и расшифровки AES, and the differences were fairly minor. Вот, Хотя, the i5 was ahead for both and was around 5 Быстрее. GeekBench was 13 faster for the single core score with the i5, с большим 21 improvement in the multicore test. Херес, резюме всех приложений, только что протестированных. On average over these tests, The Intel i5 9300H was 22.3 быстрее, чем Ryzen 7 3750H., Этот общий процент не слишком полезен, Хотя, так как он включает в себя как одиночные, так и многоядерные тесты, plus its being held up by that massive Adobe Premiere improvement, which was due to the softwares support of quicksync.. If we look at the results, without that large Adobe difference, the 9300H was 11.

5 faster on average out of these applications.. When we look at the total power drawn from the wall with the heavy multicore Blender test running, the i5 was drawing 24 more power from the wall when compared to the Ryzen option, Поэтому 24 more power required for a 4 speed boost in this particular workload.. Это средняя тактовая скорость при запуске того же теста блендера.. The results are quite close together, но, как упоминалось ранее, this isnt all that comparable due to architecture differences.. Также, the temperatures are also pretty useless, as both laptops tested have completely different cooling solutions. But given the i5 does use more power, it makes sense for it to produce more heat.. в заключение, lets discuss price differences. Prices will change over time. You can find updated pricing linked in the description. At the time of recording the ASUS TUF FX505DU I tested here goes for about 900 Доллар США предоставлено. This one has half the memory, so its probably a bit more for 16gb.. This config of the Y7000 doesnt appear to be sold in the US, but its basically the same as the Y540, as Ive shown in a previous comparison and thats around 1010 USD или USD 12 больше денег. Однако, в то же время, you can also get the i5 and 1660 Ti combo for the same 900 price point.. Assuming we compare the Y540, which is similar to what I used its 12 more money for an average 18 higher frame rate in games at max settings.

28 higher average FPS at minimum settings and about 11 better performance in other applications without considering Adobe Premiere, Быстрый, sync result.. Лично, I think thats worth it and given you can pick up the i5 for the same money as the 3750H machine, its starting to look like the better deal.. Так, резюмировать, Рюзен 7 3750H doesnt look good when compared to the Intel i5 9300H for similar money. Lets hope. The upcoming launch of AMDs Ryzen 4000 mobile processors offers better competition. Ive got my numbers ready to compare. Laptops featuring the 3750H are in general, cheaper than the i5, но это, not always the case., Depending on the price. A Ryzen based laptop could be attractive. Однако, if you can justify a bit more for the i5 as weve seen, it does have more to offer.. Позвольте мне знать, какой из этих двух процессоров Youd выбрать и почему? Вниз в комментариях и если youre новое к каналу рассматривает получить подписанным для будущих сравнений CPU и техника.