да. Kano. You build your own laptop, So this is a ‘Build, your own laptop kit’.. We have had many many many comments over the years. Saying quotYou build a lot of game PCs.. Why don’t you build a laptopquot, Что ж, весело! Fact.! You can Until now. I mean yeah. We just proved you a liar because we have one right here., So we were browsing. Our local Best Buy as Austin pronounces it, который я ненавижу. Best Buy. Погоди-погоди! Wait time out time, из. music stops What’s wrong with saying ‘Best BuyIt’s Best Buy like Best Buy Best, buy there’s a T in there. Best buy It’s the pause in the middle that I hate. Its just Best Buy. beep. So this is roughly 300 or so Something like that. Является ли 100 meant for kids., So let’s let’s get that out of the way first.. Это, As you pull out your melon baller.. This is not going to be an i9 gaming laptop.. This is not going to be whatever it’s. Yeah., So It’s, almost like a glorified Raspberry PI in a lot of ways., да. And that’s about as That’s about all. I know about it. quotHow to make a personal computerquot let’s go. Я, going to learn how to make a personal computer.. You are the last like the last person who should be using that.. So we have the What looks like the main motherboard. Yeah.. It was actually more than that.. It looks like it’s also the screen.

, да, because this is not only is this a laptop. It’s a tablet., So basically you’re, building a Microsoft surface tablet.. So I guess what we’re missing here.. So it shows obviously a lot of our stuff is already underneath this heat sink. Правильно, So flash storage memory, processor power, management., So you’re not actually like installing the CPU or anything like that, but we’re missing things like the battery.. I assume. Maybe this is like a speaker or something.. What else is in the box? Yeah let’s find out.. This is also very thick.. I will just say we do have like those kinds of like pogo pin style connectors., For what I assume is like the yeah.. The tablet kind of keyboard, but it feels it very much feels like this is a thick boy, Поверхности. All right., Что ж, first off a cool looking red power, brick USB C USB C took how many years for Microsoft to give you that, But they actually still didn’t, Give you that., They still give you the Surface connector., But it can charge the PCA. Это. Doesn’t have it., It doesn’t come with it, Хотя., So matching and the box. I think it’s cool. I like just I like colored products, Что. Everything’s, just black or like the glossy white. I like when companies do this. Little a little flare, perhaps Yeah., And then So a us plug. Kind of hard to show this here., Oh it’s, all attached., Ой, подождите! So we’ve got to kind of take this whole thing: из.

Yeah., Yeah.! ой, this is actually really cool.. So we have our back chassis for the laptop Clear.. So you can be show off all the work you did. And then we have what is really just like a surface style keyboard. Правильно, So you actually have a track. Pad., You have a keyboard with real physical buttons, and then you have like the back little like panel, which I guess you can Can put a hand strap.. ой, like lock, it.. I guess we’ll have to finish building it.. I first first thing: I’ll say I like the color scheme.. I really liked the orange and the gray. Again I like color in my products. Да. I’m happy. They did that., He does.. So to be clear, this runs Windows. This is not just like a toy right.. This runs a full version of Windows.. Now it just says, Intel processor and like what four gigs of Ram or something., So I don’t imagine it’s anything more than like an atom or a Celeron or something, but still so that’s the speaker.. This is a speaker with so headphone Jack.. So are you look there? Oh yeah., Look at that So when you’re building it it’s clear, like there’s a couple like the pins here., So you’re just connecting cables, which I mean is fine., So it looks like it’s got a micro, SD, Карте. Yeah., But actually has an internal speaker port.. So you literally just plug that in.

And it also has the battery connects not via some proprietary pen out but like I actually just USB C. So I bet you that’s. Да. That’s, just a USBC battery. Хорошо. Interesting.. Так, even if you end up hating this thing. Да. Battery bank, This is actually really cool right Now, Очевидно, что, as a seasoned PC building professional, I will have no problems whatsoever. Building this laptop. All right.. This is a Wow, only a 45 watt hour battery.. Таким образом, по существу, this is far larger than a normal laptop battery, probably because they put it in such a big case., Да. Хорошо. Интересно. Go go right ahead., Although that should for something like this, which is very low spec. That should still give you plenty of battery life. That feels nice. Okay., So we’re gon na plug in right, Здесь., Хорошо. Alright.. Then we got two little pegs.. Что ж, I mean I guess I can be disappointed because it’s only a mono speaker but Sure., But you installed the speaker yourself.. Я скажу, look I’m sure this is great for kids. And this actually would be I’m sure a good kid’s system. But I wish they made it a little bit more challenging. Like why couldn’t I have dropped like the board in or something Like I’m sure they would get a lot of returns because kids would like break it or whatever.. I just wish there was maybe a little bit more to it than just plugging two components and snapping a back on.

, So let’s put it in the actual carrying case. Yeah.. Также, I didn’t read the how to build a personal computer.. I know you didn’t. That’s, Почему? I don’t know why you went and grabbed the the instructions because, But we weren’t supposed to do thatyet., It comes with a handy little magnifying, glass., I’m gon na take a look at the individual components.. ой, you know what That’s actually kind of cool.. So each port is actually individually labeled., So it says USB HDMI, you have like your charging integrated circuits battery.. I mean that’s actually really cool., Which isn’t, actually that on con, like most components on a board, have some sort of labeling like this, but they are small. And a lot of people just kind of glance over them because they can’t see them.. So I think that’s actually a decent inclusion to have a magnifying glass., And now we say that you’ve never been able to build a laptop before That’s, not strictly true.. There have been some one off kits.. There are certainly some crazy, like gaming laptops that actually have like socketed processors.. Проблема в том,: is that as technology advances, things get smaller, things get more integrated. А также, generally speaking, you don’t expect to use a device, which is what like two inches thick right. I mean that’s that’s massive by today’s standards. It’s possible.. I would bet that most companies have done the research and go that’s, not gon na make money.

That’s not gon na no one’s gon na actually buy it. You’re right., But this is cool because it does give you something different.. I really want to fire this up.. I really want to see, because I mean it is heavy right And one of the problems with this I will say if this is for kids, it doesn’t feel massively durable. Он имеет, huge and thick, but it’s. Also very heavy., Like I think, a kid may actually have a problem. Like a kid’s, not gon na want to leave this in their backpack all day. Where’s the power button. О, нет. Он имеет, it’s right, Вот. What’s, this power button, Oh there’s, другой. What is this power button? This is also a power button.. Oh look. We actually have goes up a little light on the keyboard. Я, not sure you can see this. There’s a light on the keyboard. Продолжим. All right.. We are up and running.. Так что это 1366 Икс 768 display which is code for not good. But again kids kind of understandable.. Так что вы идете. We’ve got Windows, pre, Установлены. Yeah., Pretty standard version of windows. I’m a little shocked that they installed that the windows comes pre installed. If the whole idea is to learn about you know, building a PC or you know doing all the things., I wouldn’t be surprised if they said quothere’s how you install the OS on.quot, I mean that’s, just part of the complete package.

. I mean I also get that.. They want to sell this for a kid.. It is nice that you go through the whole thing here, но да. And you know I am kind of surprised It. Doesn’T have a Linux on it., Oh Hey., I feel like everyone’s been staring at this. The whole time.. Look this all there’s, all these lights in the back.. Oh look at that., So actually wait. So battery shows that it’s battering speaker is active., That’s, actually kind of cool.. I don’t hate that keyboard. It’s fine.. If you’re a child, it’s fine., I don’t think it’s any worse than like the surface one., Oh Okay.. нет, just Oh wait! Подождать. Something’s happening Kano’s, happening., Okay., Activate., Computer Voiceover. Welcome to your Kano PC Thanks for building me Together, You can control computers using code. Let’S write your first line. type print Hello, World and press return on your keyboard. Я буду, be the computer voice.. You go through. You’re, supposed., Неа., Неа., Нету. Мэтт, you already. You already. Oh print., You’re supposed to type print., Hey guys.. This is for children., Ребята, quotI’m. So old that we didn’t. When I went to like computer classes, it was not for this.quot, Здравствуйте, Мире. upbeat, music plays Matt gasps Whoa Computer Voice. You just wrote your first line of code., So this is actually pretty cool., And this is teaching you exactly how like a very basic level of coding, Работает. Bam., Look at that., Вау.

Raced up the rest of of our computer.. We just locked DOS and we are now back into real UI world. Whoa Kano World Kano Code create art using typed code., Сделай это. Да. Got it., Make art. Хорошо. Make some art Matt. He’s on the site. Он имеет. Just a web wrapper Look we’re, really trying hard to show you the viewing angle on this screen. Yeah.. I I can’t, I can’t do it., I can’t do it.. I need like It’s. До сих пор, ой, ой, you know we need to do. We need to go. We need to back out your garbage Matt chuckles cause you’re still yelling at me that I spelled the wrong thing. Там. Мы идем. Хорошо. I’m I’m I’m gon na code, like a cool person. hosts exclaim, Hey look at that. Я сделал это. We’re all back to the I wrote code. I’m such a coder. благодаря, Kano. Actually., That’s, cool though. Он имеет. В основном, exactly tells you how to do something right, Yeah.. That is very, very cool.. I mean this is obviously very early right Because it literally just tells you type this in, but as you type it, you see how it’s making a difference in it. And it kind of sets up like okay, you need to create the syntax in a correct way.. You also need to make sure that you’re not just like adding lines randomly. Cause like my initial instinct, was just like type a line and then it’s going to like move to the next thing.

, But you’re, actually like drawing or you’re building out the whole code base. From start to finish. You’re, not just like doing one line., Then it moves you to the next lesson or something.. So it is explaining to you as you go.. The first number is the width and the second is the height. Хорошо. This is cool.. Теперь, Конечно, as we built our own laptop let’s, take a look to see what the specs are. У нас есть. We got to look at some specs. Да. I want to see if it’s in Celeron or It is in fact. да, it is a dual core. Celeron processor, four gigs of Ram. And we’re running on a generic SD card as our operating system, which of course is a full version of Windows, 10. Now it’s only 64 gigs or 57 gigs of actual space, which means that out of the box, У нас есть 20 Gigs. So the only thing is. I’m actually curious., So it says that’s running on a SD card. That’s, one thing I’m going to dock it, for is you can’t access that SD card easily.? Что ж, not only that you wouldn’t want to because that’s your operating system. Right Right. So like if you take that out, you don’t have windows anymore, because unless there’s another, which I don’t think there is, unless there’s another operating system or like an internal SD card.. I think the issue is unless No, as far as I can tell that’s the only one.

But the even like, with the Raspberry PI you shut it down., You can easily swap pull the card out to put up. Знаешь, I guess you don’t really need to do that, Хотя, because you have full windows. I’d like I want to see. Is there actually a SD card in there.? Actually can’t tell there actually, maybe a second one, because it does say flash storage inside.. So I wouldn’t be surprised if, underneath this heat sink is a micro SD card already. And that’s, the one you add to expand. That’s my assumption on this., So you don’t have to take it apart to install, but you could install a micro SD card here.. You also have a two USB 3.0 ports and HDMI., So you could also use that to expand your storage.. You know the problem is: if a kid is used to an iPad, this is going to feel ancient and slow. Yeah.. I that’s what I’m thinking. Just thinking about that. Like they cut corners, big time on the spec of this. Очевидно, что, you know for coding and stuff it’s going to be fine, but this Celeron is about the cheapest processor. You could possibly buy in 2021., Bring it back. Around., Do I think, are we recommending this for anyone over the age of six or seven, I don’t think so., Я так не думаю. And even then it’s kind of a hard sell of like this is great for a school.

It’s like we’ll tear it apart. We’ll. Знаешь, like put it in your cabby whatever., I think it’s great, but I love the idea of it. And I just wish that there was more adult versions of these where you could customize it pull out, pull out pieces. You know change up the SSD change up the the the CPU. I personally would would easily be okay with this thickness. Знаешь. Cause if you switch this to like magnesium suddenly, this is a a fairly lightweight thing in this chassis.. The thing is that this was 300 право, Which is a 300 device.. That really is for kids right.. It has all the Kano stuff which to be fair, Kano, make other devices., And so you can do like the little like Raspberry PI style, kits that they sell.. The fact that you can build your own laptop is cool, but I think they might be slightly overselling. Это. To be fair., I don’t actually know if they position it as build your own laptop., I think ‘how to like make’, is probably yeah it’s a kit.. I mean you plug two things in and snap it back on.. When I, when I first saw this, I was, I really was hoping that we would get to you know, pull off like actually like install the heat sink. You know maybe install some of the Ram. Ад. I would, I would love it if they had. You know found a way to make any of the ports like clickable.

, So like you’re, almost building the the motherboard., He didn’t really rely on you taking out your little magnifying glass and looking at it., Which is cool. And the fact that it’s clear definitely gives you A sense of like Oh, I built that, but I mean it’s fine, if you’re a little kid and you can build it., I mean that’s, obviously very simple, but it’s, certainly not building a laptop in any kind of traditional sense.. Это, как говорится, Хотя. It’s cool, man., Он имеет, pretty cool.. Let us know what you think about the Kano laptop in the comments below and whether or not you would actually ever want to build your own laptop. Помимо этого. Please make sure to ring a ling. The ding a ling bell. Subscribe to this is, and we will catch you next time. When we try to build. I don’t know a PS X, probably our next click bait video. Sold by Kano.