My remarkable two. This is a request that you guys have made of me uh and i’m happy to oblige, and basically, what i want to do is um go through the entire process. With you step by step, uh of the remarkable hack now i’ve already done the hack on my remarkable one, and i did a video on the result of that. This video is just going to be the step by step process of hacking. This using the ddvk hack from githuband i just got the remarkable two love the device um. На самом деле, i love it a lot more than i thought i would so um more to come on that, but i do miss some of the features that the hack offers, and so one of the things that i really miss a lot is the uh, the pinch to Zoom i miss and the um the two finger swipe down to switch to a previous document or swipe up to go to recent documents. I missed that um. I am going to just install the uh ddvk hack and none of the other stuff in this video uh, but it should walk you through the process. Просто отлично. So you see my laptop here. I am connected uh to my my home network via wi fi. My remarkable i’m also going to connect to my home network via wi fi and turn off flight mode. Теперь. One thing that’s important to note here is the version of the software on your remarkable and then, if we look here at github uh, you will find all the information about this and the the link to this particular github page will be in the video description.

But you need to look at what software version is available for your particular tablet. They have them for rm1 and rm2. Thankfully uh for the last few iterations they’ve been in sync that hasn’t always been the case uh, but for right now, uh they are in sync. Так, there is a ddvk hack for that this is, so we’re good to go there. You can click on this and look at uh the patch uh, the patch levels for this particular firmware um and where it’s 17.2.04 is the most recent. But really all you want to do is just make sure that there is a current patch for the current software version now if they update this version on remarkable and i download it it’s going to overwrite all of my hacks and i don’t want to come in Here and re install the hack until it’s been ported um to the new version, so there is some maintenance involved if you choose to update your device, but largely this is a safe procedure. The good thing is it’s a temporary procedure at first and you can choose to make it a permanent procedure. So um, Знаешь, we’ll talk a little bit about that, but for now i just want to make sure the software version matches the patch level all right. So i am connected to wi fi on the same wi fi network, as my laptop. The next thing i want to do is go into help and then copyrights and licenses and then down here at the bottom.

You can see the ip address for my device and you can also see my ssh password, which you can’t see because i’ve blurred that out so Music. You should write this down. Take a picture of it. Do something to capture this password, because if you want to access your device and you can’t get to this screen for some reason, let’s say something breaks uh you you’re being you’ll, be sad because you need that password now there is uh a way to add uh Key files for ssh, we are not going to go into that in this video. I am simply going to follow the instructions here just to uh, install the ddvk hack, so as a matter of fact, i’m just going to open up a notepad, really quick and i’m going to type this password in here and i’ll. Save this as uh rm2 ssh pass put it where you want it put it in a password manager or whatever all right so now, um back on the ddvk uh github and uh it’s, really simple, э, surprisingly simple installation. В основном, what you’re going to do is uh remote into this device using a command shell and then run run a a script that will install everything for you all right, so i’m, going to open up a command prompt. This should be something everybody has on their computers, regardless of what you’ve done to it go here in the search bar and then just type in cmd, and you should see the command prompt.

You can open that and from here i’m going to type ssh space root at, obviously you’re going to want to put in your ip address, of whatever your tablet says, and what that’s going to do is log in as the root user on this device. I hit enter and it’s going to grab the rsa key fingerprint and ask if you want to continue. I do i’m going to type in yes and hit return. It permanently added this tablet to the list of known hosts, so the next time you go through this, you don’t have to go through this step of. Do you want to allow it will just automatically go to the password prompt, it’s requesting the password so type in the password? That is on your tablet, and you won’t see the characters print on the screen. Uh just be careful when you type go nice and slow and hit return, and then you can see now um. I am in the remarkable you’ll get some sort of a graphic mine, говорит: zero sugar in nice, colors and then i’m at a remarkable uh command prompt. Once we’re in there we can go down here to the auto magic line and paste the following. Так в основном, all i’m doing is copying. This content grab it all, including that last quotation mark there come up here and then we’re going to right click and it will paste uh that into your command, prompt line now i’m going to run that command because i’m logged into the remarkable i actually just i’m.

In the remarkable so when i, when i hit return here, it’s going to do this on the remarkable and what it’s going to do is go to the github ddvk remarkable hacks master and get the latest patch version, and this should work for 99.9 percent Of the people is it’s just going to go up there and uh and pull down that, and if you want to see what that is, you can go look at that to see what it’s doing uh but that’s, probably beyond the scope of this video, just hit Returnand you can see here it connected to that it uh installed some things and then it’s rebooting into the patched version. So now i am in the patched aka hacked version so i’m going to open up quick sheets here and then immediately. I can see some of the things i’m familiar with um on this, so one of my favorite uh little sections here is this: where i can turn pinch to zoom on and off uh. If you have an rm1, you can turn the buttons on and off. Uh swipes on is by default, page numbers bookmarks. All of that good stuff, i’m gon na go into uh. My tablet notes some things: i’m making notes on and now i should be able to go up and then quickly go back to quick sheets. I mean this really. The ability to change um to your most recent files is got to be uh one of the best.

So you can go up to access recent files or go down to just automatically go to your last file. Um yeah uh anyway, we’re not going to go through this uh. If you want to see all of the hack stuff uh and what it uh the value it adds to the remarkable you can go. Look at my other video uh i’ll put a link um up at the top here that you can go! Попробуйте, что! So if you like this, you can come in here when you’re done playing around with it, hit control c and it’s going to shut down um and ask you a question which is: do you want to make this permanent or not? If you say no, then it will basically undo everything and then you’ll be back to your factory version of the remarkable. If you say yes, it will make it permanent and we’ll make some changes that will allow it to work after reboots now i’m gon na hit. Yes here because i want to make it permanent and hit enter, it’s been restarted and now um it is permanent and we can go back. На самом деле, you can see here. I’Ve got recent files already. My tablet notes scroll down back to quicksheet, so it is now permanent and i can hit exit right here and now. I have logged out of my remarkable and i can hit exit here again or close the window, and i am done with my command prompt, и что это.

I have hacked the device now if you um want to um revert it for whatever reason you can go back in using the same ssh method. We did before ssh space root at whatever your ip address is and um then run these commands and it will undo that for you, so you can go back and uh. The only other thing in here, Наверное, is time zones um, because you do have the option here to have time zones uh your time and right now it says it’s 1813, который является 6 13, but it’s really 113, where i’m at because i’m in eastern time. So i guess i’ll show you this real, quick because i’m going to do this anyway, Я, going to go back to the command prompt, ssh enter and then now um i’m going to set the time zone and basically, what you want to do is do the time Time date, ctl set dash time zone and then we’re going to tell it what to set the time zone to, к сожалению, i don’t remember, but the good news is. They have right here check the list of time zones in time zones. So you click time zones and then you figure out where you’re at uh. So i use america, new york so i’m, going to control c to copy that go back to my command, prompt right click and then put a trailing quote. So i have set dash time zone space quote america, slash new underscore york in quote, and then now i’ve set the time zone to new york, and just like that, when i go back into my quick sheets, it shows it’s now 115, instead of whatever it was At utc so i’m going to exit back out exit again and i’m out of there, so uh we’ve hacked it we’ve changed our time zone.