My name is catherine and i’m, a designer for fun in today’s, video let’s jump over to redbubble pick a trend and let’s try to design for it. Shall we so let’s start working? Музыкальные аплодисменты. Welcome back to my computer, so without wasting any time let’s jump over to redbubble and let’s, try to pick a trend to design for it. Shall we so let’s see what to look for so today i will use one of a simple approach. Just put a consonant and a vowel and let’s see what is trending right now on redbubble. Shall we so let’s start with, Например, ba. So we have banana duck. This is quite nice. Let’S check it out um. This one will be very easy to draw but more interesting about the competition and the results are pretty low, but the graphics in our case are really good. Так, in order to come with something unique in this case will be really hard so i’m trying to find a low competition niche, where i know for sure that i can beat the graphics that are currently right now. Так что этот. As i said, this one looks really amazing. This one is really good, so it will be really hard for me to come with something new in this case. So i will keep looking let’s see v e, that receptionist no va vaporwave nostalgia that one is really cool but it’s really hard to draw let’s, see m man.

I love frogs milf man. I love frogs and never underneath never underestimate old man with bicycle. Что ж, Этот, i kind of like it, because why i need a typography design for my fifth redbubble store, so i think this one would be really cool. So let’s see what we have. We have a lot of typography with simple silhouettes yeah. The search result is a little higher than compared to the previous one, but for me it’s still: Хорошо, because this one is still considered a low competition, each and i’m 100 sure i can. I can place my design on the top page. ой, this is pretty neat. Okay and let’s have a look very simple, silhouettes, some sunsets yeah, some sets with uh silhouettes, not so much graphic designs, so let’s keep scrolling down um. This one is pretty neat. я, like the idea behind of it, is finally an old man on a bicycle, потому что, if you’re looking here, you cannot really tell if this bike biker is actually an old man or not. So i do like this approach. This approach is really nice let’s see. Can we see something else wow? Это удивительно. This one will be really hard to beat status 71, so let’s see my goal is to create a design that is actually better than this one, or at least as close enough to this one. So let’s see what can i do for today’s video, so let’s jump over to photoshop, and here i will create a new project file, so i will choose 7632×6480 let’s click.

Three eight now let’s see what can we do? Прежде всего, let’s try to create a quick sketch and having a basic idea of what we want to draw. Так в основном, i want to have a bike and let’s see this bike will be something like this in kind of an angle: Я, not really sure about uh. How i will draw the bike yet, Хорошо, so let’s try to just as a quick guide and um Music. Так, Музыка, okay guys so i finished sketching right now. So this is what i have so far. I will work with this one and i will try to uh, transform it into a vectorial, drawing because right now, it’s just some lines and then i will apply some colors and i will create an illustration out of it. После этого. I need to think about how shall i place the text here as well. Так что еще раз, i will fast forward and i hope, you’re going to enjoy the entire process: Музыка, Аплодисменты, Музыка, Аплодисменты, Музыка, Музыка, Музыка, Аплодисменты, Музыка, Аплодисменты, Музыка, Аплодисменты, Музыка, Аплодисменты, Музыка, Аплодисменты, Музыка, Аплодисменты, Музыка, Аплодисменты, Музыка, Аплодисменты, Музыка, Музыка, so foreign, Музыка, Музыка. Хорошо, ребята, we have finished everything. I hope you enjoyed the entire process and if you did so click the like button, it will help a lot with algorithm and also subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so so until tomorrow have a nice day.