ой! What is wrong with you! I can’t believe this worth is i’m sure you’re very happy here, very happy Music; indeed, Аплодисменты, Музыка, он, Хорошо, brilliant man, brilliant Applause, Музыка, Музыка, eat Applause, Аплодисменты, Музыка, Да, you’re, a door Music. I really love bunnies they’re, so nice Music, when i get out of here things, are going to be different. I know it. Music lovely check this out. Музыка, look familiar Music! Ач, да, so you must be hopkins, э, uh huh, what uh huh? What i meant? да, Сэр, отлично, now let me see you’ve done a lot of naughty things. Haven’T, you vandalism graffiti bad language, violent conduct, disrespecting staff, oh i’m, scared of you hopkins come on. Дай мне передышку. да, i’ve never met a boy like you. Never in all my life hopkins you’re, quite the nastiest little boy i have ever encountered. Расскажи: why should i waste my time on you? I don’t know because it’s my calling it’s what i do you excel at causing trouble and i excel at fixing little boys like you at making you into respectable members of our community here at the academy. I’Ve got a good feeling about you, boy, a feeling you and i are going to be great friends. You keep that nose, clean boy or i shall clean it myself. Miss danvers. Are you back yet? да, headmaster and i got your tea. You are good to me. Miss danvers no more than you deserve headmaster.

Take our new friend hopkins here and show him around the school and get him properly. Attired. Безусловно, headmaster come along boy, i haven’t got all day and boy remember, you will have a clean nose so keep it clean or we’ll clean it for you, Музыка, Музыка. Там. It goes Music Music. If i don’t get that a my mom will be so disappointed. Does my breath stink? I hope my breath is what is Music? Ah that’s wicked Music, Музыка, Музыкальная музыка? You like a little school spirit. I ain’t gon na forget, i never forget, go go look at the cool guys, Музыка! в заключение, guys this is the end of the video hope you like it.