But i wanted to touch a little bit about some of the things going on with the latest imac, and one of them is the completely new redesign of the imac and beyond, is really quite beautiful and comes in a variety of different colors. Now apple was known to be pretty expensive in a lot of their products, but this one actually is something that i’m actually considering getting myself. В конце концов, i did recently purchased the apple uh, the macbook air, and so far i am loving it. Nothing is perfect, but still really good design and i’m really happy. That apple is finally reaching price points that the average consumer can get. Мало того, что, but apple is giving a lot of other competitors a run for their money, especially when it comes to the silicon chips and the new m1 chip, which has made me very excited about and i’m very happy to be. Introducing to you the new imac say hello to the new imac starting off at 12.99: let’s go and let’s run through it, ребята, Эй, все, so we’re back here, so let’s go let’s talk about the latest, imac, say hello to the new, say hello to the new Imac from 12.99, according to the apple website, so let’s go ahead and just take a look at it all right, let’s see what do we got? Хорошо, so i’m, saying that the imac comes in a couple of colors here, let’s say we got green, Желтый.

I think that’s pink, красный, Голубой, green and silver. I don’t know a bunch of different little different kinds of colors. The new imac, Хорошо, which imac is right for you. We have the laptops, Хорошо, let’s go ahead and let’s go into it guys. Давайте. Do this view pricing? So this is the overview. Хорошо, пока что, довольно впечатляет. We got all the colors right here, очень приятно. The way up always does it say hello to the new imac. Inspired by the best of apple transformed by the m1 chip stands out in any space fits perfectly into your life. Хорошо, it looks like orders will begin on april 30th and they will be available in the second half of the month. Хорошо, let’s go and just watch the film say hello to the new imac you’ve, never seen a computer like this. Хорошо, yeah it’s, really that, like your apps, open instantly fast like check that text. While you clean your inbox, so you’ll look right and whether you’re talking to one person or a hundred the mics always focus on your voice. So they hear you not what’s around you, sick speakers and dolby. Atmos means everything. You do sounds great matching keyboard and mouse and wireless touch id boom boom boom and what happens on your iphone also happens on your imac that’s. Definitely magic, seven colors all right! Что ж, that was nice, Семь, vibrant colors! You do hue. Хорошо, we got some side. We got some graphics there, очень приятно, pretty nice it’s, very it’s, pretty pleasing.

I mean the aesthetics of it. When you take a look at it, it’s just it’s beautiful it really is beautiful. It looks very simple to put together, Я имею в виду: how could it not be? You put one little plug in the back and you’re done and from what i know, it’s a magnetic plug so i’m, pretty sure if you were to kick it, i think it’ll, just pop off save you some trouble all right. Let’S take a look all right. The colors are blue, зеленый, pink silver, yellow orange and purple okay, you know i it would be nice if they have the apple logo in the middle in front of it. Потому что тогда, when you look at it in the front, you don’t really see the logo, so it would be nice to have a little thing in the front let’s see here. Что ж, we show a lot of people here. Getting productive. It looks like all right looks like you’re really aiming this for those who are at school, which is good because, right now everything is being done online. I guess for those i work in at school. This is definitely something you’ll be able to benefit is, and it is bigger than the the predecessor which i believe was 21.5 inches in here. We’Re. Looking at about a good 24 inches looks like the side of it is only 11.5 Миллиметры, pretty thin guys pretty thin. This extraordinary design is only possible thanks to the m1, the first system on a chip for mac; Хорошо, it makes imac so thin and compact that it fits more places than ever.

Хорошо, Конечно, it’s got the m1 chip integrates the processor of graphics memory and more onto a single chip. Хорошо, we all know that lays less well weighs less than 10 фунтов стерлингов. They got some abracadabra going in there. Хорошо, it’s a beautiful piece of machine guys it’s beautiful, but we all knew that right. Apple is always beautiful, это. Definitely a showpiece in the room. Let’S take a look at the tech specs. So what do we got? What’S underneath the monitor? Хорошо. 24 дюймовый 4.5 k, which is pretty amazing, guys i’m, really glad that they’re almost going 5k because things just look so much better looks like you got that 1080p facetime hd camera with the m1 isp a course of apple and one chip, что хорошо 60 gigabytes Of unified memory, which is great because i believe my mac air only came with eight so i’mglad that it’s going to start off at 16 Гигабайт, at least from what i’m looking at right now up to two terabytes of storage, looks like you’re gon na get A keyboard with the built in um touch id, which is good all right, looks like they’re gon na be charging you not as much well looks like for the 14.99 you’re gon na get 256 gigabytes of storage and for 200, more you’ll get 512 гигабайты памяти, Which is 16.99, the blue looks pretty good, but they all look pretty good. Чтобы быть честным, green is pretty nice.

The pink is kind of like a reddish, the grey is classic, yellow is nice, also orange, Не плохо, Не плохо, and then the purple which looks pretty cool purple does look pretty cool. I think if i were to buy one i’m thinking, maybe i’ll go over the blue, but then again the green looks pretty cool too. Maybe i’ll go with the green let’s see here that point one chip both of them have it what’s. The difference looks like one is gon na come with a seven core and the other one that you get to choose from is eight chord. I don’t think you’re gon na really notice too much of a difference all right. Oh so it looks like it’s going to start off at about 8 gigabytes of unified memory and the more expensive one is going to be 16 Гигабайт, but it could. But up here it says, 16 gigabytes of unified memory, so that must be the more expensive one. По-видимому, resolution is 4480 от 2520 looks like we have we’re going to get 218 pixels per square inch, which is amazing, удивительно. Что ж, it looks like you’re getting not the best connectivity but it’s it’s good video support. Let’S see here. One external display was up to 6k resolution you’re going to get a thunderbolt 3 digital video output native display ports over usbc, oh and then the vga hdmi dvi and thunderbolt 2 output supported using adapters. Хорошо, audio will be high, fidelity six speaker system with force, cancelling woofers support for spatial audio and playing video with adobe, almost two thunderbolts, Не плохо, Не плохо, Wi, Fi, Шесть, good good size and weight all right, Не плохо, not bad apple, Эй, все! It’S me again.

I’Ve been sitting here trying to edit the video and i’ve been thinking about the um apple, the new apple desktop the imac and, i think it’s pretty good buy. I think that if you’re in the market to buy a new computer and you’ve been waiting for something really great and brand new, i think this might be the computer for you. The good thing about it is that it’s a larger screen 24 дюймовый. It has a new m1 chip which is really powerful, and i do like the idea of having just a single power cord in the back no mess in setting it up. And i think it’s worth the extra money and since it’s apple it’s always going to retain its value. It’S going to um, be a performance monster and um. I don’t know i really like that blue. I really like that green. But again the purple is pretty hot too, so i don’t know what i’m gon na do guys, but it’s beautiful all right guys. I hope you guys enjoyed my little review on it feel free to give me that thumbs up button subscribe to my channel or if you don’t like it, give me a smash down button whatever you want to do, but hopefully not smackdown, but it is what it Is all right guys? Что ж, i take care of yourselves to tell stay safe out there and keep me and my family and your prayers. Thank you guys.