But what are the differences between them and is it worth paying more for the X In this detailed comparison? Что ж, look at the differences in games and applications both at stock and while overclocked, to help you decide which to get. Lets start out with the specs.. Both CPUs have 6 ядер и 12 threads are unlocked and have the same amount of cache.. As for the differences, the 3600X has higher base and boost clock speeds and is listed with a higher TDP.. Оба процессора были протестированы в одной и той же системе, so the only difference was the CPUs and their coolers.. Both CPUs were tested with the Asrock Taichi X570 motherboard, с 16гб DDR4 3200 память работает в двойном канале на CL14, с Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti. Ive tested both CPUs with the stock coolers that they come with in the box, as well as the thermal paste That comes pre applied, as I figure most people will probably end up using these.. The 3600 comes with the Wraith Stealth and the 3600X comes with the larger Wraith Spire.. This difference in cooling capacity also seems to be why the X model is listed with a higher TDP as well see its not actually that much more powerful. Тестирование было завершено с той же версией Windows, Драйверы Nvidia и BIOS для каждого процессора, all of which were The latest available version at the time of testing. Ive tested both CPUs at stock and overclocked.. I managed to get my 3600 в 4.

1GHz and the 3600X to 4.2GHz, but this was a limitation of the coolers. Ive been able to get my 3600 to 4.2GHz with an AIO in the past. But as youll see later, the temperatures get quite high with the smaller cooler, which is why the max overclock was 100MHz less.. Имея это в виду, хорошо, сначала проверить различия в различных приложениях, а также ничья и термальные, затем игровые тесты на 1080p и 1440p резолюций. Потом, Затем закончить, сравнивая некоторые показатели за доллар. Метрики. Позволяет начать с Cinebench R20. Ive got the overclocked results on the upper half of the graph, while the stock results are on the lower half.. Как и ожидалось, the 3600X is coming out ahead due to those higher clock. Скорости., As both CPUs have the same core count, though theres not too big, of a difference. На складе. The 3600X was around 5 быстрее, чем 3600, both in single and multicore performance.. После того, как оба разгона, though this lowers to just a 2 Привести. Его ценность, noting that the single core results are lower with the overclocks applied on both CPUs. This is because manually overclocking, все 6 cores to the same speed is actually lower than what both can boost to out of the box in single core workloads., Хотя Cinebench R15 был заменен на новые R20 только что покрыты, I wanted to also include the results of This one too, as many other people, are still using it, and that may allow you to compare my results.

At stock theres, a similar 5 gain to single core performance. Just like in R20, Хотя, multicore was only 3 ahead with the 3600X., После того, как оба разгона, the gap closes in with both single and multicore scores. On the 3600X, no more than 2 впереди 3600. Again weve got lower single core performance when manually overclocked. As this prevents, the higher boosts speeds that can be hit in single core workloads. Ive tested Blender with the BMW and Classroom benchmarks, and this is a test that works better with more cores. As weve got the same core count, theres only a small difference due to The clock, speed changes. At default stock speeds. The 3600X was completing both tasks 4.5 быстрее, чем 3600. Однако, once both are overclocked, the 3600X is only around 2 Вперед. Ручной тормоз был использован для преобразования файла 4K до 1080p, а затем другой файл 1080p до 720p.. Это еще одна рабочая нагрузка, которая выигрывает от большего количества потоков, so the results are pretty close together, as both CPUs have the same 6 Ядер 12 Потоков. На складе. The 4K task completed just 3.7 faster on the 3600X and 2.6 faster for the 1080p task.. When overclocked the difference dropped to 2.1 а также 1.6 respectively, so hardly any real difference between these two chips. Adobe Premiere was used to export. One of my laptop review videos at 1080p and the results between the two CPUs were again very close here.. The 3600X was completing the export 3.

6 быстрее, чем 3600 at stock speeds, снижение до 2.2 faster export time, with both processors, Разогнан. Ive также протестировал эффект варп-стабилизатора в Adobe Premiere. В основном, это обрабатывает видео файл, чтобы сгладить его.. This is a single core workload and, as my manual all core overclocks, technically lower the single core boost speed, as we saw in the Cinebench results earlier, I havent bothered testing the manual overclocks as theyd just be worse. В этом тесте. The 3600X was 3.7 быстрее, чем 3600.. This is the first time Ive attempted to test Photoshop using the Puget Systems benchmark tool.. The 3600 was seeing no major difference once overclocked and the 3600X actually got worse performance with the overclock applied. So not sure if some components of this test may favour single core performance, which my manual overclock will lower. Ive используется 7 Цип для проверки скорости сжатия и декомпрессии. As another test that favours additional cores were again seeing close results, just small differences due to the clock. Скорости. На складе, the 3600X is around 2 быстрее, чем 3600. затем, when overclocked compression is only 0.3 быстрее, but decompression actually saw an increase to 3.2. VeraCrypt использовался для проверки скорости шифрования и расшифровки AES. На складе. Both were very close in encryption speeds margin of error difference realistically, while decryption saw a 5 higher speed with the 3600X.. This was another test where I didnt bother with overclocking, as in the past Ive found overclocking to produce strange results with this test, such as worse speeds.

. The V Ray benchmark is another multicore test that relies on thread count to boost performance and, as a result of both having the same core count and close clock speeds. The 3600X was 2.7 быстрее, чем 3600, both at stock and when overclocked. The Corona benchmark, uses the CPU to render out a scene and like most of these other applications is a multicore test. So there were no major differences.. The 3600X completed the render task 2.8. Faster than the 3600 at stock and 2.2, faster with both CPUs overclocked or in other words, from just 4 секунд, faster to 3 seconds.. These are the differences between the 3600 and 3600X CPUs. In all of these applications, как мы можем видеть, results depend on the specific workload. На складе. In almost all of these tests, the 3600X was coming out ahead as expected, due to its higher clock, Скорости. Single core performance tended to do better due to the different single core boost speeds of each chip.. Once we overclock both CPUs on all cores, the difference between the two CPUs narrows in a bit putting the 3600X just 2 быстрее, чем 3600 в среднем, so a pretty small difference and not really a good start for the X version. Ive. Also measured total system power draw from the wall while running the Blender benchmark. На складе. The 3600X was using 4.9 more power than the 3600, which almost scales with the 4.5 faster speed that it scored in this test.

С обоими overclocked. The 3600X was now using 3.3. More power, but the difference in actual blender performance was closer to 2 Нво.. Это температура процессора с теми же тестами блендера работает., Both at stock and while overclocked the 3600X was significantly cooler.. My 4.1GHz overclock on the 3600 on the stock cooler was probably a bit optimistic, though it was perfectly stable under all of these tests.. The main reason the 3600X is running cooler despite performing better, is down to the coolers. The Wraith Spire that it comes with is just physically larger than the Wraith Stealth that comes with the 3600.. Как упоминалось ранее, I couldnt push the 3600 any higher in blender due to thermal limitations with the stock cooler, but I could reach 4.2GHz with an AIO.. Так, with a better cooler and both CPUs running at the same speed, Id expect no difference in performance.. These are the average clock speeds during the blender stress test, so overclocking the 3600 could get it to hit the same speeds as the stock 3600X, Хотя, due to the better cooling, the 3600X did occasionally boost up a little more. Anyway at stock. The 3600 was on the warmer side, but still usable. If you want to overclock an aftermarket cooler might be worth looking into, though the results from the 3600X already show that theres not too much extra to gain.. This testing was, with the stock thermal paste that came pre applied to both coolers different paste could likely further improve performance.

Позволяет попасть в игровые результаты. Next Ive tested these games at max settings at both 1080p and 1440p resolutions. Ну начать с фондовых результатов. Then look at precision boost overdrive results, Потом. Тень Расхитительница гробниц была протестирована с встроенным эталоном в самых высоких настройках.. Во всех предстоящих игровых графиках, Ive got the 1440p results shown on the upper half and 1080p results below.. В этом тесте. There was basically no practical difference: просто 1 FPS, в любом случае. Assassins Creed Odyssey was also tested with the built in benchmark at max settings.. Снова, the difference between the two was extremely small within 1 FPS in terms of average FPS and slightly higher differences for 1 низкий. Поле боя 5 was tested in campaign mode at ultra settings with the same test done on both CPUs.. The results are even closer here: Theyre, essentially the same its too close to definitively say ones better than the other. Пограничья 3 был протестирован со встроенным в бенчмарк в ультра настройки., Again just a 1 FPS or so difference between these two CPUs. Nothing amazing going on here. Fortnite was tested with the replay feature and the same replay was used on each CPU., Although it appears theres a bigger difference, its just because the frame rate numbers are higher than the ones previously seen in terms of percentage change, Theres. В основном, нет разницы. CSGO был протестирован с ульлетическим бенчмарком FPS, and I thought this one would be interesting. Given single threaded, CPU performance seems to matter more here compared to many other titles.

Конечно достаточно. Существовал 11 improvement to average FPS at 1080p with the 3600X, but as weve seen, this is the only game so far to see any sort of difference. Ive also tested out Rainbow. Шесть осады, with the built in benchmark., Like most of the other games, were back to seeing no noteworthy differences between the two CPUs. Weve also got the option of enabling PBO through the Ryzen Master software, with both CPUs. Ive retested Battlefield 5, and we can see just A tiny improvement over stock settings at 1080p, with both CPUs and due to this insignificant change, I havent bothered retesting all of the other games as its hardly making a meaningful difference. Вот. I also havent tested with manual overclocks, like I did with the multicore applications earlier. As Ive found, many games benefit more from PBO with Ryzen, as they still get to keep their higher single core boost, speeds.. В основном, to summarize the gaming differences, there are no real differences; either CPU will perform essentially the same in games, so that just leaves us with the final difference. The price. Prices will change over time. Вы можете найти обновленные цены, связанные в описании. At the time of recording the Ryzen. 5 3600 идет на 200 доллар США, while getting that extra letter X and better cooler is going to cost an extra 35 или 17.5 больше денег, at least with the current sale. If youre paying the full MSRP of 250, его 25 больше денег.

, These are the dollar per frame values at 1080p averaged out over all games tested.. В основном, this just shows that the 3600 is better in terms of value, его 35 в 50, cheaper and, как мы видели это, performed essentially the same as the 3600X for the most part. So this makes sense. Его не все об играх, though Ive also chosen Handbrake performance to compare, as this is a real world workload that scored about right on average out of all applications tested. In terms of value, the 3600 is again winning.. The 3600X was performing 3.7. Better in this test, but if you buy it at the sale price, его до сих пор 13 less value or over 20 more in terms of dollar per frame at the full MSRP., With both CPUs overclocked, разница между ними, doesnt really change, as the overclocks didnt make too Much difference., The 3600 is still ahead in terms of value here, without sacrificing much performance at all.. That last sentence is basically the conclusion., Although the 3600X does perform slightly better out of the box, в частности,, in terms of single core speeds. The extra price makes it difficult to justify compared to the 3600. Ты, also getting the better stock cooler with the 3600X. But I dont think thats worth 35 в 50 USD when you could instead put that budget into an even better aftermarket option.. Так, резюмировать, based on the current prices, I wouldnt consider buying the 3600X unless the prices were much closer together.

The small improvement in performance just doesnt seem to be worth it both when we look at it in terms of gaming or other productivity workloads.. Let me know which CPU youd pick and why? Down in the comments, the 3600 or 3600X, and if the 3600X Im really keen to hear why its worth the extra moneyor maybe it was just on a great sale, Ive получил больше сравнений процессора на пути.