I bought the shade light and it has spf 50 plus pa plus plus plus it has vitamin c niacinamide. Hyaluronic acid centella ashatika extract so nice bag on a trending, skin care, uh or ingredients good for moisturization and then vitamin c whitening shallots, Музыка, i’m sunscreen is a happy collection of fork. Это, a happy collision of 4k skincare holy grail ingredients, extract vitamins and hyaluronic acid, and you can also see the other ingredients. So again is 50 grams and that’s a lot, some um, but the last net weight or content. Nama, thin tinted sunscreen. So for easy. В моем 588 madame and then sana birthday, 588 foundation, но, как вы можете видеть, my skin is quite okay. I still have parang freckles and my hyperpigmentation, nothing pero still. My skin is, but this one hopefully is good because they may Applause is let’s, see let’s, see so i’m going to use a brush and then i’m glad don’t adopting ninja. So these are right. Side i’ll be using it on coverage for a tinted, Солнцезащитный крем, actually shade hands and in half with the all covered, and then of course the other side will happen. Так, как вы можете видеть, is a natural skin tone, let’s wait for a minute or two using the sponge. Music is uh, impression, i’ll be using the show, колеса, sweetheart matte powder, so that then, and at least uh yellowish yeah. I think that you know, но в любом случае, it’s a good thing, also powder.

Так, as you foreign see yum, i think in that sunscreen instead of american glow because and i’m back guys and it’s now: 9 ‘ a.m and of course it is Music, same door and hi guys, i’m back for an update and it’s now, 105 pm and it’s. Not sure guys, Ну что ж, Жизнь, i actually so i’ll be back later for another update, so hi guys i’m back for my last update and it’s now 407 p.m, and i know it’s a little early because they usually program don’t happen. I do work out, then i go work out number ten, so watch out, so the video so first is the packaging, but anyway usually i’m gon na. So of course, also young pump, very good things happen and um classy long tignan. It doesn’t feel cheap and dina. Manchatala got cheap, the hell 588 and then uh heavy feelings of face or heavy feelings of skin and hindi shyamalanka, and also magandang coverage, yeah light to medium for a tinted sunscreen very nice in coverage and aluminum semi foundation. You know i know: miss ann is also fond of that la lunada. She came up with hers so for the price. Five hundred eighty, Восемь, a hotel, Music and, of course it it has some four key elements now skin care. Now you know uh worth it for its price, because your vitamin c niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and center extraction, one of my favorite annoying parang ingredient, say some skin care and that’s a longevity naman Music, another and the month.

So i am that’s my review for the all covered by anaheim tinted sunscreen. So thank you malos for watching.