, Асер Гелиос 300 является популярным игровым ноутбуком. Но насколько хорошо последняя модель 10-го поколения выполняет в играх? Ive протестировал самую высокую спецификацию конфигурации в 20 игры на всех уровнях настройки и сравнил его с другими ноутбуками, чтобы показать вам, различия.. Все испытания были сделаны с включенным режимом turbo, which basically maxes out the fan, speed and applies the following GPU overclock., Unlike the 9th gen model from last year, Хотя, the processor is not undervolted by default, and you cant do it yourself, either its locked with the latest Bios., While I personally would have preferred the GTX 1660 Ti model for an easy comparison against the HP Omen, 15 or Lenovo Legion 5, the 2070 Max Q does at least have the option of dynamic boost, though I only found it to get up to 90 watts With this enabled or 80 Вт, with it disabled. Со всем этим в виду, lets first see how the Helios performs in 20 games then afterwards Ill compare it with other laptops. Microsoft. Flight simulator was tested in the Sydney landing challenge.. It was still above 30 FPS with all settings maxed out, which I think is still fairly playable, though the low end preset was needed. If you want to push past 60 FPS. Красные мертвецы, Искупление 2 was tested using the games built in benchmark tool and as another resource heavy game were seeing lower frame rates at max settings, though high was still above 60 FPS.

Смерти, Stranding wasnt running all that differently. Between the different setting levels, it was running fine and above 100 FPS, even with the highest setting preset. Поле боя 5 was tested in campaign mode and the highest ultra setting preset was still just above 100 FPS. Ill show you how other laptops compare in this game soon And it was able to beat more powerful, Параметры. Control was tested with and without RTX. Ive got RTX off results in the purple bars RTX on in the green bars, which was much worse. Сравнительно то, что, RTX on with DLSS enabled in the red bars, which is able to offer a good mixture of, looks and performance. Тень Расхитительница гробниц была протестирована со встроенным эталоном. The high setting preset was just above 100 FPS and was scoring the same as medium. This is another title Ill use to compare other laptops with shortly. Apex Legends тестировался либо со всеми настройками на максимуме, либо со всеми настройками на самых низких значениях, так как у него нет предопределенных предустановленных заданий. The average FPS at max settings was right on the screens. Скорость обновления, while minimum settings boosted even the 1 low above this, which would be useful for competitive players. Чувство долга, Modern Warfare был протестирован в режиме кампании с макс или мин настройки по той же причине.. Снова, no problems at all playing with max settings, though there were less gains to be had with lower setting levels in this one.

Fortnite был протестирован с функцией воспроизведения. It generally runs quite well on modern hardware, and that was seen here with over 100 FPS, even at the highest epic setting preset. While medium settings pushes even the 1 low near the screens. Скорость обновления. CSGO was tested with the ulletical FPS benchmark and the results were similar to a lot of other gaming laptops tested that make use of Optimus.. В общем, we see nice performance improvements from laptops that let you disable Optimus as its one less bottleneck. К сожалению, thats not possible with the Helios. DotA 2 was tested playing in the middle lane with bots and, like always its performing about the same. Regardless of the hardware. You can easily achieve similar frame rates on much lower. Спекуляции. Overwatch was tested running through the practice. Диапазон. Снова, no problems at all here, даже 1 low result with the highest epic setting preset is above the screens refresh rate. Радуга. Six Siege was tested with the built in benchmark using Vulkan, again no problems here. Почти 200 FPS with the three highest setting presets. Метро Исход был протестирован с помощью построенного в бенчмарке. Большинство частей игры выполняют справедливые немного лучше, чем это, so dont take these results as a good indication of what to expect throughout the entire game its more of a worst case that can be compared against my other data. Монстр. Hunter World was tested running through the main town.. It played well with the highest setting preset and it was possible to get above 100 FPS with high settings or lower.

Пограничья 3 was tested using the games built in benchmark in this more resource. Demanding test were only just able to scrape 60 FPS с максимальными настройками, but we can almost double this with very low settings. Убийц. Вероисповедания, Odyssey is another that was tested with the games benchmark and were just below 60 FPS at max settings in this one, but able to reach up to 90 FPS with low settings.. Ведьмак 3 was running above 100 FPS с ультра настройками, but it was possible to boost this by 30 by stepping down just one level to high settings, while medium was needed to average above the screens. Скорость обновления. F1 2020 был протестирован с помощью инструмента бенчмарка игр. The high setting preset allows us to make good use of the 144Hz panel, and we could boost this up to just under 200 FPS, with the lower setting preset. Far Cry New Dawn was also tested with the games. Benchmark low settings was above 100 FPS, while ultra was scoring above 60 FPS для 1 Низкой.. Now lets take a look at how the Helios 300 compares against other laptops use. Эти результаты в качестве грубого руководства только потому, что они были протестированы в разное время с различными драйверами. Проверка ive, Поле боя 5 in campaign mode at ultra settings and the Helios 300 is highlighted in red.. Интересно, the average frame rate was ahead of the Legion 7i, which has the same GPU, but with a higher power limit and better CPU.

Что ж, at least in terms of average frame rate, the 1 low was lower, but still the Helios is very close to the m15 R2 with 2080 Макс Кью, хороший результат.. Таковы результаты Far Cry 5, с ультра настройками в построенном в бенчмарке.. The Helios is still beating higher wattage GPU options, но, as this test is heavier on the processor, an undervolt would have given it an edge., Its unfortunate to see that Acer have removed the default undervolt that was present previously. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was also tested With the games benchmark tool with the highest setting preset. Its just 1 FPS behind the 2070 Супер Макс, with same power limit in the Aorus 15G and like BF5, ahead of the Legion 7i, with same GPU but better CPU. So a good result and is probably down to the overclock on the GPU applied by turbo mode. Gaming performance was decent but yeah. The lack of undervolting is a bit of a downer.. My Helios actually shipped to me with single channel memory too. I did all testing here with dual channel for best results, so hopefully single channel isnt a common configuration or were starting to go backwards on what was the best available option. Last year., Мой Гелиос 300 has a 1080p 144Hz screen, no FreeeSync or G Sync and its not possible to disable optimus for a speed, boost.. The Predator Sense software gives us the option to enable or disable overdrive which affects screen response.

Время., With overdrive off were getting pretty typical results from a 144Hz panel, just under an 8ms average grey to grey response. Time. Ive got a link in the video description explaining what all these numbers mean. When we enable overdrive the response time drops to 4.66ms below the 6.94ms needed for all transitions to occur within the refresh window.. This does introduce some overshoot and undershoot though.. Когда мы смотрим на то, как он стеки против других, well its tied with the Legion 5 for fastest 144Hz laptop panel, that Ive tested so far a great result. Now for more information on our sponsor Squarespace. By now I'm sure. You all know that Squarespace is a powerful online platform for creating websites, but did you know you can also purchase domains with free WHOIS privacy and a beautiful parking page too? Squarespace also gives you easy to use analytics to see where visitors are coming from what devices they're browsing with and more useful pageview trends.. You can even create a community on your Squarespace site with the integrated comments system which supports threaded replies and likes., Go to squarespace.