I want to talk about a product, uh kind of a an addition to a product that i reviewed way back in 2019. Кому. At that time my channel had fewer than 8 000 subscribers uh, but i was feeling kind of gutsy, so i reached out to a company called df robot and asked if they would let me review their latte panda delta 432, now that’s, a single board computer with An intel uh processor, в теме, with four gigs of ram and 32 gigs of onboard emmc storage and surprisingly uh. They they let me, and they actually sent me a review sample, and i i love it. I used it for quite a while uh, especially early on in the docker like when i first started doing docker videos that was my docker test machine. So here recently the folks at dfrobot reached out to me and asked if i would be interested in reviewing the touch screen that goes with the latte panda setup, so i said sure they sent it over i’ve had it for a while. I tested it. It works great. You do have to download the drivers from dfrobot in order to get the touchscreen to work, but once you do that it works great, Очень, Очень, very responsive and overall, the screen looks great problem that i have with the with the setup with the latte panda and The screen is that there isn’t an official case uh for the two like there is with the raspberry pi and the seven inch touchscreen.

So it took me a little while to find the parts that i needed online. But luckily there was a creator on thingiverse who actually created all of the 3d models that i would need to print the parts to make my a case for myself within just a matter of a few hours. Now i did have some problems with the print. The back part of the case for the screen kind of printed thin in a couple of spots, but ultimately it didn’t matter, because the uh, the latte panda in the case that goes around the latte panda, will actually cover most of that without any issues. So i, after a couple of little modifications to get things to fit properly, i was able to get all of the cables fed through uh. The back of the case for the screen i ended up having to put in some double sided, sticky tape to hold the screen in place properly and and keep there from being any sort of gaps where, if you pressed on it, the screen would rock or anything Like that, so i put uh some some double sided sticky tape in there to kind of hold things in place. Once i did that the screen fit really really well, and then it was just a matter of finding a way to get the uh the case for the latte panda to stick to the back and for right now, Я. На самом деле, using again, some double sided, sticky tape, which has caused me a little bit of an issue.

But i’ve got a hard drive on the way that i’m going to plug into this thing, and then i will seal it up more properly uh using some kind of temporary glue or something like that. But having this case available to to facilitate bringing the k, the the screen and the latte panda together really is helpful. So i want to give a shout out to the creator who who designed the case for the screen and the latte panda. So now that we’ve got it all put together and we can see that it turned on it’s kind of nice that we can see the lights flashing through the pla that i printed it with i’ve gone ahead and plugged in a receiver for a mouse and keyboard. Combo that i’ve got there, but if we flip the the device over and take a look at the screen, we can see just how bright the screen is. It looks really really good, это, also very responsive. There doesn’t seem to be any lag or anything uh when you make the touch there’s, no perceivable delay when you’re, using the touch or anything like that, so really happy with how that feels. Uh also the screen, while the camera angle, doesn’t really show it here because of uh the moare effect that we’re getting here, we can actually see uh just how wide of a field of view this thing has got without distorting uh, colors or anything like that.

They’Ve got a great panel in here that gives you a really wide viewing angle, so i’m actually really really happy with the latte panda screen, хорошо, ребята. So there is the screen for the latte panda and, Конечно, if you want to pick one of these up, i will have a link down in the description uh, where you can jump over and pick. One of these up also i’ll have links in the description for the case. Uh it’s, actually two different uh urls over on thingiverse for the parts that you’ll need to print the case. If you want to do that as well um, but definitely check that out. If you’ve got a latte panda and you want to print a case for it, uh that’s actually pretty cool it’s a good time, uh kind of one of my first big functional projects that i’ve done as far as 3d printing is concerned. So um, like i said all of this, will have links in the description down below while you’re down there. There are also some links on ways you can support the channel, whether it’s becoming a channel member uh becoming a patron uh coffee. Whatever the case may be, there are some links down there that you can check out if you’d like to support the channel that way as well. Э. Конечно, all of the links for buying the the latte panda or the screen over on amazon will be affiliate.

Links uh so that’s just something to keep in mind there as well, but i think with all that being said, i’m gon na go ahead and wrap things up here.