Черная акула 2 Обзор с распаковкой – SD855 игровой телефон

This is the proper black shark, not the Hallyu version that a lot of people were calling the black shark, because this is a true successor with the latest flagship chipset in it. So it has the qualcomm snapdragon. 835. Eight gigabytes of RAMand I had 128 гигабайты памяти – is my […]

Xiaomi Black Shark Gaming ReviewBetter Than Others? (английский)

First gaming mobile phone, so it's gaming focused, you can see we've got this add on joypad. If you haven't seen on my unboxing, this is a bluetooth joypad that you can clip onto it, but you have to have the case on the phone. So in this video here I'm just gon na focus […]

Xiaomi Black Shark Unboxing & Практический обзор (английский)

This is called the Black Shark, so it's powered by Snapdragon 845 с адрено 630 GPU. It has six to eight gigabytes of RAM 64, go outs of storage or 128. Now I've got the 64 гигабайтная модель, so here's the optional control and they're the slots on to the top, so it's going to […]