GPD G5A Android игр портативных таблетки Обзор – Таблетки с построенный в игровой контроллер

You may have seen this on a few of my other videos over the last couple weeks. This is the GPD g5a and I wanted to thank rollin rollin rollin he’s, a viewer absolutely calls himself on YouTube and he saw my review of the GCW 0, which is this awesome. Retro gaming handheld that […]

GPD XD Android Portable Game Console Reviewwith IPS DisplayGreat for Retro Emulation

This is actually an Android device running with a rack ship 3288 процессор. This is going to be of interest to retro gamers out there, it’s called the GPD XD it’s running with the Android. It’S got Android 4.4, so the prior version of Android is running on it: 2 гигабайты оперативной памяти и 16 […]

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 Review – Новинка для 2015 – PC Streaming, контроллер, Twitch and more

Isn’T much difference between this one and the one they released. A year ago, it’s cheaper it’s, 100 less expensive. They took some things out of it, so there’s no stylus in here anymore. They also took out the charger. So if you want to charge it you’re going to need an old phone charger […]

Teclast X98 Air 3G (C6J6) Hearthstone: Демонстрационные версии Heroes of WarCraft (Запрос)

This is the first time I've installed this game and display the little tiny bit of it and it seems to run fine watch it hey. Никто не. Talks sold Heron like lot. Ач, I go fast, but I get an extra car. Хорошо, cuz yall need it. You know this reminds me of the time […]

Поверхности 3 Игры: DotA 2 & Лига Легенд LoL

This is just a BOTS game and you can see the framerate is just up here in the top left hand corner there. The framerate seems to stay around 30 at the moment and I will just test dropping a resolution, but I'll just get up to some action here. The tutorial thing at the […]

Teclast X98 Воздух 3G Win 8.1 Игровые ФИФА 14 Бей Трейл z3736F [4k]

3G. The resolution I'm running here is 1152 от 864 а также, как вы можете видеть здесь, this is just halftime replay frames per second is right up here. It runs really well actually it's running on the lowest very low graphics settings. I have been playing with a xbox360 controller. I'Ll just play a little […]

Куб iwork11 Стилус Игры: CS:ПЕРЕЙТИ, LoL, DotA 2 и HL2LC & Temps

First up is Counter Strike global Offensive and I do have HW info running in the background just to monitor the temperatures. So these are the settings I'm going to try out first to 720p and everything is set to low, so let's see how it runs the game. I'M, just going to find an […]

Teclast X98 Pro Dual OS Android Бенчмарки и игры

10. Только модель это сейчас является последней версией с двойной загрузки на нем. Now I have covered Windows already so I'm, не собираюсь смотреть на это, так что это просто в основном Android обзор очень быстро. Просто дайте вам некоторые из моих мнений о том, как ПЗУ, how it runs benchmarks and […]

Surface Pro 4 M3 Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Тест FPS

Поверхности 3 Vs Surface 3 cooled by a USB fan.

I have the two gigabyte surface, as you can see here is on the left, and this is the four gigabyte version here. What I thought is hooked up a fan. Now you put a hood on this surface three pro that you can hook up a little fan like this, and you can help […]

Поверхности 3 Атом Игровые: Мир Warcraft, FPS и настройки

I don't play this game at all, it's, просто просьба попробовать его и посмотреть, как он будет работать на поверхности три, и эта версия здесь у меня есть четыре гигабайта оперативной памяти, так что это может быть немного более гладкой, может быть, немного выше частота кадров, because you Do have that available RAM being […]

Поверхности 3 Игры: Трески:MW3, Diablo 3 Ros, Путь изгнания & Fifa 14

It just would not be playable at all it's, a 1280 от 720 р там, так что он работает в HD. Вы можете видеть. The frame rate is up here running at 30 кадров в секунду, so it's box. One owners will be right at home there with the frames per second and ps4 gamers, […]