Chuwi Surbook обзор – Дешевая альтернатива Surface Pro

So it’s not super lightweight, and you can see here a kickstand also made out of metal. The hinge is metal and it folds all the way back like so so we can actually get quite a nice angle here for using a stylus on there, which is an optional extra which I’ll show you […]

Чуви Лапбук 12.3 Распаковка практический обзор. Ноутбук с Surface Pro 4 экран

3. This is the latest laptop from Chuwi that's powered by the Apollo late in 3450. Теперь, unlike all of the models that I've looked at recently, they've all been 16 от 9 Соотношение сторон. This one's a little different, so it's got a 3 от 2 ratio screen and in fact, the same panel […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Обзор и распаковка

Thats coming up next. Внутри коробки. We have the Surface itself, followed by a quick start guide, booklet, the Surface Pen as well as required cabling for charging the device.. По существу, all you get is the tablet. Theres no keyboard included here as thats considered to be an additional accessory worth around 200 Aud, […]

Surface Pro 4 i5 Vs Surface Pro 4 M3 Comparison

So that says, four gigabytes of RAM 128 gigabyte SSD and this one has 8 gigabytes of RAM and the 256 gigabyte SSD and, Конечно, has the i 5. So the a5 is first with a base model. Looking at the base models is a hundred us more than the m3, Но конечно […]

Surface Pro 4 i5 Fan NoiseA Deal Breaker?

This is the i5 version, so it's got the 6300. U in it and a gigabytes of RAM. Теперь, what I'm doing here is just trying to test just how loud the fan gets because it's one of the main questions I had before, I actually got this tablet. I just wanted to know. Как […]

Chuwi Surbook обзор – Дешевая альтернатива Surface Pro

Чуви Surbook обзор, 2-в-1 таблетка с дополнительным типом крышки и стилус. Где купить: Gearbest: Banggood: Временные коды: 01:09 – Дизайн 03:10 – Клавиатура & Сенсорная панель 05:03 – экран 06:33 – Windows & Ориентиры 08:21 – 4k Тест потоковой передачи 08:45 – Общая производительность 09:13 – Испытание диктора 09:54 – аккумулятор & Время заряда 10:47 – Active […]