Черная акула 2 Обзор с распаковкой – SD855 игровой телефон

This is the proper black shark, not the Hallyu version that a lot of people were calling the black shark, because this is a true successor with the latest flagship chipset in it. So it has the qualcomm snapdragon. 835. Eight gigabytes of RAMand I had 128 гигабайты памяти – is my […]

ASUS ROG Телефон II Обзор – Лучший игровой телефон наверняка!

This has to be the best so far and of all the gaming phones it. I have looked at it's the source of gamers phone number too. So this has now the new updated Snapdragon 855 плюс, which is now the fastest Android chip you can get slightly tweaked clocks and the performance. You do […]