1440p Высокое обновление игровых ноутбуков здесь!

Размеры. XMG have sent both their Neo 15 and Neo 17 gaming laptops to me to test these panels out. So lets get straight into some testing results and gaming benchmarks to find out if these panels are worth considering.. These are the response. Time results for the 15 дюймовая панель. Ive got a link […]

Лучший игровой ноутбук в 2020!

. This is the Infinity W5 as sold in Australia and New Zealand markets. So lets find out what makes this machine so impressive.. У моего подразделения есть 8 ядро Intel: i7 10875H processor, NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super graphics and thats full power, нет Макса, here 32gb of memory in dual channel, a 15.6 […]

Бесконечность W5 / Элуктроник Мех-15 G3 / XMG Нео 15 Игровое исполнение

15 G3 and XMG Neo 15.. These are all the specs were dealing with in my model, so some pretty good stuff for a gaming laptop. Однако, there are also other specs available. You can find examples as well as updated pricing linked in the description., The Gaming Center software lets you select between different […]