Чуви Лапбук 12.3 Распаковка практический обзор. Ноутбук с Surface Pro 4 экран

3. This is the latest laptop from Chuwi that's powered by the Apollo late in 3450. Теперь, unlike all of the models that I've looked at recently, they've all been 16 от 9 Соотношение сторон. This one's a little different, so it's got a 3 от 2 ratio screen and in fact, the same panel […]

Перемычка EZBook 3 Pro Vs Чуви Lapbook 12.3 сравнение

3 or the jumper easy book 3 Pro very similar laptops, but they've got some big differences here now I get asked this a lot, which one is the best one and which one should you go for well it's, not actually that Easy so I'm going to break it down in this video try […]

Чуви Лапбук 12.3 Внутреннее устройство

3. So in order to get into the insides of it, you need to remove all of these screws around the outside. There is one screw that is hidden right here, underneath the SSD flap, the lid comes off really easy. Теперь, if you're worrying about thermals, он встает до 91 Градусов. Это было, […]