Сравнение Teclast X98 Воздух 3G Vs X10HD 3G Который является лучшим?

Both have their pros and cons and i'll go over that shortly. You can see here that the machines obviously are physically different. This has more of a business kind of looked toward more of a surface to pro look so black and it's. A 16 Икс, 10 screen we've, quite a high resolution and […]

PiPo X8 Мини PC Обзор, Распаковка, Бенчмарки и игры (английский)

This is a people x8, now it's a hybrids mini PC. Что ж, they call it a Windows, TV box, well it's, but more than that, because it's one of the first ones or the only one I've seen that has a touchscreen on it. So it's kind of a hybrid of a tablet meets a […]

PiPo X9 Полный подробный обзор – Вин/Android Бенчмарки, Игровые и Темпы

Now this is the successor to the pipo x8, which was a smaller model with the same look and the same bill it's a hybrid mini PC with a tablet screen in it. В основном, now the older model had a 7 дюймовый экран. This now has a 1920 от 1200 8.9 inch screen in there […]

Chuwi Hi8 Dual Boot Windows hands on

Having a look at the temperatures here, you can see that the CPU the atoms in 3736, if got up to 71 Градусов, just right here with the mouse's, so it's quite warm but there's, actually a reasonable temperature. I have seen lower, but normally this chips, it does run a little bit hotter this […]