I’Ve been sick for the past few days, but still trying to crank out these videos number two here. If any of you have watched any of my other videos, not even just basic pc related but heck anything from a mouse, a keyboard whatever i don’t like them being uh tech, spec filled reviews just like that. I, like them being more or less user experienced as a gamer. How is it for me and that’s exactly how we’re gon na go with this i’m, not gon na flood? This video, with a bunch of specs we’ll, run a few benchmarks and talk about some of the key specs, but if you’re interested in all them, i’ll throw them up here on the screen. A couple core things right: there: i7, a 30 80 32 gigabytes of ram right there, but again we’re going to focus on the key aspects of gaming. How is our gaming with it and everything? But if you’re interested some of the stuff that’s written on the side of the box, again, i can put up on the screen for you, but before anything else, let me tell you what right out of the box with the blade 15 here. This thing is an absolute tank, i mean it is stinking solid, aluminum body all the way around there. Even on the bottom i mean it is solid, no flex whatsoever me being a big macbook user right. I’Ve tested some other gaming laptops before someone, those like random, msi ones or some of these other ones.

They got these plastic shells some dell ones. You know usually a lot cheaper than this. Yes, this does have a higher price, which we’ll talk about right. First we’re going to talk about. Is it worth it right, but anyways testing, some of those before with all that flex, and you just feel chintzy, you know that’s kind of what i went into this expecting but wow? No, no! No! No! This thing, if you’ve ever held a mac in your hand, this is that quality right there i mean you definitely have that apple quality, which is something great again talking about a gaming laptop now, looking over the laptop a little bit more here, taking a look at Our ports, as you see, we have playing them right. There, hdmis usbs, an actual sd card reader right there really great to have on a go, especially on a laptop and then on the other side, again more usbs, your headphone port and then your power port. Now one thing i want to point out here, which is a real stinker as far as that power port with the brick that comes with it, your cable, you can only put it in one way, if you put it in the other way, it’s gon na actually Cover up your usb ports, pretty much both of them on that side, so it has to be shooting towards the back right there and talking about the power brick right here. It is a lofty one.

This is a big power, brick, you know what let’s go ahead and pull out the scale got our other devices over here, get some sound test and some heat checks, but let’s go and get this scale. We’Ll also weigh the laptop here as well. Let’S go and get this all sorted, so we got our scale out here, extremely dusty right, so we’re at zero. Here is our power, brick at a pound, one pound point: nine! So again, you got ta think you have this massive power, brick in your bag, along with the laptop and again it’s lofty, which goes right along with that really great build, but you’re talking right, close to five pounds right here, you’re talking, you got like six pounds In your bag, as far as being a portable device again, the combination it’s lofty, but when we compile all that together there as far as that, build right out the box talking about it being heavier in the quality of it again, i would rather, that great, build Quality and to be a little bit loftier to get that reassurance that hey, i have a real, solid product on my hands and then again when we fling it open a little power button there now one thing i want to point out, as we just looked it Over and we’re looking at it right here, you can see it’s pretty grimy right. I didn’t go ahead and clean this up and fluff this up for this video i’ve been using it in gaming on this laptop, and this is again how it looks over time.

I mean it is just a grimy little mess right here, so i wish i mean, of course, it’s a laptop right. Our hands are all over it, but i wish they would implement something where it kind of reduced some of the fingerprints, because it is just oh it’s gross. But again, when laptops open, you still have that great build quality with it all that aluminum right there and everything the touch pad you don’t have all this give it’s, not all wobbly and everything, but when we go up to the keypad up here, the keypad just Doesn’T feel that great again, it’s kind of feels, maybe a little bit more mushy and the keys sit really low so again, gaming on it me personally, i was getting a lot of fat fingers right. I was pressing wrong keys here and there and everything just because again, they’re so flush with it. You can’t really decipher either them. You know now you do have per key rgb and rgb lighting, as you can see on here, which you can control through synapse. But what i want to show you is here’s a cheap laptop, a little 500 dollar little laptop. I use here and just looking at the keys to keys here. If we can actually catch in the camera, you see how these are raised up a little bit more they’re, honestly, not even as wobbly as the razer one but they’re just a little more tactile right.

I really like that. How tactile those are compared to this here. So that’s something that i hope razer implements later on in their laptops, is you know they do all these mechanical keyboards? They got great switches and everything. I hope they implement something some sort of way to get one of their mechanical type devices and raise these key caps up a little bit like that, all right. So now, as far as the speakers on the blade 15, i mean they’re passable they’re, not great. I mean they’re laptop speakers right it’s, like tv speakers like yeah. Some of them will get it done, but they’re. Nothing, amazing right, so let’s gon na crank this we’re at 52. Right now. Just so, you can hear it’s, clear, there’s bass, not a bunch, but i mean there’s body to the sound that’s. What i’m trying to say, let’s go and crank it up a little bit more we’re going to go straight to 100, so that was 50 now we’re at 100 on call of duty, cold war here, so you can hear with the footsteps: there’s body, listen to the Rain so, as you can tell you can decipher the highs from the lows and everything, and it goes great with a racing game or a story game or whatever you really decipher the sound and they sound good for again laptop speakers now, if you are curious, this Is the webcam on the razer blade 15 right here? We also use the included mic so it’s.

I got quite a few lights on right here and it’s. Honestly, not bad. You see some noise, some softness and everything, but i think it’ll get the job done for again, a portable laptop with the webcam, not the greatest, by any means, but it definitely gets the job done now again. This is with lights, on as far as low lights hold on i’m going to show, let me go and turn these lights off all right. So now we have one light on over there and the big lights over here are off. So, as you can see, it really brought out a lot more noise, so as far as low light conditions, not the best, you definitely want at least one light on you here or there. So now, while we have it opening we’re, looking at let’s talk about some of the juicy stuff right, starting with the screen right here again: 360 hertz, wow that’s, just like that’s incredible just for again a stay at home gaming monitor. You know, that’s, just crazy right. There um, but even before we get into that performance talking about the screen right here: 100 srgb and it’s an ips screen, and let me tell you what it’s 1080p, you all know: i’m, a 1440p or 4k guy. I game at 1440p on my pcs and then watch tv or game on my consoles on 4k. So i, like that resolution, you know what i mean. 1080P is hard very hard for me to go back on a gaming monitor, but i was so shocked with this one.

The colors on this are just absolutely phenomenal. Like i’d, be hard pressed to guess this was 1080p. It really just incredibly seriously blew me away guys really because i’m again, you always know i don’t want to be a snob when it comes to products or stuff, but i game at 1440p or 4k. I don’t touch 1080p anymore. I just don’t and when i saw this screen i was like you got to be kidding me like i’m, going into the specs here. Looking at it, this thing can’t be 1080p. It looks so incredibly good in razer, whatever you’re doing here. You need to come out with gaming monitors like this, because let me tell you what you’re uh, no not throwing fluff around. You will own the market if you can produce this. As far as a basic monitor even at 1080p, or something like that, as far as the screen guys wow absolutely phenomenal now also as far as the screen right here, one other thing: that’s, really cool again being ips and everything you do have that matte coating on It so as far as glares it really reduces the glares. I got tons of lights on right here i mean you can see that one big light catching it over here, but as far as me, looking straight at it i’m not getting any sort of crazy glare. My self reflection right into it, you know, even if i go this way, i’m, not getting all those lights reflected into it.

You know so as far as with the anti glare on, if you’re, using it again as a portable device, really nice to have that. So again, you can really be focused on it, not seeing everything else that’s going on behind you. On the other hand, here – and this is why we had our other tools out here as far as our sound test and our temperature checker here so we’re – going to fire this up i’m actually going to plug in my orochi right here, because me personally, when i Use laptops i’m, not really a big fan, that’s the hdmi port over there right i’m, not a big fan of the touch pad. I like using a mouse right here, just give me that better experience and again if you’ve watched the review of the orochi fantastic little mouse on the go so anyway, let’s close that down so talking about gaming on this laptop, more importantly, gaming at 360 hertz, we Got a 30 80 in here right, so you’re thinking 3080, 360, 1080 right i’m good to go like we are good to go right here. You know so and i’m gon na throw up a few games here right here. We’Re gon na talk about call of duty. First right and when i was playing call of duty, even on my main pc again, i gave him 144 hertz. I stay right around there, 100 to 120ish 140. Every now and then you know it’s iffy, it’s hit and miss you know and that’s the same thing on this laptop right here i stayed around that the same as my 1440p running 1080p on this guy.

You know which shocked me i’m, like what the heck’s going on here. You know what i mean and that kind of threw me off a bit right i’m over here thinking: 3080 360 at 1080, i’m gon na be cranking it out left and right even with me. Lowering my settings, i still wouldn’t hit 360. right going into a game like rainbow six that’s, where i started getting some pretty good frames. I started getting really good frames of rainbow six dabbling with any of the settings right there. You know what i mean, which was an awesome experience talking about rainbow six very smooth, gameplay, very just precise, no blur or anything also, i think i forgot to mention the screen. Being 360hz is two milliseconds of response as well. Ips also, if i haven’t mentioned that, but again with the combination of colors in that response there it was crisp even on rainbow six, but again i still wasn’t hitting 360 right so going in to say a tripoli title like shadow of the tomb raider right, it Was still very crisp, the colors were awesome, it was just very vibrant. You felt like you were in there. It was great. The colors were fantastic, but again our key point here talking about this laptop 360 hertz we’re, not hitting it let’s, show two more games here. Real quick that really shocked me and looked absolutely fantastic, starting with forza horizon 4. Again i go on and on you’re gon na hear me say this constantly the colors right, the vibrancy was just gorgeous.

It was phenomenal on this laptop again being 1080p. It just blew me away, and that goes right with forza right here and even playing a racing game with wasd weird at first, but i got the hang of it. It was actually pretty fun, you know, but forrest was just like it wowed me it seriously. Wowed me, it was butter, smooth butter, crisp right there. I don’t think butter is really crisp right, but anyways. It was just an absolute blast, a great experience, but still you’re catching a drift here. Right i didn’t hit 360. dirt. 5 is another one. This is one was a little bit different you’re talking about. We just looked at forza being a racing game, it was just crisp and smooth. It was just a great experience going into dirt 5 again dabble in any kind of settings. Yes, you can guess. I didn’t hit 360., but with so much more going on with dirt, with the environment, um the dirt right, the water and everything like that. I caught a little bit more blur within that. I don’t know. If, because too much was going on or something maybe it’s, not you know enhanced as much as fours or whatever, but i did catch a little bit more blur in there still a great experience, still great colors and everything. But yes, a bit more blur in that compared to forza. So after looking at some of those benchmarks and playing those games, the biggest thing that you’re catching on is yeah they’re, not hitting 360 hertz.

But honestly, what does hit 360 hertz even if you’re on a regular pc right, i’ve tested 360 hertz monitors and i couldn’t even hit that with the games i play as we’re seeing right here so let’s go on and talk about, maybe like overwatch, maybe fortnite on The lowest settings right counter strike valorant there you’re gon na hit 360 hertz in those certain situations. For me, i don’t play any of those games. I dabbled a little bit of fortnite, you know, but me these are the kind of games that i play talking about. A gaming laptop it’s, not a valorent laptop or a counter strike laptop. You know what i mean, so that was a little bit disappointing now, as i’m talking here i’m going to be running a live benchmark on a tomb raider on the highest settings, i did most of them on high settings but again we’re running highest settings and what I want to show you here is just the heat that this thing punches out and the sound of it and everything. Now we are not plugged in here right now. We probably should be doing this test plugged in as far as all my other benchmarks, what i was playing, i was plugged in by the way, but i want to do one live with you guys, but after all those game, the gameplay clips, i showed you that Was one after another right there and i took some heat measurements with those as well and just some sound test, and when you look at this thing like it is spicy, it really is spicy even down here onto your hands where it’s going to rest on your Palm by the track pad now it’s, not unbearable hot, when you get towards the top it’s a little hotter, you actually feel some air coming out over the keys right here, but when you flip it over, it gets it’s.

Incredibly spicy. It really is that’s where your two fans are on right back there and yeah. You hear it like it’s loud but it’s. What you’d expect from a laptop or what i would expect from a laptop. At least you know like it starts chugging when you start running a pretty intensive game. Like i mean i wouldn’t expect anything other heck, my pc starts chugging, you know what i mean and it spits out heat so that’s the same thing you’re getting here, but again it is a bit drastic on a laptop something i want to put on my lap. Just sit there in game and whenever i did that sitting in the chair gaming on my lap well, my legs are covering up those fans right there and it got incredibly hot all right so that benchmark, i was doing live with you guys. It just finished on highest settings right here, as you can see: average fps at 61, as you probably can’t, see actually because it’s out of frame but average fps at 61, but that’s, not what we’re talking about here. I want to just show you the heat on hand, so if we go on and scan this bad boy i’m going to scan it right towards the back right here, we’re getting 108 right now, don’t know if the camera can pick that up – probably not but anyways. We are getting 108 on the back side. Talk about the front where your palm is going to be hitting we’re at 90.

now let’s be gentle and flip this guy upside down i’m, going to scan right on the back side here back in between the fans we’re. Getting 110. so again, that’s one benchmark before we were just sitting idle. We weren’t even doing anything that’s one benchmark here, not even playing the game. So after talking about all that with just the load and then again the heat and everything on this guy it’s, probably like well, how long is it gon na last how about that battery life? Right now, it’s stated to have seven hours of battery life. I can tell you my use while i was sitting in the chair and it was used as a laptop right. I was playing some call of duty on the high settings and i can count the amount of rounds. I had on two hands right there and then the battery died right so fairly, quick right now, it’s it’s, almost a little bit above 50 on the screen right here and when i go down to the icon. It says 75 remaining two hours and 57 minutes again. Is that just because we’re in the benchmarks, the heat’s really hug and chugging through there, you know so i i don’t think that battery life again it’s as a gaming portable laptop, i think, a lot of it cuts off. You understand what i mean like plug it in and then game you’re gon na be good to go, but as far as if you’re gon na be cranking out around on the go without the battery you’re, just kind of like you’re gon na get a couple of Rounds and you’re out of juice all right, so wrapping up the blade, 15 advanced right here, the 30 80 360 hertz model right here.

Is it worth it? Is it worth? What is it worth that price tag of three thousand big ones? Hot dog? Three thousand bucks? All right, that’s, expensive, there’s, there’s, no hiding it, no denying it that’s an expensive laptop, but again, look at what we’re talking about here, we’re talking about top tier top of the line right specs within this guy, the build so it’s justified. When you talk the specs that are in this and as far as a desktop you’re going to be almost close to that same price right here, but again, you’re looking at it into a portable device. But again we can spin the whole thing around and say: okay. Well, we got the 38, we got the 360 hertz, we got the i7, we got the great build and all that, but where i stand on, what makes me question, it is well i’m, not really getting the performance out of this, as i would expect out of A 3080 desktop, obviously right, it’s a laptop right you’re not going to get that same performance but again in my mind, as a gamer, going into the store as a consumer that’s. What i’m expecting and not getting that at that price point was disappointing. You know now again, like i stated earlier: 360 hertz you’re gon na be hard to get that on a regular gaming pc. You are so that’s where i put it. I put it at an awesome device, a solid device, but a bit overkill, maybe a bit more than a bit overkill.

What i probably would put it at, for me at least is i would go with one of the 1440p models. 144 hertz right there and probably be able to top that out, get that little bit of resolution right there and be able to top out closer around that 144, maybe for more or less around 100 115, or something at least you’re getting your money per dollar. As far as performance there, you know what i mean with this guy. I don’t feel like you’re, really taking advantage of everything that’s right there unless you’re playing a handful of games. If you catch my drift and me personally, i don’t just play a handful of games. Actually, i don’t play any of those games that are more than likely going to hit that 360 hertz. So i put this as a laptop for two people, someone that plays those games we mentioned or someone that just wants the absolute best of the best that’s. What you have here, you know what i mean, but for me again i would downsize a little bit. Save a little bit of money. Go with one of the 1440p 144 hurt models right there and be good to go and have a little bit of money. In my pocket, but i’m really curious to hear what you guys think as well, do you think this is worth 3 000 bucks right? If you place also some popular games? Do you think it’s worth that? If you play those games, do you think it’s worth it? Just as an all in all value right there as the device, it is, do you think it’s worth 3 000 bucks.

I really want to hear your guys thoughts again. This is something new i’m dabbling with right here. I hope to cover many more. You know so again, i want to spark this conversation and also learn from you guys as well, so let’s spark that down in the comments, but all in all, i hope i helped you out in this video some way or another, and i hope you enjoyed it.