I borrowed someone’s account on the asia server because she’s not out in north america yet – and i wanted to make this video, because this is a very interesting character. Honestly, if you were a free to play character and you wanted a kind of a physical damage, uh main dps rosaria has some potential. Is she gon na be the best i don’t know but here’s? The thing is, the crescent pike is a free to play weapon that anyone can use. Anyone can get the crescent pike and it would actually synergize very well with rosaria. On top of that, she has some interesting uh constellations, especially c1 and c6, but if you want to build her as a support, doing a bunch of cryo damage or at least applying cryo, so someone like who tell or d luke can melt rosaria can do that. As well, i think that this character does have some amazing potential. Is she a god tier 4 star, that’s, tough, to say until you fully build her, so let’s look at her skills and passives, but first a word from my sponsor this video is sponsored by rage. Shadow legends and this big juicy boy raid is currently celebrating their second anniversary and just dropped. The shadowkin faction, if you’re interested in nimble, ninjas some slashing samurai or ominous oni. This is the perfect faction for you now this faction just came out and your boy emtashed he’s, uh he’s, already earned one of the legendaries uh so i’m, a bit of a grinder, and you should too right.

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I think she will be an amazing cryo support if you’re trying to do melt, comps or even permafreeze comps, so let’s get started here. Let’S look at the talents, so we’ve got her basic attack, that’s cool. These are the multipliers i’m, not doing all the math on that. You know i’m, not the math guy, that finds out the optimal dps, but she’s got her basic attack and then she’s got her other one here. This is where she dashes behind the target and does a little attack, and it will kind of teleport you behind the target. Now this is on a six second cooldown. Remember that because it’s important for later on, but it is a pretty frequently used ability, you’re gon na get some energy that’s cool, but rights of termination. Look at this bad boy. Okay, it’s got a duration of eight seconds, it’s gon na cool down at 15 seconds. So there will definitely be some down time, but the duration of eight seconds isn’t too bad and you can push it up to 12 seconds with c2. So if you are wishing a bunch on that banner because you want tartaglia, i think she’s definitely got some potential to support now. This is the interesting one here when you strike an opponent from behind you’re gon na boost your crit rate and crit is obviously one of the you know the best stats for dps, so getting additional current rate built into her build and you’re gon na get this To proc a lot, especially in the spiral abyss, i think that that’s pretty cool because of the way your dash works, you’re, always behind them.

You do a quick attack, you’re going to get this pretty much 100 uptime, because this is a five second duration, the cooldown. Your other ability is six seconds now this one i don’t love this one i’m, not gon na lie. I don’t love this one it’s fine, but when you use your burst, ability uh it’s, going to increase the current rate of all party members. So if you are going physical damage dealer, you want to be the main dps. This does nothing, but if you’re like me, who’s more interested in support rosaria, this is actually kind of cracked. By using this ultimate ability, you’re going to be putting area of effect, constant damage over time, cryo it’s going to keep procking over and over again right you’re going to be. You know popping that and then swapping to a fire damage dealer like d luke or who tow or something like that and you’re gon na get extra crit right. So if you are being support rosaria there is a lot of potential here. I think this is one of those characters where you can build many many ways and you’re gon na be very, very happy, especially if you’re using the crescent pike for melee. But if you’re doing something where you’re, using your abilities and being more of a support, you would want something like a fuvonius. Lance right, they’ve got the dragon spine spear on here, that’s fine as well uh, because she is cryo she’d actually get this bonus quite a bit but um.

You know. I think i would go more energy recharge myself, because i don’t plan on using her as a fi or a main dps of physical damage dps now, as for constellations uh, this one leads you to believe she’s gon na be a very good physical, dps, uh crit Hits will increase her attack speed by 10, which is amazing, attack speeds always good and normal attack damage by 10 for four seconds. So, if you’re, critting you’re gon na have a hundred percent uptime on this that’s really really cool but c2 beautiful. If you want to support – or if you want to just have more damage and and duration on your burst ability, this is going to increase that duration by four seconds. So that’s, like a 50 increase going from 8 seconds to 12 seconds, that’s, pretty damn good. This is gon na just increase the damage of your uh e. This is the damage of your q uh, but c4 here, uh it’s, fine, it’s, it’s, good you’re, actually going to be able to use your abilities quite a bit when you use your ravjing uh confession, which is your e ability when you crit it’s, going to regenerate Energy, meaning you can use your ultimate even more there’s, nothing wrong with that it’s, not insane, but it is definitely good if you’re trying to spam your abilities and divine retribution. This one is um it’s, interesting uh, because when you use your rights of termination, it’s going to be debuffing the enemy and reducing their physical resistance.

So if you wanted to build her as a main dps boom right, this is amazing. But what if you were using someone like razer as your main dps, you could drop your ultimate swap to razer he’s gon na get crit he’s gon na get the physical damage reduction and then he’s also gon na be able to do super conduct. So i think that there’s some major major potential here to use her as a support, especially for razer and if you’re, just using you know a melt comp of some sort. She’S gon na be great for that as well. Now, let’s take a look at her abilities, so her e ability, i think, it’s pretty awesome, it’s going to put you behind them, it’s, going to work every time, you’re going to get those crits off and uh it’s got a decent range. It’S like like this much like kind of like that, far and um, because it’s got some area of effect. If the enemies are grouped up, you are definitely going to hit them, get him with that cryo and that’s pretty sweet. I, like it it’s very fun to use i like dashing around and um. I don’t know because she’s got the blood stain set on. I would be more inclined to do a bunch of charged attacks, but for right now i think i’m going to just be doing basic attacks. Now this is the big one. This is the one i really enjoy this ultimate.

It does an area of effect hit, but then it’s going to repeatedly apply this cryo now that’s, pretty fast, you’re gon na be able to pretty much permafreeze stuff, and that means that if you’re using a fire character like d luke, you can alternate your abilities in Between there and get a bunch of melt off um, i see the major potential for her to be a support and i think she would be a better support, in my opinion, uh almost like a shin chill of cryo, because right now we don’t really have anyone Like that, we’ve got chichi that can put some cryo around her but i’m, really enjoying rosaria. I think she’s gon na be a very cool character and the fact that you had that versatility to build her as a main dps that’s exciting. I like that, but look at this boom hit freezing constantly freezing. Oh my god. I love it. I love it. I absolutely love it. This enemy has no chance, i’m popping that shield, and then we go behind, get the crit, and just so, if you guys are interested in rosaria um, i mean you got ta like to uh to taglia too. You have to like barbara right. You got ta like fishel, i think fishel is a good support for her. Barbara could work as well. I do see i do see um rosaria, being a pretty popular character. Uh looks wise, obviously, but her kit is good here’s.

The thing is, she probably will be on another banner, but she will also probably get moved to the the regular banner eventually, and so you need to decide. Is this banner worth it for you? Do you want to be using all your primo gems on it um? I really want rosaria i’m, not gon na lie after playing um with her and testing her out. I really want rosaria. Also this guy just started the game. He still has. These beginner wishes i’m gon na yell at him to to use these, but i really want rosaria – and i i am considering wishing here, but i might wait to see if she’s on another banner, like with shin yan and dionna they’ve, been on multiple different banners. Maybe they’re going to be on a banner with a different character that i enjoy more and so i’m going to wait for that i’m going to hope for that, because i don’t really need the official i don’t want barbara and tarteglia is a good. I just don’t want him or don’t need him on my account. So i love you azaria. I will come for. You wait wait. I i mean i will you will you’ll be on my team. You know what that’s the end of the video. Thank you so much for watching. I hope that you enjoyed and i’ll see you soon.