1 2019 model on android, 10 actual routing processes already available for android 9.0. But after updating, android 10 most of the users are going under the boot loop. Before proceeding download all the required files given under the video description download and keep them at one place on your laptop or pc, install samsung drivers and the android adb drivers, given under the video description for the proper functioning of the odin and usb debugging that step. I have not shown in the video. All data will be erased in this process, so keep the backup now without wasting any time. Let’S get started Music. The first step is the bootloader unlocking for that go to the settings about tablet and go to the software information and click add times on your build number to enable the developer option now go back. You will see the developer option in that option. You will see the oem unlocking enable that tab scroll down. You will also see the usb debugging option enable that option also now power off your device, then press the volume up and the down button simultaneously and connect your device to the pc using usb type c. Cable immediately, you will see the boot loader screen on your device now remove the usb cable and to unlock the boot loader long press your volume up key after that phone will show you boot loader unlock warning. Then you have to press the power key to proceed. Now, every time you will boot, you will see this warning and you have to skip that process by pressing the power button.

Then your device will reboot. You need to setup. Your device then again enable the developer option shown previously and now again enable the usb debugging. Now the oem unlock option must be greyed off. If not, you need to follow the bootloader unlocking process again now power off your device. After that long press volume up and the power key to go under the recovery menu. When you boot into the recovery, then select reboot to bootloader option by using volume up down keys and press power button to select, you are booted in a bootloader mode. Now connect your device to the pc and open your extracted volume, folder and run odin 3.13. Only use this version of odin, then you will see your device under the idcom of odin manager, then also deselect, or to reboot settings under the option. Tab which is beside the lock tab, then check and click the ap option and select the recovery 3.5 tar file and click the start button. If the process was successful, odin will show you the green pass indicator now. Remove the usb cable, long press volume down and the power key until your device, reboots immediately click the volume up and the power key. Now your device will boot in a new twrp recovery. 3.5 slide. The bottom bar now click the wipe option and select the format. Data type s and enter this will erase all data in the device now transfer the multi disabler and match this 20.

4 zip file from the pc to your tablet. By using the usb cable or you can attach the pendrive using the otg cable, which must have the both dimension file, so here i am using the otg pendrive. If you are using the painter, you need to mount it under the mount settings and then click. The storage and select the otg storage, now first flash the multi disabler zip after the installation go back and now flash the magix 20.4. If the twrp will show any error skip the installation of magics, first reboot, the device and again boot it to twrp and then flash the magics here, i didn’t got any errors so after the magic installation reboot the system first boot will take the 15 minutes. So wait patiently after the reboot set up your device and then download the magix apk install it now, when you open the magix app, it will show you the magix version 21.4 installed now to check whether your device is rooted or not use the root checker from The play store, download, install it open and click the verify route app will ask for the root permission, give it and your galaxy tab is now rooted, showing the green color in the root checker app so guys. I have such a lot. Splenda lots of nights to root the galaxy tab on the android 10.. If my work help you just like and share this video subscribe, our channel press, the bell icon for the notification of our upcoming content, because i will now bring the more root content for the galaxy tab.