Actually so everything’s going going good now, everything’s going according to plan and now hopefully i’ll be able to upload more back on the schedule. So, as you can see, i have this little thing out here: it’s called a light pad block playable surface by uh rolly. Where is it there? It is, this is a rolly light pad block it. Um works free with your phone and obviously your laptop um. I got this a very long time ago whenever i was on my break for youtube and i tried recording on this a while back, but that wasn’t everywhere i was having problems with uh uploading stuff like that so here’s, the box, you don’t, really get much out Of it excuse me it is kind of simple uh. This is the first version they release, i think yeah they have another. One called the um don’t know it’s something m, and this it’s way different from this one. But i got this one, because this was the one i could afford and i don’t really care as long as it works or whatever. Oh man, i don’t know what i’m doing. Okay, so let’s just say: you’re barely opening it. If i can open it. Okay, give me a second: i will come back when i can open it. Okay, i’m back. I got it open all right. So basically, is how it’s gon na look you’re just gon na have the light pad block right there and take that out.

Then there’s gon na be a little thing. You can just lift that up, throw that over there right there um, oh yeah, if you’re wondering i have to hold the camera right here, because it wasn’t working up there or anything um. So i have to hold it right here, so this is the thing that this is the thing that comes with it: well, there’s, actually more but shape music. Doesn’T really say much pause that if you can read it, this doesn’t say much either so that’s the actual, really light pad block, and these are other things that you can get with the block. But i didn’t get that because it was too much for me i’ll. Let you pause that if you want to read it, if i can get there, i don’t know hold on there. We go so pause it. If you want to read all that – and those dna connections is those little prongs right there, which i’ll talk about in a minute that’s about it, that’s the back let’s set that over there now and here we’ve got so i can fix the camera again all right. There we go. Oh, we got really nothing much. We got the warranty overview and then we got the quick start guide, pause that if you read it whoa there we go that’s about it for that and that’s it for the box. Nothing else in the box, except this little thing, which i never really took out before, but that’s all it is it’s literally nothing that’s the bottom padding to it, i guess or whatever something like that over there.

Okay, this is the block itself so uh. Where is it there? It is so this is what happens if we turn it on uh, really, nothing just kind of wait for you to pair it um real, quick hold on. I will do this in a minute all right, so okay, so this is what it’s going to look like um it’s, going to give you well. Actually, let me go back so it’s going to give you like this one and oh it’s, going to give you that one and that one um we’re, just going hybrid, hip hop so let’s go here and let’s actually connect it. So you need to connect blocks and you can name it whatever you want. I just named it that because it’s i don’t know i didn’t know what to name it, but the real name is the rolly light pad block. So here we go and, as you can see, it’s paired and let me turn my phone up. If we oh, you heard it there for a little bit. If we go like this or something you can hear it now, let’s go back here and you can also have it. You can track it Music um, so it has um different uh modes to it and you can see like down there and stuff um. All you have to do is press that one right there that little button – and these are just like different – sounds Music um.

So basically, it also has this thing called 5d touch, i’m pretty sure, and basically, if you press a soft and then hard, so basically you can detect that how hot like um, how hard or how soft you press on it let’s go to the next one. Soft hard, like i said you can drag it too. Music let’s go to the next one, and this is the last um noise making one well the last one out of these things: Music. Next one. This is basically the loop thingy. So this is this doesn’t. Actually this one isn’t like the other ones it just basically uh – can do like a loop whatever, as you can hear it. Okay, there, you go um that’s, a loop thing. I don’t really want to do it right now, next mode. So basically, this um is how high or low you want the thing to be so like, for example, um i don’t know carson. I don’t know what to call it pink. All pinks would be like, for example, right there. All um greens would be right here. All purples would be like right there and, if you wanted to, you, could just mute the whole entire thing so um, whatever color, that is, would be right, just basically muted and you won’t hear it at all. This is basically like those things that you hear i’m. Just gon na play that’s that, and these are same things as the other one you could Music.

Then you would not hear any of those cut or the colors down here. Would not they wouldn’t make any of the noise that you would do up here or they would not be affected by it same thing right here, it’s just this one’s, a different, sound, yeah, um same thing for this and then you’re back here um. There are also sorry there are also different um, like kits that you can use all the ones that i downloaded here are free. There we go now it’s scrolling. All let me see there are free um. Basically, all you have to do is go down here to whatever that says, then you go up here to those little lines and then the slash, and then you just wait for it to load and then, like bunch of these, will pop up. Some of them will say free, some of them will cost money like this. One colors of india was free, um express your elf is free lemon by nerd was free. I don’t know if you heard that song, but i like it personally and if you ever want to get back. All you have to do is just go down there and go to whichever one you’re using and to change it just kind of same thing except you, wouldn’t go up there, you just click whichever one like edi edm um, two drum kit and now that one’s different From the other one, i don’t know why my foot keeps on hitting the xbox, but sorry wiping you guys down that’s about it for the rolly light pad block it’s a really cool thing, um, some more things i wanted to say about it is that if you Don’T have a really light head block.

Actually what i did too before i got my really light pad block, because i kind of played around with the app and will also pop up on the royal ipad block um let’s see. So that is the power and, like the battery thing, to check the battery on it. That just says blocks, that is to change the mode, and that is the charger, oh yeah, and more about these prongs right here. Those are basically if you have um maker of it. These are basically, if you have uh one of those or something and other really light pad or not light pad, but other rolly products um. You can attach it to this i’m. Pretty sure all rolly products have uh those little prongs to connect it to the stuff um, to your own little thing with everything you have um so basically that’s all i have to say about this rolly light pad block. I really enjoy it if i recommend it on a scale of ten. I would probably rate it a a nine because it’s just really fun in general to mess around with you know and just play with really um. Was it worth the money i mean i would say so i would say so because you know it’s it’s, just a really cool little thing to play with, but that’s like i said all i had to say about the rolly, oh wrong side. All i really had to say about the royal ipad block.