What we have here are a pair of AR glasses and what does that mean well Ill? Tell you in this video, which is sponsored by real kid, so they sent these out to me and I got ta tell you uh. I really like them a lot and yeah. It may be a sponsored video, but if you watch my videos, you know that Im going to give you give it to you straight. These are really fantastic. Ive been using them like basically Ive, been addicted to them for, like the last couple of weeks since Ive had these and its so nice, because you can connect them to virtually anything that has video out now. You can do that in two ways. Of course it comes with the USBC cable. You can plug that directly in you can plug it and play into your laptop. You can plug it into a Nintendo switch. If you have the adapter, if you get this broken Hub, what that does is allows you to do two different things: one you can play with your switch two. It has two USBC inputs on it, so that could give you indefinite play time because you can get an external power source. So the way these work you plug them in your phone and whatever youre going to watch them on that has a battery and a power source to it, and it sends the video so then youre sitting there enjoying it. So its not like these are heavy theres.

No built in battery theres, none of that stuff, so its very streamlined and thats. What I like about these, the most is basically you have this: you have your USBC, cable and youre done, and then you can sit there. You can enjoy it on your big Larger than Life over 200 inch represented screen. So what were talking about here is a essentially a 215 inch maximum view viewing size at the equivalency of six meters. So I liken it to like sitting into a really nice movie. Theater so its not like oh 215, inches right, smack dab in front of your face and then its like. Okay, youre, looking around you cant see everything its a very natural viewing distance, but its also good high quality 600 nits brightness at the lens level. So were talking pretty good darn brightness, especially when its right up in your face and 1080p, so we got 1080p also. This version supports 120 hertz refresh rate. So that means that you can get that nice smoothness thats what everybodys been fighting for to get it in your Apple in your phone, like your iPhone get in your Samsung phone 120 hertz refresh rate means that basically, the screen refreshes twice as fast as it normally Does so, especially in things like playing games, its very, very important for things like action, movies or theres, a lot of things going on. It helps smooth out a lot of that noise, and it makes for like a much more Crystal Clear experience.

So thats nice, you can also adjust the brightness on here. Youve got stereo sound. Yes, its got directional speakers on little arms on the glasses that beam straight into your ears. So you can listen to it that way, but whats also nice is. If you need to go radio silence, you can get the Bluetooth experience from whatever device youre listening to so you can use some earbuds connect them to your phone. If thats, what you have connected to it, I do it all the time. My biggest thing that I like Im a night owl Im up recording, I I make my videos late at night. I stay up all night long. My wife goes to sleep very early, so shes, not a big fan of me watching the TV at like one oclock in the morning. So these right here, absolute Lifesaver, because I can just lay there in bed and I can watch my videos. I can play my games, I connect my switch to it. I can connect the Xbox to it, theres a lot of different things. Now, if you want to connect the Xbox, real quick actually has an adapter for the HDMI. So that way you can convert the HDMI to the USBC. You can sit there and play your Xbox and also you get 1080p 120 hertz refresh rate. That makes for a really nice experience because its like playing on a big screen, its like renting out your own movie, theater in your bedroom and youre, the only one in there.

So I do like that. I think the sound is good. I think the visual experience is good again: 600 nits, brightness, 120 hertz, refresh rate 215 inch screen size and if youre nearsighted or you have problems with your vision, you dont even need to worry about that, because theyve got these little diopter for myopia and it goes From zero to negative six, you can adjust those for each eye to get everything situated right. So that way you can get the right viewing distance and you get this nice Crystal Clear, viewing picture while youre using them so thats super nice and they only weigh 75 grams 75 grams thats it. So I learned in chemistry a long time ago: theres not a whole lot. I learned from that that I remember from 20 years ago other than theres 454 grams in a pound. So basically, these weigh less than a quarter of a pound, so thats, really nice, high quality construction and its nice too, because theyve got a nice wide reach theyve got like a little bit of flex in them. So that way, if you got a fat head like I do they dont dig in the side of your head and make for an uncomfortable experience, so thats nice and then on top of that they come with the shade visor this time. So last time the rocket airs they had interchangeable lenses. This one you can pop this right off and ta da see.

This is what they actually look like. I leave this on because this right here gives you basically like a dark backdrop, and it makes it all that much brighter whenever youre watching or playing on the glasses. So they actually look like this, so they look. Actually, I think fairly fashionable. I mean I wouldnt. Try to walk through TSA with them, but I mean once you get on the plane. These are so nice to use on the plane I connected to my phone. I use them on the plane. Ive been traveling a whole lot over the last couple of months, and these are indispensable for me on the plane. This revolutionized my flying experience because Im always downloading stuff. I download stuff on Netflix Amazon, Prime HBO Max, and then I can just sit there on the plane and then I dont have to worry about whos. Next to me, I dont have to worry about whos in front behind me. Ive got my earbuds in and get to enjoy this like upfront, movie, theater experience and its really comfortable, and you can wear them for a long time, because they only weigh what 75 grams so thats. Also, a nice thing, too comes with everything you need in the Box theres, even an extra set of the nose accessory here, which you can kind of manipulate it a little bit. So it fits nice and comfortably on your nose. So nice comfortable comfortable with the ears comfortable with the nose comfortable in the front, because they dont weigh a lot and then its very, very easy.

It comes with the charging cable also as well, that youre going to use and they call these the max like theyre. The rokid max I feel like they should call them the minimum, because theres not a whole lot. Basically, you have the glasses, you have the shade, you have the cable and then you have the additional nose attachment thats. Basically it and it comes in this nice convenient pouch, so youve got everything that you could need, including it comes with a microfiber cloth. So that way, youre good to go. You have everything you need, theres, not a whole lot to it and thats. What I like about them so much like I remember a long time ago I went to Iraq when I was deployed back in 2006. I had a buddy that had like these VR AR glasses and they were huge. It was huge it had like an apparatus. It was terrible resolution had to plug the suckers into the wall, had to have a computer like there were so many things that you needed, like theres, so much advancement that technology has made in the last 20 years, and then we had these guys right here and Its basically like your own theater, on your face that you can use for playing video games, you can use for watching videos or for work like if you actually want to work. You can even use these with decks. If you plug this into your Samsung phone decks will pop up.

You can use the screen on your Samsung phone as your Dex Mouse, and then you can actually work its like having a portable desktop on your face, its so nice, and it works really really well. So thats pretty much it Im going to wrap this one up, but I just wanted to talk about these. Yes, it is a sponsored video, but from my heart I really like these things and I really enjoy them. Theyre, basically theyre indispensable. I keep them by my bed, I travel they go with me. I let my kids use them in the car on road trips, its really nice and yes, theyre 4′ dollars. But if you go to link down in the description, I have a 20 exclusive discount code. You can save some money there and you can go to the Roku website if youre interested in buying some and one more thing. I want to talk about briefly. They have a portable station coming out, so they announced this at their brokered open day here recently, when the real kid Max were announced. These AR glasses are compatible with a lot of different devices, a whole lot, but not everything. So this new rocket station is coming out is going to alleviate some of those compatibility issues to make it more compatible with a lot more products, and on top of that it has a built in 5000 milliamp battery. It has compatible buttons on it, so you can use it for playing the games because there is an AR app in here, so theres the Roku AR app, and it works really well and youve got certain apps and stuff.

Youve got some virtual, augmented reality games in there, and the roken station will allow you to play those with the controller without having to have anything externally connected, and they give you more compatibility with plugging things in also that 5000 milliamp battery to power things. So you can have an even longer extended experience for, while youre using the glasses and thats going to be coming out later on this year. I believe around second quarter, so thatll be a cool thing to get to top up on top of your rooked max experience. But thats all I got in this video if you have any questions or comments and please go in the comment, section Ill get back with you. If you enjoyed the video, if you found this helpful, if you like AR glasses, then uh please hit the like on the Subscribe button. So that way, you can check out more content in the future, surely Ill be making more because Im a big fan of AR glasses, especially these, and as always thanks for being here.