I love porco rosso speaking of porca rosso. What up gear seekers it’s your boy, nick we’re, checking out a new case today. Actually, you guys have been asking us to check this out for a while it’s, the rog, z11 or z11, depending on what side of the planet you live on and it’s an its case. Can’T keep a straight face, because i think this is an itx case Laughter. This is not itx. Okay, today’s me today. What is wrong with you? Okay, but on the reel, though uh it’s, probably one of the biggest ati 80 itx cases i’ve ever seen and what we actually did is we decided to do a build but uh, because there’s heaps of reviews about this case out already i’ll link a couple good Ones in the description, if you can uh yeah, we just did a build with it, and i did the thermals and i answered a question you didn’t know you wanted to ask already what would be the difference in this case, if you flipped all the fans around, I also tested all that stuff too, so let’s jump into it. Do a build, hang out let’s. Do it thing Music anyway, on a more serious note, uh, we only build with stuff that we have on hand here. So we can’t build with stuff that we don’t have and i’m already gon na. Like answer this, now, at the start of the video, these parts are kind of mismatched it’s supposed to look good, and i also wanted to see what the thermals are like and the 11 600k is kind of a warm cpu kind of knot so i’m going to Stop talking and and computer and internet and cameras and 4k and the things let’s do it Music, it’s all so screwed in what is this a thing? Music? Why Music, oh Music? Oh Music, heaps of reviews out there said you can’t, put a radiator or an aio at the top watch me i’ll, show you how it’s done it doesn’t mean you should do it, but you can do it Music, uh, Music.

Why won’t you go in! I just tested this. I know this fits. I literally have just done this: go in the hole you’re in the hole where you belong: Music, lovely Music, though i’m – trying to do that: Music, oh that’s, more, like it nice and small just the way i like it now: it’s Music, even good Music Music. Oh just ladies yeah, just like all right. Ladies you ready for some peel. I am look serious faces. Serious faces, bingo bango, peel, the wango, wow Laughter, there’s dogs, barking in the background and everything look at that. Oh that’s, very shiny, very shine, very shine. Oh, the shine is very it’s, so shine, vanessa, amarosi it’s, all for you, Music, all right, ladies and gents, i hope you enjoyed this uh fun, build in the asus rog z11. Now, as i already stated at the start of the video, we did test the thermals. So let’s check them out right now and as you’re seeing on screen right now, if we flip the fans to intake from exhaust, as shown in this orientation here, the difference is within a margin of error and completely negligible and with the panels on all of them. On it’s uh, not cold, yep, not cold and it’s it’s, quite warm! Actually. I was a bit concerned for this gpu. I didn’t want to get it any hotter than that and it didn’t get any hotter, but the the reason really for the gpu thermals being kind of i don’t, know they’re kind of interesting is the there’s a fan right underneath it’s, a 140mm fan that’s blowing straight Into the bottom, but the front fans are sitting up against the glass.

Now you may or may not have noticed this with the entire build, but the motherboard tray and the gpu is actually on an 11 degree angle, and they say this promotes airflow i’m, not sure how true that is, given the results from these tests so yeah also, While we’re on the topic of thermals and all of those things, you may have noticed that i actually like interrupted the video because i’m going to be doing that from now and that was kind of fun. I put the aio in the top now a lot of reviews out there said: hey it doesn’t fit it doesn’t work, you can’t, do it they’re kind of right? Okay, the the answer to this question is because the only reason i did it is because people will ask, because it does come pre installed with two 140s at the top. You can make it fit if you don’t want to plug stuff in, but if you actually want to use it, i would suggest putting the aio on the side. Also, this case can be like rotated on its side as well, so you don’t have to use it in the standing up orientation. You can use it the other way, but uh most of the builds and stuff i’ve seen online and the internet where people do stuff. With the video cameras and the computers and the editing and the computers and the youtube and the algorithms uh, they put the ai on the side, and they either have the system laying down on the other axis or they do an air cooler or something to that Effect but yeah i wanted to do it slightly different, so i did enough jibber jabber about why i did things because i don’t know.

Maybe i should stop explaining why i do things so then people comment more because apparently the algorithm’s a thing these days right parts. The motherboard is the asus rog strix z590i motherboard it’s, an itx port it’s, the new z590 board, the cpu that we whacked on it is the intel core. I5. 11. 600K. I already answered this. I know it’s a mismatch compared to the rest of the hardware but uh. What did what did the kids say? Yolo swaggins? Is that still a thing just wanted to do it, because i wanted to use the cpu because i haven’t used it yet. So i kind of just did a thing right: yep cool, to call the eleven six 11 600k. It sounds so weird right, 11, 600k. It doesn’t have a flow, no it’s, not like the the 6900k that had a mad flow. How come they don’t have the 420k. The 11 600k is called by the fantex glacier one 240, not 420, 240 mp. Then i installed it up the top, because i wanted to see if you could actually make it fit, because it has holes in the top for two 140 fans and some two 120 fans and the radiator holes don’t actually line up so don’t. Do it don’t do what i did, but it can be done, but just don’t do it for ram. We went with 16 gigs of corsair dominated platinum. I can’t remember how fast this miranda is.

I think it’s 3 600 megahertz from memory see memory from memory funny. Guy internet algorithm, i’m saying keywords so then the algorithm you know because that’s, approximately all you have to do on youtube. Yeah, if you say it enough times, then like it’s it’s, like if you say beetlejuice three times right, i don’t do that. Oh, how can i only say it two more times what about beetlejuice? But if i say it one more time, then: okay, i’m scared, i’m. Actually scared, no i’m, not doing it go ahead. Barbara’S saying beetlejuice, the gpu is the asus rog strix rtx 3090. Again, yes, i know it’s a little bit mismatched for this system, but again i just wanted to see if it would fit, because, to be honest, i saw some conflicting reports of it being kind of hard to get in, and you probably saw the clip of me Like freaking out because it wouldn’t go in, but it did go in it went in the hole it always goes in the hole i got it to fit. When i was test fitting this stuff before actually filming, i actually did it with another gpu that’s. Basically, the same size i’m like hey. If that big old thing is going to fit, then this one’s going to fit and it fit no problem. So here we go and that’s my life story. Thanks for listening to my ted talk, how many red bulls did you have today? I had a coffee just before that’s all it is okay, yeah, four fans.

I went with these new deep cool fans. They are the cf 120 pluses uh. They look really cool. They look cool, but they kind of look fluffy. They kind of look like those cool master fans, the halo fans that we never got. Do you have a lot of editing i’m gon na leave. All of this in i’m testing the algorithm today we’re testing, the the the statistics cf 120 pluses from deepcool they’re, actually really nice. They use the other type of addressable rgb connector, the one that doesn’t unplug really easily. I quite like it and i decided to go with them, because i love how these fans look and when we did the deep cool build a little while ago i was like yo. Those things are cool man, cool, bro, yeah, the rgb seek man. I can’t help it today, i’m, just like i’m feeling goofy, as i don’t know. Why just this is the real me not on the internet here’s one thing that happened uh the power supply, and this is something to actually keep in mind if you’re looking at getting this case, a regular sized power supply with uh cable extensions is a bit of A stretch probably don’t want to go down that path. I switched it over. He was a regular power supply and i was like hey. You know what i don’t want to try and make this fit because it physically wasn’t fitting on it. So i was like dig deep: get an 850 watt sfx power supply, so we swapped it out with the uh cooler master 850 watt, one: oh there’s, a pc part big list, so you’re not missing out on anything it’s all down.

There check it out your own leisure, all that jazz now that’s, basically what i wanted to do with this case. What do you reckon claire is that enough, like i’ve spoken way too much today, right and uh don’t go anywhere because up next there’s, another video about another computer that we did in the recommended on the sidebar anyways guys, if you like the music you heard here. I make all the music that’s available over on patreon want to get early access to whatever this video was head on over to float plain wow i’m, just i don’t know i just wanted to have fun today once again. Thank you so very much for watching i’m. Your hyperactive coffee ingesting friend, yes, i’m, your friend nick with gear seekers you peek, we see – i just had a coffee like like not that long ago, but it was really strong and i had a couple really strong coffees today, because i woke up. I felt like a zombie and i’m, like you know what i’m just gon na go like food caffeine mood like the hulk, but not as green, but the hulk and i yeah. I just wanted to have fun building this today and give you guys some useful information. There’S something useful in there somewhere i’m sure of it i’m, absolutely positively sure that you might learn something and again just to rewind. I didn’t want to review this case because there’s plenty of other reviews out there’s reviews done for every type of orientation, but the only thing i was interested in this case was the thermals and the price it’s too expensive, thanks for watching Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, so Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music, cause Music, um, Music, any time Music.