It has many many great thing, guys one important thing about laptop these days, that they actually get thinner and thinner and thinner, while trying i’m just saying trying to maintain thermals. That would actually affect the uh, the performance of the laptop while in reality you should just make it more thicker, more heat dissipation, just like this laptop fixing things. So this laptop the rog strix g15, i believe, is better performance, a better performer than um. The the previous uh or the actually the current zephyrus g15 that we have right now, uh, for you know obvious reasons you know and i’ll get that in a minute. So to start, let me just say that this laptop is made uh. I would give this out of 100. I would give it 85 percent uh made as a quality when it comes to the you know the um, how good the? How strong is the laptop, how light it is, how it actually to use you know and carry around uh 85 it’s, not 100 it’s, not 95. uh, just one, because one thing and one thing only that actually bothers me about this laptop and i wish that they Actually applied this such uh feature it’s, the uh. You know the magnets are on the screen when you close it and open it. This thing is not present here and i talked about it before the previous videos. Compare it with the zippers g14 wire. The magnets here, like it’s, not gon na and it’s, not holding the screen, really tight, so uh it’s gon na it’s gon na.

Let the if you close it in this area, it’s going to go down but it’s not going to hold the screen when you when you like, for example, carry the laptop. If you, if you hold it from here, i don’t know if you’re going to carry from here like this screen is going to wobble that’s. I don’t know i don’t like that really because it doesn’t feel good if you’re putting in in your bag – and there are other things around, the screen might be a little bit open. Just like this in your bag because it’s moving around, then you know things might get in that’s only my only disadvantage for this laptop other than that. The laptop is made very well for gaming. It’S made very well for long battery. Life made very well for uh. You know great experience, so let’s just go through the uh. What we have here so the left side. Let me just try to flip the laptop the left side. We have a nice thick vent so now i’m talking about thickness. This is why this laptop is really great. It doesn’t this fan doesn’t spin at all, so the uh, you know, as you can see, the cpu is over here. So the fan does not spin at all unless it gets to a certain point and you can adjust that in the rog software, as you can see, advanced gets in here these small holes and then get dissipated from the left side and get the spatula from the Back side – and i don’t know sometime people say that there is some holes here that get the air that does get dissipated.

As you can see, we have to test that later and see, but so far this is what you get on the left side, two usbs and one headphone jack. This is the ld lights here, that’s, where you see it, it looks nice by the way on the right side. There is nothing i would love to have like, for example, usb uh. This way, but i understand – maybe you don’t – want to have cables going on the left side on the right side, maybe that’s, why they put it in the back. We have a vent here and, as you can see, the thickness is nice. I mean if you look at the zephyrus it’ll, be like almost half this thickness or maybe 75 of this thickness um that’s, why you get high temps, but so so far this laptop is beast when it comes to the temperatures and performance uh here’s, the slow. The fan intake – and it goes out from this way. You know the design of the fans on the right side. Here is different than this side see and uh. You know jesus likes to play with this stuff. I have a usb here on a usb type c that works as a pd charger hdmi and you know lan line. We have also the big charger over here now let’s talk about how this laptop fare. So if you just flip it here, let me just show you uh, you will see the small bumps over here to lift the laptop.

This is a bigger, bigger ones, so the laptop will be a little a little bit higher on the front, but in the back it’s going to be like um, you know it’s not that uh it’s not raised as opposed in the back so that’s in the front. Here this this area over here, you see that this this area doesn’t touch the ground. So let me just show you why, and this is so. This is how it looks like you see this area. Definitely this area is higher than the area in the middle, so the area in the middle does not touch the ground at all. I don’t know why they put it here. I think they might actually need to raise it a little bit to match the left and the right sides, as you can see, it’s a little bit down here and uh, as you can see in the back. So it’s not like the zephyrus that when you open the lid uh, the the laptop goes up up the upside; no, it just is what it is, and the back is just almost as how can i say this it’s like flat. Let me just show you what what i mean here: i’ll try to pull the camera, make you see how it looks like on the ground. So what i do in that case, just like with the lenovo legion, i put something on the back here. Whatever you know like a pencil whatever just to lift the laptop a little bit up here, it doesn’t affect anything, but it does bring more cooling performance.

So let me show you what i’m talking about all right, everybody here’s the area where you can see the vents and, as you can see, the leg is over here. So if you look at the underneath it, you barely can have a small bit of errors to breathe and it’s actually it’s very way low, so it’s really hard to suck in some air. You can but it’s really hard.