As my daily driver for the past 30 days or so so lets do this alright, so lets start off with the feel in the hand. I honestly am very particular about how a keyboard feels or how a keystroke reacts on every key press, and this is mainly because of how long ive been exposed to macbooks with the rog flow x13. It amplified or heightened my expectations when were talking about a great feel in the hand experience the body. Has this textured finish? The key has this satisfying travel on every press and if my memory serves me right, the typing experience that ive enjoyed with my previous rogs tricks is no different or, if not so much better. Probably one of the highlights of the rog flow x3 mobile is the screen to some. This might be small coming at 13.4 inches, but this is covered in gorilla glass protection, as opposed to the common laptop that has a plastic screen. That same screen has a 360 degree hinge that allows users to be versatile for any situation, be it propped up for regular use, surface or tent mode or tablet mode. Should you feel the need to utilize it that way, though, amongst the three as convenient as the tablet mode is because of the touch screen functionality? It is a bit strange since youre not exactly dealing with programs designed for touch responses. Instead, these are actual programs. In actual browsers, so this may seem weird for some under the hood.

The flow x13 comes equipped with a wide range of configurations, but this bad boy right here has an amd, ryzen, 9, 5900 hs with a radium graphics, chip, 16 gigabytes of ram and a terabyte of built in storage. To me personally, these specifications are both new and doesnt, exactly mean anything since, for the most part that ive used laptops, be it a windows, machine or a mac are usually into base, so this was rather interesting, considering how amazingly, fast and powerful this is from the Get go now. One thing worth mentioning – and i find strange – is that this came with a front facing camera, as opposed to the other newly released rog laptops that didnt so im, not sure if this is now considered a premium feature. But it is something worth mentioning now in terms of actual gaming performance, since this is technically a machine geared towards that market. It was amazing i used to have this notion that a gaming laptop needs to be bulky and massive to cater to so much specs. But this defies that with its compact overall form factor now, if you crave the extra ports or you feel like you, want to prop it up to a much bigger screen and transform this into a natural workstation, you can do so with the use of the xg Mobile, which not only works as an external hub, but also amplifies the graphics processing capabilities of the flow 13.

. This basically means this can actually give gamers that edge of having more when gaming. So i personally never had the need for it, and it can be quite the challenge to set up considering the size of it. For me personally, the internals alone is more than capable so having to have the xg mobile on the side is a nice assurance. But for me personally, its not a necessity, i mean sure it is small enough to fit a bag, but thats added weight right there, which can be a bit of a drag if youll be on the commute. Now, what i do appreciate with the full extra t mobile is: it comes with some rog signature, pouches and sleeves, so youre, not left alone, having to scour online stores for ideal bag and containers. Now, of course, if youre planning to get one for yourself, that would be the best time since this is included with the shared 2021 bundles from asus philippines. Of course, this works. Well, if you have the complete gear of rog stuff, but even without it or the xg mobile youre, still getting a rather immersive and powerful, yet compact machine that can dish out serious performance, be it for content or for gaming. Overall, this is a treat not worth passing up, especially if youre like me, a content created by passion who has a burning desire for gaming, in any case, thats pretty much it for my review of the rog flow x13 mobile.