I will be going to introduce these three laptops in front of me to find out which device works the best for you. Thank you. First of all lets have a look at this premium. Gaming tablet the Rog flow z13 on my right. The Rog flow zetocin is also known as a lightweight gaming tablet, yet it does not lose out in terms of performance compared to the gaming laptops in the market. It is equipped with imite 12900h processor flying with nvidias RTX 3050 TI 4 gig gddr6 graphics card without sacrificing thermal or acoustic performance. Thanks to these two strong components, the capability of this gaming tablet are impressive for compact size, giving gear. Speaking of the display, the Rog flow z13 comes with a 13.4 inch 16 to 10 touchscreen IPS level, glossy display with up to 4K resolution that provides the best viewing experience possible or if you prefer, full HD resolution with a higher refresh rate of 120 hertz. For your best gaming experience and this gaming tablets come with 16 gig of LP ddr5 memory on board and 1tb or pcie 4.0 m.2 SSD, which offers the same high performance as larger size computer with the same specs. Next, let me introduce you to the convertible gaming laptop, the Rog flow x30, the design of this laptop symbolizes, the minimalistic gaming laptop. That allows you to combine work and play in one single device. The RG flow x13 is loaded with the AMD ryzen.

7. 6800 HS processor and nvidias RTX 3050 TI 4 gig graphics card. The choice of chipset makes the floor x13, a powerful, solid machine that can handle almost any CPU intensive parts that you throw at it. Besides that, the flow x13 is a 13.4 inches UHD plus IPS touchscreen display that supports a stylus, which is a good addition for illustrators to create fancy artwork with this two in one gaming laptop, not to mention that the floor x13 is packed with 32 gig of Lpddr5 memory on board, along with the 1tb pcie 4.0 m.2, SSD storage, that is sufficient for working or gaming without any issues, essentially, the full x13 hinge can be opened up to 360 Degrees to use in tablet mode or 10 mode, according to the style that comforts You the most while working on the float x30 foreign. Lastly, probably the biggest laptop among the Rog flow series is the Rog flow x16. The Rog flow x16 is a 16 inch, convertible that remains permanently cool, despite its firm design, thus performing better and quieter than other upper class notebooks. Moreover, the flow x16 features the AMD ryzen 7 6800 HS processor, along with the Nvidia rtx370 TI two eight gig ddr5 ram with up to 64 gig Max Capacity and a 1tb pcie 4.0 m.2 SSD powerful enough that you wont need to plug into the Rog XG Mobile plus the flow x16 features touchscreen with pen input. Support is conceivably useful for Creative work.

The 16 inch OLED light light level thanks to mini, LED, also boosts DCI P3 color space coverage for professional image. Editing to wrap things up, the RG flow z13 will be the most powerful gaming tablet from the Rog flow series that features a detachable keyboard, enabled to pair with your favorite controller or, if you prefer, a convertible laptop, and you often work with a stylus. The RG flow, x13 and x16 will be your best choice, in this case foreign Music, not to mention the r24 series. Main special feature is its support of the rdxg mobile external graphic card input for the highest graphic performance mode and serve as additional iopods. The RG XG mobile comes in two model, which is the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 and the AMD region, RX 6850m XD bridge and now available to be purchased separately for those existing Rog Pro users being the Rog series, your Rog flow are equipped with gaming grid processor And graphics card ddr5, Ram, m.2 mvme, PCI, 4.0 performance, SSD, 556e, liquid metal, compound cooling, mu x3, High refresh rate screen adaptive sync panel and many more with the best optimal Hardware Equity. You will not have to worry on performance and functionality and thats an overview of the Rog flow series. Gaming laptop hope you make up your mind about which gaming laptop will be the most preferred from your perspective, if you are interested to check out more info on this Rogue flow Series be sure to visit all the new Asus online shop website link down somewhere there.