This is vimal here and welcome back to my channel. So today i have something very awesome to show you all it’s, a brand new gaming mouse from rog, and let me tell you it’s, no ordinary mouse guys this gaming mouse actually has a joystick on it like seriously joystick on a mouse. What do you even do with that sounds crazy right, so, basically guys this mouse offers some exclusive features that you might have never seen on any other mouse, and today, in this video i’m gon na unbox it and show you all of those special features. So keeping that aside before you get started, i want to give a shout out to tps tech, who is our sponsor for this video guys so tps tech is an online store that sells a lot of computer parts. Computer peripherals and components i’ll leave a link to their website in the description box below you’ll have to check out their website. They even have like complete rog product lineup and even include this rog chakram core as well. Links will be in the description box below, go and check it out there, so let’s get started with the unboxing. So here is our brand new gaming mouse, the chakram core from rog, as mentioned earlier it’s, one of a kind product that offers unique features like it’s got a fully customizable joystick on board. It comes in this sort of box. Packaging says chakram core here: we’ve got a picture of the product on the front and the rog logo everywhere on the packaging.

This thing has even won some awards like the if design award red dot winner 2020 and by the way i forgot to mention this is a review sample sent by rog india for our testing purpose. Backside we’ve got some details regarding the product like it’s, a fully modular optical gaming mouse with a max dpi of up to 16 000 features, an alps scroll wheel and a push fit switch socket design. Those were some of its highlights, so without wasting any more time. Let’S get started with the unboxing. Let me grab my knife and cut the seal on the package. So in the box you get some paperwork: rog sticker pack, tiny tweezers and replaceable joystick buttons that’s it. These are all the stuff we got in the package now let’s. Finally, check out the product we’ve all been waiting for. Let me just take it out: rog’s chakram core is a wired rgb gaming mouse in a stealth black finish and from my first impressions, damn rog, you could have sent me a neat review unit for the video anyways it’s. Definitely a big sized mouse, and here you go the main highlight of the product. It literally has a joystick on board and that to it’s fully programmable by armory grade software, build quality of the product is very good. High quality polycarbonate is used and it’s got an aerodynamic kind of design. On the bottom side, you’ve got a dpi switch rog logo, a high quality optical sensor and some rubber feet on all the corners.

Now, going to the left side, you’ve got a joystick and forward and back buttons. The quality of the buttons is also pretty good. I believe the brand has used omron switches on it and the best part is you can program each and every button on it to desired function using the software. So what i’ll do is i’ll quickly connect this mouse to my pc and then show you how it looks like so guys. Here you go. Rog’S chakram core is a high performance gaming mouse that features a screwless modular design with a magnetic top cover and buttons. That means you can easily open up the mouse and customize it as per your requirement. Even these buttons detach magnetically is, you can even swap the omron switches on it without any hassle in case if they get damaged in the future. At the center you’ve got an adjustable weight, you can keep it or remove it to make the mouse lighter or heavier as per requirement. Now talking about rgb, the mouse features 2 zone rgb lighting that is bright and fully customizable using aurasync. Now let’s talk about the comfort, the chakram core offers a palm type grip and feels quite comfortable in the hand and, unlike the original chakram, this model is not that heavy. So i could easily jump and move around while gaming. Have, i told you about the switches? Anuji has used top quality omron switches that offer a lifespan of around 50 million clicks and thanks to its push fit switch socket design.

You can easily replace the switches in future, even if they get damaged. So let me tell you some exclusive software features that you can setup using armory crate. Software first is all the buttons on the mouse are programmable, including the joystick. The joystick can be either set to analog mode or even function as a d pad. You know just like the one on a controller instead of using the keyboard to control the character’s movement, you can actually use the joystick itself to do that. So, basically, you can run a gun in the game all using the mouse itself, pretty awesome right. So that was one joystick mode. The second mode is, you can configure the joystick to function as a d pad in four directions. You will need to configure the functions to be performed. For example, if you push the joystick forward, your gun should reload and push it back to switch weapons and stuff like that it’s, not that easy to handle at the beginning, but you know you’ll get used to it as and how you keep practicing. Ok now let’s talk about the performance and my experience using it. Chakram core packs, a high end optical sensor, with an adjustable dpi level from 100 to all the way up to 16000, and let me tell you the mouse was doing an excellent job. It can track movements up to 400 inches per second that way at 40 g max acceleration, and i had a blast playing games with it.

It was super fast and with the pulling rate of thousand hertz i faced no sorts of lags or latency issues very responsive and offered instant response on the screen. Talking about the joystick, it was doing well functioning, just like an analog. Stick on a controller at the beginning, it was a bit confusing and hard using the joystick and the functions on the mouse at the same time, see because we are mostly used to playing with keyboard right, so my hand was automatically going on the keyboard. Only you’ll need a bit of practice before you can actually get comfortable with it. Now. Keeping that aside, quality of the joystick was also good. It was offering a precise control over the character movement, and i faced no sort of dead zones also anywhere, and also i have to mention the skid pads on it were so smooth. The mouse was just gliding on the mouse pad. Well, that is it guys. That was my video on the rog chakram core it’s, a one of a kind gaming mouse with an exclusive joystick on board offers an ergonomic design with a comfortable grip has a modular design. So you can adjust the weight as well as replace the buttons in future. Fully programmable and offers excellent performance while gaming, the only few things i felt were the dpi button was somewhere on the bottom side. So you can’t adjust the dpi levels on the go and one more thing is it’s not made for left handed people.

It doesn’t have an omnidextrous design, well, that’s it for today the mouse costs around 5100 rupees i’ll just leave a link to that in the description box below you can check it out there.