I think you should consider if you want to improve your videos and if you want to increase your audience retention, guys it’s really really important. What am i talking about sound quality right Music, so, in this case i’m talking about the wireless go from rode now some people do use those low cost, lapel mics like i have in the past, but the fact that you have total wireless freedom with this little Kit, the fact that you can move around with no wires, no nothing tethered to your device is super awesome. Definitely a thing to consider when you’re doing videos and yeah we’re going to check this out and see if it’s worth it or not, i’m going to do some tests and i’m going to give you my opinion on whether or not you should buy this product. In my opinion, of course, if you’re interested in watching this guys, if you think that this has some value for you, especially if you’re producing videos uh keep watching the video guys we’re going to unbox this and check it out so yeah let’s take a look at The box before we open this series – 3 2.4 gigahertz digital transmission, all in one microphone or lab belt pack, up to seven hours battery life with a full charge. So you can see here we have this little box, which actually has the microphones and the cables we’ll see that in a minute get four little windshield dead cats to cut any wind noise.

So you attach this to your microphones with these little clips. As you can see here, we have a little safety manual, get a quick start guide. You get a little road, connector cable here, 3.5 millimeter and you also get the little carrying pouch, but this is nylon with some velcro here and it’s soft cushion here inside. So you can store your device inside this pretty cool. You can also see, has this little flexible, cable, which is pretty cool, so we have two cables, two usb a two usbc cables and it comes with this little velcro fastener to hold this tightly. So the cable measures uh one meter in length so now let’s take a look at the mic. It actually comes with this little clip here. You can see the two uh devices, the transmitter and the receiver, so the one on my right hand, is the uh transmitter, and this one is the receiver. You can see the little road clip here on the back to clip this onto your clothing or onto your smartphone or onto your hot shoe. So you would clip this onto your hot shoe, for example, and you can see the top part of the mic, you can see the little microphone there. You can connect an external lav mic to this as well. If you don’t want to clip this onto your shirt and speak directly into this, you can have this, for example, on your belt and then connect a little lapel mic to this connector.

You have the battery indicator right there. The connection indicator as well. This is to pair the devices together. I believe here you can set the audio input level on this little button right here. You can see the screen this little button. Is the power switch to use this to power on the device, and here as well, you can also see the usb connector on each one of the devices to charge each one of them with the two usb cables that you have that’s why it comes with two Usb cables, so you can charge both devices uh at once, and right here is where you would connect this little cable to then connect to your uh camera or your laptop whatever or your computer. This is what you connect to the other end, and you would, for example, slide this little clip onto your hot shoe of your camera, and you can have this mounted on top of your camera. Just like you see here on this little diagram right there. So it’s really compact, i mean it’s, really really cool. Look how compact this will look on your camera. Awesome awesome really nice. So i would actually pop this on like this, and you can have the dead cat on here. So you won’t get any wind noise or anything uh in your audio input. Really nice look how cool that looks really easy to pop on that’s shiny, it’s, really shiny. Now there are screen protectors that you can buy to apply on to this uh.

If you want this to be nice and tidy, i would recommend getting that i’ll leave some links in the description. If you want that as well so now i’m going to charge up both devices and as soon as they’re, fully charged we’re going to power them on and check them out so guys. One thing i forgot to mention that’s very important on this setup is in order for you to connect the wireless go to your smartphone. In this case the iphone 12 pro max. You actually have to get a cable like this, so the one that comes inside the box on inside the wireless go kit is this cable, which will work fine with your mirrorless or your dslr camera, for example, but it’s not going to work with your smartphone. So, in order for this to work, your with your smartphone, you have to have this you. You cannot just have this cable adapter. You have to have this one as well. Another cool thing about this little rode wireless go kit is that the connection is super easy. As soon as i took the receiver and transmitter out of the box and powered them both on, they were immediately connected. So i believe the only reason for this to have a connector button here, a pairing button on the receiver is, if you want to, for example, have a second uh transmitter. So if you have two individuals with two different mics, if you want to have a two person setup, for example, with two mic setup, then you would probably need to use the pairing button.

So you can pair all three mics together, uh the true transmitters and the receiver all together. So i believe that’s, the only true reason uh. You would do that now in order to power on the devices you simply have to press the power button for three seconds and it’ll turn on just wait three seconds and you can see it’s already picking up my voice. You can see the audio levels right there. The screen is really easily visible, even in in daylight, it’s it’s pretty visible. So you can see here on the left side of the screen. You have rx that’s the power of the receiver that’s the charge that is available in the receiver and where it says tx is the transmitter. So you can see both battery levels, which is pretty awesome. You can also see that little symbol right there on this side, which indicates on the receiver, and it indicates if you have a connection or not, if you don’t, have that little symbol there that’s, because they’re not connected so keep that in mind on this left. Uh lower hand corner of the screen. You can see that little triangle shape that’s the db setting level, so you have three different levels. You have low, medium and high. I would recommend either using low or medium because on the high level on the highest level, it’s. Definitely going to peak, especially if you’re close to the mic. You probably only want to use that, if you’re like farther away from the microphone, but also keep in mind that the further away that you are from the microphone you’re gon na get more echo.

And this is an omnidirectional mic, which means it will pick up sound from uh everywhere around it. Okay, so keep that in mind as well. On the transmitter end, you have two little blue lights. That means that we are both connected and powered on, so the one on the right side is to tell if the device is powered on, because you don’t have any screen on this one. So it actually has to have a light. Obviously, to tell you that it’s switched on and the one on the left side is the lead that indicates, if you’re connected to the receiver or not so if you don’t have that light on it’s, because you’re not connected so make sure that if that happens, you Press the powering button so that they pair together correctly so once again, i do recommend leaving the db setting at the lowest setting and in order to do that, all you have to do is go into the db button, which is this one. On the lower left hand, side of the device of your receiver and you just press it one two and you can see the little scale – will change right there. I don’t know if you can see that minimum medium and max setting i’m gon na leave it at the minimum setting and you can see if you’re peaking for some reason, i’ll actually put the mic to my mouth. So you can see what i mean so i’m blowing directly into the microphone you can see.

So you can see the peaking level turns from yellow to red if it really bursts the audio levels, so pretty cool little feature right there, so that will definitely help out in making sure that your audio levels are in tune and perfect. Now another thing to keep in mind is this is not a particularly bassy kind of mic. So if you want a really like bassy mic, this, i don’t think this is the the right one for you, but you can always kind of edit it in post. If you want to um it’s, not like a major issue for me, i think the freedom of movement, the facility of using the ease of use of this device, the freedom that it gives. You definitely is worth it guys. You know, but some people don’t like too much bass in their in their audio anyways, but it does sound. Okay, okay, don’t don’t. Get me wrong. It sounds really really nice guys so i’m going to perform a little video recording test with the mic switched onto the smartphone and off okay guys now you can see. I have it here on my shirt. I have the transmitter here on my shirt so yeah. This is what it sounds like without the dead cat on also keep in mind that i have it set at the minimum volume level, very important to notice guys, okay. So now i have it with the dead cat on. I don’t know if you notice any difference whatsoever and the sound quality if there’s any difference whatsoever.

Leave your comments, guys what you think, if you notice any difference or not. So this is what it sounds like with the dead cat on and the volume level set to the minimum setting okay. So now i have the decibel setting at the medium level. So this is what it sounds like with the volume set to the medium setting. So you guys can get an idea of what it sounds like and, like i said you can see it’s here on my shirt fairly close to my mouth. You definitely don’t want to talk directly into the mic. In my opinion, and especially if you have it at the medium setting and not at all, if you have it at the maximum setting, you want to keep really away from the mic, guys so yeah. This is what it sounds like now: i’m going to set it at the max volume level, for you guys to get an idea of what it sounds like okay. So now this is uh with the microphone set at the max volume level uh. It should be peaking and the sound i’m almost certain. It must be pretty awful, because you know due to the close distance to my mouth and the max level of volume setting it’s definitely not going to be appealing i’m. Almost certain of that believe, your opinion on what you think about that guys. One thing that i don’t really like about this mic is the fact that you have this kind of this block attached to your shirt, which isn’t the most discreet thing uh available.

You know i would probably opt into getting like a lav mic connected to this rode does have an ideal little uh lav mic for this, but i think it costs around 60 or 70 dollars, it’s, not particularly cheap, but you can have this like on your belt And then have a little lab mic connected to this, to be a little bit more discreet and you don’t have this bulky thing on your shirt, but that will be really up to you. If you want to buy that accessory, i do think it’s a little bit. Pricey, okay, guys so now i’m standing about five meters away from the camera, and you can see how the road picks up all the sound. So this is an omni directional mic. You will be getting a little bit of ambient sound going around the mic. I do have the db setting at the lowest setting for you guys to get an idea. I will try it at both the medium and high settings, so you can also get an idea of what it’s what it sounds like uh, so yeah you can get an idea of how cool it is to actually film with this kind of a mic, because there’s, No wires, it gives me total freedom to move around with any. You know no wires, tangled up and it’s really really useful guys so yeah. You can get an idea of what this sounds like so now i have it set to the medium volume, so you can get another idea of what it sounds like, so you should be getting a good idea of what my voice sounds like right now, if it’s Too high or if it’s peaking too much so now, you can hear what it sounds like with the volume setting at the max.

It should be peaking right now because i think the max volume is just way too much like i said i i prefer to set it at the lowest setting, but this is just for you guys to get an idea of what it sounds like at the max Setting so i hope this video helped you out in some way make a decision on whether or not this product is worth buying. If it’s worth your consideration, your attention, guys me personally, i think it’s awesome it’s, definitely a thumbs up for me, and i do think this will be a very useful tool in my video creation and uh, you know basically, as a small youtuber, you want to get All the leverage that you can to produce really awesome content and sound quality is definitely something you want to consider in first place. So yeah thanks for watching guys. If you like, this video don’t forget to leave your thumbs up, it will really help on the youtube algorithm. If you’re new to the channel and you like tech content, then don’t forget to subscribe it’s a big help to the channel. Guys and i’d really appreciate it.